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Side view of the Lookbook Store V-neck dress to show the long back zipper and body conscious cut

Are you also eager to wear your Little White Dresses from summer or your new purchases for summer already in spring? Read how you can style a white summer dress for spring, and get inspired to create winter-to-spring transitional outfits from your own closet.


  1. How to to Style a White Summer Dress for Spring
  2. How to Create Visible Layers for Style
  3. Tips to Style White Summer Dresses for Spring
  4. Can You Wear a  White Summer Dress with Black Tights in Spring?
  5. Cute Spring Outfit Inspirations with a Little White Dress
  6. Wrapping Up How to Style a White Summer Dress for Spring


Updated: 3/6/2022

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How to Get a Head-start on Wearing Your Summer Dresses in Spring

Are you frustrated that you can’t wear your new summer dress yet? Don’t be. Here are some inspirations how you can get a head start on your summer fashion. Of course, when wearing summer clothes in spring avoiding to catch a cold is key. Thus, layering is key.

There are two possibilities to create the right amount of insulation: Long underwear or warmer underwear than you would wear in summer. Like adding a slip or long Tee under a dress. This way you get the same looks like you will wear later.


How to Create Visible Layers for Style

The other possibility is the more stylish one: Visible layers. A major advantage, the looks are different from those you will wear in summer. Thus, you won’t fall so easily into a summer wardrobe crisis like the winter wardrobe boredom you try to escape from right now. You can find tips how to layer stylishly at the link.


Tips to Style Summer Dresses for Spring

Of course, not all summer clothes are suitable to be worn already in spring. Here are my best tips what to try:

  1. Most casual or girly white summer dresses look great with a cardigan
  2. Check whether the vibe of the dress permits styling it with a baseball jacket, bomber or blazer
  3. Wear a white summer dress with black tights and a cardigan in a third color, repeat two of the colors in the accessories at least two times
  4. Wear a full skirt dress as a skirt with a sweater and scarf and belt the sweater for shape. Add booties and matching tight
  5. Wear a layering halftee or top under a short sleeve or sleeveless white sheath or A-line dress. Add matching tights and heeled oxfords or sandals
  6. Wear a retro style summer LWD with a motorcycle jacket, tights and booties
  7. Try a white lace dress with (black) tights, booties and a washed denim jacket. See example in this Ever Pretty dresses post.
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mature woman in a summer dress in spring
V-neck summer dress c/o Lookbook Store styled with own tan colored belt, Longchamp satchel, and Michael Kors strappy heels for an office appropriate spring look


The LWD in the photo above is designed for work with cool air conditioning in mind. Therefore, you can easily style it for spring. Just add colors that are more associated with the cold season than the mid of summer. For example, go for tan accessories, and shoes, or use pastels.


Can You Wear a White Summer Dress with Black Tights in Spring?

After half a year of winter, I am so eager for wearing my summer dresses again. The sheath cut of the dress allows styling it up or down. So why not for right now? The winter white goes well with denim and black tights. The leopard pumps repeat the black and their light base color goes well with the light jersey dress and denim jacket. See how I wore this summer dress for fall.


stylist over 50 in Victoria Beckham inspired white dress with black tights
Front view


accessories DIY necklace
Zoom-in on DIY necklace
fashion over 50 styling a summer dress for spring
Side view


fashion over 40 Outfit with boxy leather coat
Outfit details: Vittari boxy leather coat, tailored Red Star denim jacket, Aldo leopard-print pony-hair pumps, DIY necklace, GNW tights, and dress c/o Lookbook Store


You can find more tips on how to wear spring’s black and white trends at the link.


Cute Spring Outfit Inspirations with a Little White Dress

Here are examples of how to style the little white dress for the cold-to-warm transition season. For the complete set of styling advice for white clothes see my guide on how to wear white after Labor Day.


floral blazer with white dress
Front view of work outfit


fashion blogger in a summer clothes styled for vernal equinox
LWD c/o Lookbook Store styled with own Jaeger tote, studded heels, Hermes collier de chien bangle, whimsical necklace, D&GM sunglasses, and Notation floral print blazer


Red and white is an eternal classic Euro Chic style combination.

style blogger woman in a sheath dress styled for autumn
Side view of dress accessorized with red


older woman in a body conscious dress styled for fall


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Wrapping Up How to Style a White Summer Dress for Spring

This post focused on styling a white summer dress for spring by adding items from winter. You can find more tips on getting a head-start on spring style in my guide on the best ways to set a great winter-to-spring transition look.

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