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Blogger spring outfit ideas for over 50 that show how to dress for the often changing weather. Because spring progresses northward (southward) on the Northern (Southern) Hemisphere, this post features 12 fashion bloggers from various regions and how they dress for their spring weather in their climate zone. What to wear in spring differs with the time into spring, altitude, distance to the ocean or large waters, latitude, relative location to the regions of cold air mass formations, and the behavior of the Polar Vortices.  Read what fashion bloggers wear this spring.

  1. How Fashion Bloggers Style Their Spring Outfits
  2. Suzanne Bell
  3. Jessica Jamenga aka Jess: North Carolina Spring Look
  4. Nina Bandoni: Florida Spring Outfit
  5. Nancy Baten: Dressing for the Windy Netherlands
  6. Emma Peach: British Style
  7. Robin LaMonte
  8. Michele Clark
  9. Julie Augustyn
  10. Andy (Andrea Schwartz)
  11. Cynthia Scurry
  12. My Spring Outfit Ideas for over 50


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How Fashion Bloggers Style Their Spring Outfits

While March 21 marked the official start of spring, some of us are still waiting for spring to warm up. Interestingly, in climate sciences spring starts March 1. We have worn our cold season clothing like what feels forever. We hunger to wear our warm season favorite. Even when it means that we have to layer in the best ways to get a chic, winter-to-spring transition look.

Nobody wants to feel cold in spring!

Anyhow, what really matters for us fashion and style lovers is the weather. It is finely permitting us to wear our new wardrobe updates. Who hasn’t bought already the one or other super chic spring/summer trend to add to the wardrobe for the upcoming season? We associate springtime with new beginnings. To overhaul your closet for trend, fit and personal style is most likely on the top of your to-do list, if you haven’t done it yet.

For this post, some of my blogging friends and I collaborated under the lead of Suzanne Bell on bringing you more spring outfit ideas with the new trends, wearing old and new pieces, and the challenges of the changing weather pattern. Because we live in different climate zones, you will get the full breath of looks from chilly to wet to windy to nearly summer-like days.

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Suzanne Bell: California Spring Outfits

Suzanne Bell looking chic in a line skirt, boots, Tee and trench coat
Suzanne Bell of Ask Suzanne Bell.


Suzanne’s personal style is California Casual style. For spring, she mixes boots with a linen skirt and denim trench coat. This combination allows here to look season-appropriate without freezing her tail off.


Jessica Jamenga aka Jess: North Carolina Spring Look

Jessica Jamenga aka Jess mixing floral with floral
Jess wearing an abstract floral print sheath


Jess of Elegantly Dressed and Stylish lives in North Carolina, the Lake Norman area. I featured her and the weather of her region a while ago in how to dress for humid subtropical climate. She welcomes the new season in a vibrant floral dress  with floral circle bag, and shows how to mix patterns in a trendy way.


Nina Bandoni: Florida Spring Outfit

Nina Bandoni in a baby pink trench coat, sandals and a floral umbrella
Blush pink trench coat and matching floral print pink umbrella for sun or rain protection are Must-haves for Nina Anderson’s spring outfit ideas for over 50.


Nina Bandoni of Sharing a Journey lives in sunny Florida, i.e. in subtropical climate like Jess.  She wears a baby pink trench coat, nude strappy sandals and a floral umbrella for protection from spring-showers. We collaborated recently to show you how styling spring work outfits in the North vs. South or vice versa differs.


Nancy Baten: Dressing for the Windy Netherlands

Nancy Baten in orange top, cropped jacket and floral skirt
Nancy in black floral print skirt, orange top and short jean jacket


The fashion blogger of Nancy’s Fashion Style lives in the Netherlands. At this time in the year, this means weather-wise cool winds from the North Sea as the ocean warms slower than the land. This situation leads to blue skies with fluffy white clouds that sometimes bring showers. They seam to be aligned like pearls on a necklace. The distance from one cloud string to the other depends on the wind shear. Given the windy shower-prone condition layering is needed to be able to adjust to stay comfortable. The light may be bright. Nancy Baten tackles the challenge in an orange knit top, cropped jacket and floral skirt. Sunnies keep her eyes safe, and sandals can take a shower. Afterwards the wind just blow dries the feet. More on the adaptation of Dutch clothes to climate.


Emma Peach: British Style

Emma Peach donning two springtime trends, neon and zebra print
Midlife style blogger Emma Peach welcomes spring in a pink turtleneck and trendy zebra print mini skirt.


Emma Peach of Style Splash lives in the UK that also faces moderate maritime climate like the Netherlands. This climate is a typical marine Westcoast climate which requires dressing like in the Pacific Northwest of the US. Emma dons two of the new trends, neon and animal print. She opted for zebra.


Robin LaMonte

Robin La Monte looking ageless in black and white
Lifestyle blogger Robin LaMonte relies on the black and white trend for spring


Robin LaMonte of Hello I’m 50ish looks ageless wearing the black and white trend. This outfit works 9 to 5 and play. Just switch the shoes and jewelry. Smart dressing!


Michele Clark

<yoastmark class=


Michele Clark is full on trend with a look featuring polka dots. Well, maybe polka dots are an eternal classic? Who cares? A polka dot dress is always a good idea. So are yellow with white.


Julie Augustyn

Julie Augustyn showing how to style Living Coral and snakeskin print in spring
Over 50 fashion blogger Julie Augustyn in pink with pants in the snake print of the upcoming warm season. More on styling snake print.


Julie Augustyn of Fashion, Trends and Friends offers another tweak on this seasons trends pairing snake print and Pantone’s It color Living Coral.


Andrea Schwartz aka Andy

Andrea Schwartz white denim jacket over floral Tee with jeans spring outfit ideas for over 50 work on a chilly day in the south
Andy in white denim jacket, jeans and abstract floral print top


Andrea Schwartz aka as Andy blogs at Pearls and Pantsuits. Like Jess she is from the South. Subtropical climate also  has its chilly days. She faces them  in a casual posh look with a white denim jacket over floral Tee with jeans and slides. Like Nancy’s sandals, slides are perfect when a rain shower hits.


Cynthia Scurry

Cindy Scurry in bikers, blazer, pumps, yellow T-shirt and fannybag
Cindy in black blazer, biker shorts and yellow Tee


Cynthia Scurry aka Cindy of Middle Sister Style looks posh street chic in bikers, blazer, pumps, yellow T-shirt and a trendy fanny-bag. Yes, they are having a moment again. Don’t you think too that they are so much chicer this time around than they were back in the 1980s? Anyhow, isn’t this a cool look for going out with the girls?


My Spring Outfit Ideas for over 50

Way up North here in the Interior, the commute to and from work requires still a well insulating coat as temperatures fall below the freezing point at night. This mean in the morning we still have to scrap the ice from our car windows. There is also still snow on the ground. However, melting is strong in the afternoon. The curbs are already clean, i.e. the pumps season started!


style blogger in denim coat, pantyhose and nude pumps with a red bag
Springtime in Alaska asks for a winter coat


Alaskan fashion blogger in jean coat and pumps in spring with snow on the ground
Back view of the jean coat


over 50 blogger Nicole from High Latitude Style in denim outerwear on a chilly spring day
Max Mara denim coat, pantyhose, Celine tote and Ivanka Trump nude ankle strap pumps


Underneath I wore an A-line skirt with 3/4 sleeve top. And yes, I felt cold when we took the photos. In the afternoon, it was warm enough to walk outside in just the look below as temperatures climbed into the 50s (more than 10oC).


blogger Nicole showing spring outfit ideas for over 50 in Pantone color skirt with zebra top
Work outfit front view


outfit details of belt, bangle and necklace
Zoom in on DIY bangle, necklace  and belt


blogger  Nicole in green A-line skirt, belt and zebra print shirt spring style
Ivanka Trump ankle strap pumps, BCBG multiple buckles belt, gemstone necklace, DIY bangle, Hermes collier de chien bangle, pantyhose, skirt c/o Lillysilk and zebra top c/o Covered Perfectly


More on how to style a summer dress for spring and the best way to get a great spring look.


Photos of me: G. Kramm

Other photos: Courtesy to the bloggers

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