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GNW cardigan, Missoni dress, Gap leather trench coat, neion Cristian Louboutain pumps, Sam Edelman stuuded bucket bag, statement belt, Herms collier de chien bangle, pearl studs (all own), hat c/o Tenth Street Hats and nude tights c/o Hipstik Legwear

Hipstik now offers opaque nude tights. Read what’s great about these nude opaque tights, why I am so excited, and you may be too.



Disclosure: Ad. The nude opaque pantyhose is a sample of my choice from Hipstik. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


Corporate Style Asks for Nude Hosiery

When you live in a region with cold winter weather, a corporate dress code that asks for nude pantyhose is a card blanche for feeling miserable all winter. I am lucky that in my field the dress code is very casual. However, my female colleagues in some other disciplines and women in corpoate jobs are not so fortunate. This means they can’t get away with wearing black tights as I often do in winter. I always wondered why there are no nude pantyhose that works in winter. Thus, when I saw that Hipstik® Legwear offered nude opaque tights I had to try them. Here is what I found and think about them.


Hipstik Nude Opaque Tights Look Stylish

My first reaction when I opened the package and first held them in my hands was “Wow, they look like real tights, but in nude.” Actually, they are like my black opaque pantyhose that I introduced you to earlier this year. They have the same beautiful lace top and knit like my black opaque pair. Would they also have the nice look when worn? Thus, I couldn’t wait to style an outfit with them the next day.


view of the pretty lace band
Back view of Hipstik’s nude opaque tights


front view of legwear to illustrate natural color
Photos above: Illustration of the natural color, great fit, and pretty lace band



Best Nude Pantyhose for Temperatures below the Freezing Point

Once for all the weather was cooperative. The next morning little ice crystals were visible on the roofs, car windows and the deck. I put the new pair on and it’s a perfect fit. No slipping and bulky lines, whatsoever. See photos for the slim fit and the nice lace top.

I also like their natural look. The color doesn’t look Old Lady or like you were wearing some medical compression tights. Full disclosure, I feared they could look like that. But they look like real pantyhose, but with the insolation factor of opaque tights. They really solved my problem (and that of many other women who have or like to wear nude legwear).

I am so excited. I will buy some more of them so I don’t have to wait until this pair comes out of the laundry. Oh, that’s another thing I like about their opaque hosiery. One can put them in the washer.


opaque nude hosiery and purple pumps
Zoom-in on the opaque nude hosiery


back view of outfit with nude panties, purple skirt and pumps, black cardigan
Back view of the LOTD with my new pair of Hipstik


fashion blogger over 50 in opaque nude pantyhose, skirt, twinset, pumps work outfit
Side view of the look described below


stylist in Hipstik nude tight, purple straight skirt, sweater, cardigan, necklace, belt, pumps
Outfit details: Prada pumps, J. Crew skirt, Isaac Mizrahi cardigan, Heidi Ara belt buckle, Moda International short sleeve cashmere sweater, Rebecca Collins necklace, pearl studs, and pantyhose c/o Hipstik



Price Performance-Ratio

I rate everything in terms of cost-per-wear. These nude tights cost $27. Since this pair just arrived, I only wore it three times so far. However, it still looks like on the first day when I pulled it out of its package. Because the pair has the same quality like my black pantyhose from Hipstik, I expect that the skin color tights will last as long as those as well or even longer. The black pantyhose meanwhile below $1 per wear, and still looks awesome and sticks in place! See the review of these comfortable, slip-proof pantyhose.

Therefore, thumbs up!


Who Will Love these Hipstik Nude Opaque Tights?

Well, all women whose professional dress code requires nude looking legs like corporate style or when wearing a dress or skirt in a business casual style work place. Furthermore, all skirt-and-dress kind of gals, who live in a region with cold winters.

These nude tights are also great to hide spider veins or mosquito bites. Even if you are a women who rarely wear skirts and/or dresses, these nude tights may be a shortcut for you when you have to wear a dress. Because they are opaque, hairy legs won’t show. Crossdressers, did you hear this?

When you hate the bulk of tights and/or digging in rubber bands, you will love this pair. The wide lace band is pure comfort. Not to mention so feminine. It’s preppy style at its best.

Many of you will also like that Hipstik is a small woman-owned business. Hipstik Legwear is a member of the Female Founders Collective and nationally certified Woman-Owned, and women-made in the USA in North Carolina. Which woman doesn’t like that?

I can really recommend this product to my friends. And, as I said, I will order some additional pairs. You can buy them online at Hipstik® Legwear.


influencer in leather trench coat, camouflage dress, Hipstik nude tights
Gap leather trench coat, Gap camouflage shirt dress, Ivanka Trump nude ankle strap pumps, Sam Edelman studded bucket shoulder bag, amethyst earrings, Heidi Ara amethyst buckle, and nude tights c/o Hipstik



Review of Hipstik’s Nude Opaque Tights in a Nutshell

Hipstik nude opaque tights are affordable ($27) high quality, natural looking tights that are suitable to provide thermal comfort in cold winter weather. They hide impurities like spider veins or hair, look effortlessly stylish, and office appropriate even in a corporate work environment. Get you pair now.

Good news for all those women whose work dress code asks for nude legwear. #Hipstik nude opaque tights meet the dress code, but provide some extra insolation that is needed in cold winter weather. #dress4success #Hipstik Click To Tweet


Photos of me: G. Kramm
Other photos: N. Mölders

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