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Sustainable Mother’s Day gifts are those items that she will really use or enjoy. They are thoughtful and go beyond the gifting evergreen gifts. Of course, there is nothing wrong with such classic gifts. But who wouldn’t prefer something that is sustainable these days instead of a beautiful flower bouquet that lasts just a week in hot, and maybe two weeks in cold weather? Get inspired from my experience with and by my selection of long lasting gifts.



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My First Experiences with Giving Sustainable Gifts

When I was in elementary and middle school, we made Mother’s Day gift in our arts or crafting classes. While in high school, I didn’t spend much thought on the gifts except to remember which liquor or liquor filled pralines she would loved. Yes, they sold alcohol to kids and teenagers those days at the end of the 1970s in Germany.

When my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary – called Silver Wedding – approached, we kids wanted to give something that created a lasting memory. Therefore, I asked my Mother what kind of a sustainable gift they would appreciate. She said that a 12 person coffee service because the family would be growing over time. My siblings and I bought the one she had described. On their anniversary, my Dad said that he hadn’t gotten a gift.

A year later, I had a great sustainable Mother’s Day Gift idea. Instead of cut flowers, I bought a bag of perennial flower seeds. Every time when I visited in later years, she pointed to the plants reminding me that these flowers were my Mother’s Day gift. Then she would go on and on how beautiful the flowers had bloomed.


How to Find the Right Gift?

Obviously, asking what Mom would enjoy is a start to find the right gift. What went wrong with our first sustainable gift was that my Mom had said what she would appreciate, but not what they as a couple would enjoy.

When you want to surprise her you need to listen to get clues what she is missing, what she adores that some of her friends has, what she likes, but says it is “too expensive to buy”.

Here two examples from my experience. One day she said that she had loved the railway station in Leipzig when she was a kid. I strolled art galleries, vernissages, First Fridays, etc. and found a beautiful linoleum print of the station. I framed it and it became a sustainable Mother’s Day gift. She was thrilled when she unwrapped it.

Another time she was putting on outerwear and said that her silk scarf doesn’t match her coat. I took notice and bought a heavy silk scarf as a Mother’s Day gift. She wore it until she died.



Why to Look for Sustainable Gifts?

We all work hard for our money. Therefore, we don’t want to spend it on something that is thrown away once we leave the door. Furthermore, sustainable gifts create good feelings for her whenever she uses/sees the items. Such pieces bring joy to her beyond the day or a couple of days after she received it. Most importantly, they tell her that you care about her wishes, interests, needs, and feelings. Not to mention that some gifts may become gamily heirlooms like the print, or artisan-made jewelry.


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artisan made original citrine gemstone wrap 0.925 silver ring
Alok Jain made this original, beautiful Sterling silver ring. The citrines total 1.5 carats. At $43.99, it is über-affordable at Novica. Browse the Novica collection for artisan-made gifts now.


Another, often overlooked reason, are family memories. When during your childhood, your family had a regular game night or Sunday in which your Mom participated, a new game is a great option to create new memories. My favorite games are 1000 pieces puzzles.




Great Examples of Sustainable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Customized jewelry as Mother’s Day gifts is a big trend. What about a personalized cuff like in this review or Mother’s ring, necklace, or bracelet with all the names and birthstones of her kids?

A minimalist watch goes with everything and a great statement piece. Give her the gift of time with a Nordgreen watch, and feel good of donating to charity at the same time. Get 15% off with my discount code HLSTYLE.

A Latico bag is a great classic piece made from high quality leather that she can carry for years to come. Shop for a Latico bag now. Use my Latico discount code NICOLE07510 to get 15% off any order.


Latico charcoal Harbor crossbody bag
Latico Harbor crossbody bag as an example for their timeless designs, and leather quality.



My Favorite Source for Sustainable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

I love giving artisan-made jewelry, dishes, and home décor like those sold at Novica. Most of their pieces are even below $100. Why not check them out for more ideas?


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