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Sideview of Michael Kors baseball jacket with Oliveo jeans, LV bucket bag, Oscar de la Rente scarf, and Coach booties (all own)

Back in high school having a baseball jacket was a Must to belong to the crowd of It persons. Sure with T-shirt, sneakers and jeans. The jacket is comfy, we have to admit that. But how to wear it in a modern way in various looks when you want to get more wear out of your clothes to slow fashion down and make fashion more sustainable, or just because you are on a budget. This post provide nine outfit recipes to switch things up with your beloved baseball jacket.

  1. A Baseball Jacket Is a Versatile Piece for Casual Style
  2. Baseball Jacket with jeans outfit ideas
  3. Try It Instead of a Blazer on Casual Friday in Winter
  4. Cute Looks with Baseball Jackets
  5. Wrapping Up

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A baseball jacket is versatile piece for casual style

Yes, in high school, the gals all wear the baseball jacket of their school’s team. It’s cool, looks hip, and yes so cool. This post gives some inspiration to wear your baseball jacket not only as a piece for an Casual Friday outfit or for the weekend, but to get your old favorite type of jacket back into the rotation. This post gives you inspirations for nine different looks plus some variations of these looks.

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Baseball jacket with jeans outfit ideas

Since a baseball jacket is part of sportswear, it naturally goes with track pants. Another easy pairing are jeans. In both cases, a T-shirt is a no-brainer to wear under the jacket. In the cold season, a sweater or thermal Henley are good option. Add a pair of sneakers or booties and you have a nice weekend look. And of course, this type of jacket is always a great piece when it comes to how to dress for a sports event, especially when it’s baseball.


stylist over 50 in leather baseball jacket

baseball jacket outfit with jeans
Outfit details: Michael Kors leather baseball jacket, Oliveo bootcut Italian jeans, Coach booties, LV bucket bag, Kieselstein Cord belt, Hermes H-buckle, Brooks Brothers cable-knit sweater, and Oscar de la Renta leopard print scarf (all own)


The following photos provide some inspiration for boyfriend jeans and skinnies. When you like them, pin them.


#fashionover50 details of baseball jacket and jewelry

#booties Coach booties

#over40fashion mature woman in a holiday season winter outfit
Striped T-shirt c/o Marine Layer with own J Brand jeans, Coach booties, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, Hermes collier de chien arm band and baseball jacket (all own) as a casual winter indoor outfit

Try it instead of a blazer on Casual Friday in winter

Wear the piece on Casual Friday instead of a blazer. Then add a silk scarf for a posh casual look. The brown of the jacket picks up the brown of the ducks, the winter white picks up the winter white of the sweater underneath. The scarf ties the blues and browns together plus adds some gold for interest. See the guide at the link for more tips on how to up your style with scarves.

The next photos illustrate the concept with jeans, wool pants and a classic wool skirt.

over 50 years old woman wearing a versatile jacket with BF jeans, heeled ducks and scarf
Michael Michael Kors versatile leather jacket over GNW Luxe cashmere wool sweater with London Jean boyfriend jeans, Gucci belt, heeled ducks accessorized with a silk scarf (all own)


Nicole of High Latitude Style in wool pants, cream and brown jacket, chocolate sweater and booties brown tote in front of night sky
Michael Kors cream and brown jacket, chocolate GNW Luxe sweater, tan Kieselstein Cord belt, Hermes H-buckle, Pendleton wool pants, YSL tote, Antonio Melani booties, and pendant necklace (all own)


fashion blogger in posh chic layered look
Layered work outfit with teardrop key hole top c/o Covered Perfectly, and own Michael Kors baseball jacket, Banana Republic pencil skirt, DIY statement belt, and Musse & Cloud booties c/o Coolway


Cute Looks with Baseball Jacket

When your have girly or gamine style, and you can pull it off, try the borrowed coat look. A feminine skirt/top combination or dress looks cute with this sporty coat. The photos below show examples how to style a baseball jacket for all seasons with a skirt or dress. All looks feature my Michael Michael Kors leather baseball jacket. Who needs more than one casual jacket in this style? 😉

 Summer posh Casual Friday
mature styling of a leather jacket Oliveo denim skirt, Anne Klein T-strap pumps, Chanel bag, smoky quartz necklace, unbranded pantyhose (all own) and striped 3/4 sleeve T-shirt c/o Marine Layer
Summer business casual
mature woman in office look Anne Klein T-strap pumps, Burberry bag (all own) and V-neck sheath dress c/o Lookbook Store for a classic with a twist office look
Fall weekend style
casual look with denim skirt Oliveo denim skirt, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, cashmere wool GNW Luxe sweater, smoky quartz necklace, GNW tights, and heeled ducks (all own)
Spring outfit
baseball look inspired mature outfit Kate Moss for Longchamp bag, Nicole turquoise suede fall sandals, Oliveo denim skirt, graphic print silk scarf (all own), and striped T-shirt c/o Marine Layer



When you like the looks, pin them, share them with your friends.

Wrapping up

This post demonstrated how to get more outfits from pieces you already own by combining a baseball jacket not only with casual pieces, but also with very feminine items. In the latter case, the beauty is in the contrast of sporty, tough and feminine. Such cute looks take some nerve to pull off. They feel natural with gamine and Romantic style personalities.

Do you own a baseball jacket? If so, how do you wear it? When do you wear it?

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Photos: G. Kramm

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