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DKSUKO silver glitter rubber boots with own Brooks Brothers sweater, Oliveo denim skirt, Modalo shark gray bag, GNW cable knit socks, statement belt (all own)

Rubber boots are a Must-have. Just think beach walks on rainy days when on vacation, gardening, spring breakup, outdoor concert, etc. In this post, I summerize my thoughts on a pair of statement glitter rubber boots. Read  my DKSUKO rain boots review when you are in the market for a new pair of rubber boots.


  1. Rain boots make me dream
  2. Great design for safety
  3. DKSUKO women’s Wellie tall rain boot provide great comfort
  4. Silver glitter boots are easy to style
  5. Great price-performance ratio
  6. Summary of DKSUKO Rain Boots Review


Disclosure: Ad. The DKSUKO women’s original tall waterproof Wellington boots are a sample of my choice. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion. There are affiliate links in this post.


Rain Boots Make Me Dream

I don’t know about you, but rain boots somehow (re-)connect me to fun childhood memories and happy feelings. When my siblings and I wore them, we were allowed to walk thru puddles. Loved that at that time, but I loved the occasional colorful rainbows even more. We also wore the rubber boots when collecting coal in one of the mining waste dumps. After the barrel was full, we were allowed to jump for the edges of the dump whole into the sand. My siblings were always looking forward to that. What I loved most about collecting coal was finding (searching) the imprints of ancient vegetation. I collected them.

Rubber boots were also a must-pack for every vacation. Still today I love walking along the beach in rubber boots on windy gray days when nobody is there. Listening to the sound of the waves and wind only interrupted once in a while from the chitchat of some seagulls sailing in the sky in circles wherever there is an upwind. The splashes of breaking waves leaving little droplets airborne. The colorful display on the drops’ surfaces when once in a while a sun ray makes it thru a gap between the gray water-loaded clouds.

It were these positive associations that made me want to try the glitter silver pair from DKSUKO.


Nicole of High Latitude Style wearing a blue, gray silver casual look with DKSUKO robber booties
DKSUKO boots women’s rubber glitter rain boots, Modalo Pippa bag, Oliveo denim skirt, AMS neckerchief and umbrella, knee-high cable knit socks, leggs pantyhose, statement necklace and belt, and halftee c/o Halftee



Great design for safety

When I first hold them in my hands, I was really happy to see the anti-slip rubber sole that is designed as per tyre pattern. It gives super grip on wet surfaces. The rubber sole allows me to run to catch the campus shuttle even in heavy rain without fear of slipping. Who wants to slip and fall over 50?

woman showing of the sole of her new DKSUKO Wellingtons
Showing off the DKSUKO sole. Karina dress, leggs pantyhose,  Moda International cardigan dyed red


I walked thru some puddles – I have to admit, I still love that – and yes, these wellies are water-proof. While I expected that, I nevertheless had to test it. Once a scientist, always a scientist. 😉

DKSUKO glittery silver rain boots for review
Zoom-in on the rain boots to show the glitter


Despite climatology says that the first flurries can fly in mid September here in the Interior, we haven’t had them yet this year. While I won’t complain about it, it means I couldn’t test the performance on snow (yet). But I can tell you that these tall stylish boots worked well on the slightly icy driveway yesterday morning. The driveway was wet from the rain in the evening and some remaining wetness had frozen overnight.

DKSUKO women’s Wellie tall rain boot provide great comfort

The vulcanized natural rubber material provides the thermal insulation of shoes. Together with the soft sole these features make the pair also suitable for endured outdoor working and gardening even in fall. Here in the Interior the temperatures are already below the freezing point in the morning.

Alaskan woman in rubber shoes feeding ducks in the yard
DKSUKO women’s tall silver rubber Wellingtons with own Oliveo gray jeans and Alaska kuspuk


When putting them on, I was really pleased with the toe-box. It complies with the human feet. It is also large enough not to squeeze your toes when you double your socks, have wide feet and/or bunions. The Wellies also permit adding a thin insole for additional insulation or comfort. Who likes cold feet? See this guide on how to avoid cold feet in frigid temperatures.

Not being keen on cleaning I love that these Wellingtons have a dirt-resistant exterior. That makes me comfortable about wearing them in the yard for gardening and bird feeding as well. You know they drop always something 😉 .


Silver Glitter Boots Are Easy to Style

The fashionable appearance of these rain boots permits wearing them just for fun. From far they look silver, but from close up you see silver glitter in all colors of the rainbow. A genius design idea! Silver is a neutral meaning they work with a lot of stylish clothes. I wore them for shopping (casual outfit in this post), to go work (outfit with the floral dress and cardigan), and even in the yard. Of course, they are also great for beach walks <3. See the post at the link for a guide on looking ageless in tall boots.


fashion blogger Nicole in floral print dress, cardigan testing DKSUKO Rain Boots for a Review wellies
DKSUKO Wellies leggs pantyhose, Karina dress, Moda International cardigan dyed red, Gucci bamboo buckle with enamel belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, and necklace c/o ONecklace



Great price-performance ratio

The boots are made from high quality natural rubber. This means they won’t crack when the material stretches. The toe box has a classic round-toe design – an eternal classic to wear for years to come. Given the quality and versatility to wear them plus their classic with an edge design, they are a great deal at only $32.99 plus free shipping.

No worry about sizing. You can return them and get a full refund: No shipping charges! <3 Plus my experience with their customer service was great! Very friendly.


gardening fashionista in stylish natural rubber DKSUKO Rain Boots
DKSUKO silver calf high rain boots styled for work in the yard with own Oliveo denim pants and Alaska traditional dress



Who would love these shoes

This product is a perfect fit for all women who are young at heart and love a fashionable rain boot for all kind of occasions like rainy days, gardening, and play. They are also a great gift for that hard to shop for teenage girl as a holiday gift. I am so happy with my new pair of DKSUKO women’s Wellie rain boots that I can’t but recommend them to my best friends.

Psst! They also have rubber booties with super cute floral prints that look nearly like embroidery. A big trend right now!


Summary of DKSUKO Rain Boots Review

These stylish DKSUKO women’s tall waterproof Wellington boots with safety sole are comfortable, easy to clean and style, as well as very affordable. Their timeless design, neutral overall silver looking color permits wearing them not only for gardening, but also on the commute to work, for play and just so for fun. Browse the DKSUKO women’s rain boots collection now.


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