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In summer, dressing for the office is a challenge, in general, and during the muggy, hot days of August in particular. Inside the AC creates a chilly environment, while outside, it is too humid to even sweat. Read how to create looks for work during the Dog Days that address the problem.



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The dog days outfit ideas are for inspiration only. Modify them as need to stay within your HR-approved dress-code with respect to sleeve- and skirt-hem length, legwear, shoe style, and wearing leather.



Which Fabrics Are Best to Wear in the Heat of Summer at Work?

The heat and humidity of the Dog Days asks for light-weight fabrics that are breathable. Good candidates are hemp, cotton, linen, bamboo viscose, Modal, bamboo, and their blends.

Looking professional at work requires wrinkle-free clothing. Cotton and linen fabrics wrinkle easily. While wool fabric is wrinkle-resistant, it is not sun-safe, and not very suitable outside in the muggy conditions of the Dog Days. However, blends of cotton or linen with at least 5% wool are wrinkle-resistant too.

Single-jersey fabrics of cotton, linen, bamboo viscose, Modal, bamboo or hemp, when blended with Spandex and/or polyester, are wrinkle-resistant as well, and still breathable, even though the degree of breathability changes.

Sateen and satin weave feel coolest to the touch.


Skip Ironing With Jerseys

I am not a big fan of ironing in summer. It’s already hot, right? Therefore, I have a lot of jersey knit type dresses that won’t wrinkle during the commute or in the laundry. Wrinkle-free dresses are among my summer favorites for the office.


Tip: When your work dress code requires legwear, wear knee highs or stockings under your midi-dress to stay cool. Stockings have come a long way in recent years.


breathable single-jersey dress to stay comfortable during the dog days
From left to right: Coolibar stripe dress, Longchamp bag, Matisse embroidered mules, Gucci suede enamel buckle belt, Valentino glasses, Hermes collier de chien bangle, silk print scarf. Nordgreen watch, swirl-print dress c/o Clara Sunwoo, heels c/o Newbella. Artisan-made bangle, Studio gladiators, stripe-print dress c/o Clara Sunwoo. Coolibar paisley-print dress, double-buckle Mary-Janes c/o Newbella, and Latico shoulder bag. Use my code NICOLE07510 to get 15% off any Latico order.



A Sleek Dress Is Instant Style for a Summer Work Meeting

Now that we know which fabrics are best let’s create some instant work outfits. A skirt suit or pantsuit seem just too hot on the commute to work during the Dog Days. A white cotton sheath with abstract floral print is great to stay cool, and look professional in a meeting on a hot summer day. Inside wear a light (leather) jacket when the office is chilly.


stylist in abstract floral print white sheath dress styled three ways
Abstract floral print Elie Tahari sleeveless summer sheath dress. Left: Unbranded studded red-orange pumps, D&GM sunglasses, MOSCHINO belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, and Celine bag. Middle: Same shoes, belt and bangle, pink Newport News motorcycle jacket, and orange mini bag. Right: Nordgreen watch, DIY bangle, gemstone bracelet, Kieselstein Cord belt, rattle-snake buckle, Hermes Constance shoulder bag, and stilettos c/o Newbella (Use code NICOLE for 18% off.).


See the interesting hemline and neckline of the sheath dress in the collage above. A necklace would be too much. However, an abstract brooch works with an unusual neckline (see next collage). More on accessorizing with brooches.



Have a Matching Jacket

This advice sounds counter-productive. However, when the heat is on, the air condition is on. This means cold stress when the AC maintenance is not done well. Therefore, in a work place with business casual dress code, a jacket can keep you in thermal comfort and avoids catching a cold.


Tip: Have a cardigan or denim jacket in a neutral color, which works with most of your summer clothes, in a drawer of your desk.


Note: Adding a cardigan or even a shirt as cover-up is easier with a dress than separates.


fit-and-flat dress look with brooch and cropped jacket for work during the dog days
T. Tahari scuba jacket, eShakti floral cotton/Spandax blended dress, Ray Ban sunglasses, Jaeger Tote, DIY brooch, Michael Kors cork plateau patent leather sandals, and wooden watch c/o Jord.


A blazer does the trick when dressing in the corporate world (see photo later in this post).


Tip: An up-do improves the comfort of your neck.



Invest in Classic Sunglasses for Work Lunch Meetings Outside

Because at this time a year, the Sun is up the entire work day, you should have a pair of sunglasses handy that matches the vibe of your work wardrobe. You may need them for the walk to a work lunch meeting or even during lunch when the group decides to sit outside. Squeezing your eyes never looks professional.


Tip: When you have to spend a notable time outside for work wear-sun safe work attire.


shirt and skirt separates for a work lunch on muggy, hot days
Gray summer skirt with silk top, DIY necklace, Ralph Lauren silver pumps, Paloma Picasso sunglasses, and Celine bag.



Wear a Cotton Blouse or Shirt with a Skirt

over 50 years old woman in all white leather skirt with shirt and red pumps to stay comfortable in the AC and outside during the dog days
Oliveo white leather skirt, Hermes collier de chien cuff, red Gloria Vanderbilt pumps, Ray Ban sunglasses, multiple string pearl necklace. More on styling a monochromatic look. Left: Moda International cardigan,  LV Murakami saddle bag, and Indian embroidered blouse. Right: Oliveo chambray button-down shirt, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, LV bucket bag.


In the look on the left, the red pumps and white background multi-color printed bag with studs add interest. While wearing all white in summer is an American tradition, European women consider all white outfits as too much work to keep the white crisp and wrinkle-free. Therefore, a white blouse or button-down shirt is as far as they will go for an office summer look. However, they may wear a white leather skirt with a 3/4-sleeve solid color shirt.


Summer Work Meeting Outfit Suggestions

Here some visual inspirations for professional looks to wear at a work meeting in summer.


Corporate Style Looks for Work During the Dog Days

corporate style outfit inspirations for the dog days
Left: Elie Tahari abstract floral print sheath dress with short sleeve linen blazer, Paloma Picasso belt, D&GM sunglasses, Celine bag, and Nicole suede sandals. Right: Nova short-sleeve coat-dress, smoky quartz buckle belt, Ray Ban sunglasses, and structured work bag.


fitted lace dress with short-sleeves, heels and matching bag
fitted eShakti lace dress with Dooney and Brouke bag, Michael Kors sandals, and sport wood watch c/o Jord.


Muggy Summer Work Outfit Idea for Casual Work Environment with Casual Friday Culture

Casual Friday dog days outfit inspirations with maxi skirt
Maxi skirt c/o Coolibar and Hermes collier de chien bangle. Left: Rutile quartz necklace, belt, Nordgreen watch, Neo Tango Dalmatian print sandals, cat-eye sunglasses c/o SUNGAIT, top c/o Coolibar. Right: Isaac Mizrahi cardigan, Longchamp bag, Very Fine Dance Sport Shoes sandals, DIY bangle, Ray Ban aviator sunglasses, and Femme Luxe slogan Tee.


Wrapping Up Best Looks for Work during the Dog Days

If linen fails to meet your work dress code, go for non-iron dresses, or separates with a matching cardigan or sweater to fight the AC. Have sunglasses for work lunch.


Learn what to wear when in How to Dress for Success in Midlife. Buy the book now.


When you are new to the team, check whether the unofficial summer work dress code is more casual than the official work dress code. In other words, take notice whether your most stylish female colleagues go a bit more casual than usually. If so, follow suite.



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Photos: G. Kramm

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