Summer temperatures strongly differ between day and night

In Interior Alaska, the diurnal course of temperature (=difference between the minimum and maximum temperature on a day) can be pretty wide in summer. Thus, in the mornings it may be quite chilly, while in the afternoon it can become pretty warm.

Fashion blogger presenting a casual weekend look
Tailored Blue Star light wash denim jacket with Oliveo white leather skirt, striped The Limited T-shirt, Juicy Couture plateau sandals, Ray Ban mirrored sunglasses, Bulova watch, Hermes collier de chien bangle, quartz contemporary bangle, and LV multi color studded saddle bag (all own)

Layering is key to stay comfortable even in summer

Therefore, I like to put outfits together that still work when I take a layer off when it becomes too warm. This outfit of a white leather skirt, striped T-shirt and washed out jeans jacket fills that bill perfectly on a weekend. During the week, I would replace the jeans jacket with a blue blazer to look work appropriate. At work, I would wear the blazer to fight the chilliness of the AC and I would take the blazer off when going outside during the lunch break.

Nicole of High Latitude Style is a casual posh weekend look
Front view of above weekend look to show the DIY necklace made with Rhine polished glass
Layering is key year round in Alaska to stay comfortable during all hours of the day. #Alaskatravel Click To Tweet

Photos: G. Kramm

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