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What to give your Mom for Mother’s Day?

Sure, a last minute bought bouquet of roses – that looks reasonable – is an option if you are lucky enough to still get one. But it surely reads what it is “Last Minute.” The same applies to chocolate or a bottle of champagne, wine, etc.. Keep these gift for the visits throughout the year and go for a Mother’s Day Gift that reads “I thought of you.” Go with personalized jewelry instead.


Jewelry can be great keepsakes

Think about it. Give Mom something that lasts. It’s a long tradition to give jewelry for special occasions. Engagements and weddings as well as graduation from college pop up in your mind immediately. Also all kind of religious events. In some European countries, a husband gives his wife a ring with the birthstone of their first child after she gave birth. Then the birthstones of any additional kids get added once they arrive. It is obvious, that these pieces become family heirlooms.


Engravable jewelry

Mother’s Day is an often overlooked opportunity to give jewelry with the potential of becoming an evergreen in your Mom’s jewelry box. Engravable Jewelry offers you a lot of options to personalize your gift. Name necklaces are perfect when she visits often with clients. When she is already retired a pendant of necklace with the kids’ and/or grandkids’ names engraved is a great choice. Some pieces of may be large enough to add an entire message like her favorite quote.


My favorites from U7 Jewelry

photo engraved pendant
This pendant with a photo engraving is great for the proud grandma and surely an ice breaker at any of her club meetings


customized cube bar U7 Jewelry
This cube bar offers a lot of options for customization like the names of the kids, important dates in her life like her birthday, wedding day and the birthdays of her 2 kids, just one? Fine add the wedding day of her parents


Classic American mom pendant for three names and birthstones
Classic American mommy necklace pendant with space for three names and birthstones


bangle with important date
Does she love arm parties? Then a new bangle will be always welcome


personal jewelry featuring your signature
I am thinking about this one for myself, but no one can read my signature. LOL. This piece for sure has personal style


gold and silver plated name necklaces
A name necklace is a perfect gift for every professional woman who often meets new clients or other professionals. It keeps her from awkward situations when the name tag flipped to its back side.


Two children traditional American mommy pendant
Two children version of traditional American family pendant necklace
Great unisex name bracelet
Great unisex name bracelet … and while you are add it, Father’s Day is just around the corner 😉


How to Pick Gemstone Colors

Going for her birthstone or favorite color is a good start. Then get information about the characteristics of the gemstone. This step is important to decide which gemstone works best with her lifestyle or recognize fakes. For instance, emeralds facts reveal that these gems easily crack. Collect as much information as you can. For instance, when you are interested in blue, a method to distinguish fake from real sapphires. You can learn about pearls at this link.

Browse their holiday gift guide to find the perfect gift that says “I thought about you.”

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