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A Rhineland potato salad recipe which is a traditional Christmas Eve dish in that area. Read which ingredient was missing in my pantry so that I had to run errands on Christmas Eve. Try the recipe, and let me know whether you like it.


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  2. Our Traditional Christmas Eve Dinner
  3. Rhineland Potato Salad Recipe


Comfortable Outfit for Running Errands and Last Minute Shopping

I don’t know about you, but I still have to run some last minute errands before the stores are closed for a day. Since I expected that many other people are also running their errands I wanted to be dressed comfy and casually chic. I put my slim cut boyfriend jeans on. I wore them with the oversize cable knit sweater and my Hunter rubber boots. To not get cold I wore a thick T-shirt under the sweater and two pair of socks in the boots plus tights under the jeans. I added my little collar for style. The Camel bag is a gift my husband gave me in the late 90s.

over 50 years old blogger in oversize cable kint sweater, boyfriend jeans running errands outfit
Oversize cable-knit sweater with London Jean boyfriend jeans, Hunter heeled rubber boots, Camel bag, collar, and statement necklace



Our Traditional Christmas Eve Dinner

Why am I running errands when stores are full? Usually, I avoid it because long lines, and meeting so many people at the store takes a lot of time. Not actually, what I want when I still have a long to-do list as today. Unfortunately, I had no time to go to the grocery store yesterday. But I wanted to make a Rhineland potato salad with Wieners tonight, and there were also some other things I wanted/needed to do in town.

Despite the original recipe asks for yellow potatoes (there were no other potatoes in Germany) I make the potato salad with black potatoes since we are in Alaska. These black potatoes are Alaska grown, actually we grew them ourselves in our yard this summer. They have a purple skin and are even purple inside. They are the best potato salad potatoes you can imagine.


traditional holiday wheath with glass decoration in the window
Christmas wreath with glass decoration hanging in the window


Rhineland Potato Salad Recipe

Here is my Rhineland potato salad recipe:

Cook 2 lb of potatoes, cool them and slice. Stir 1 large diced yellow onion, two tablespoons Dijon mustard, and white vinegar together. Add the sliced potatoes. Cut 6 slices of bacon into small pieces and fry them until crisp. Then add the bacon pieces plus the hot oil into the potato salad. Add white pepper and salt to taste, and serve with hot Wieners.



Do you have a traditional Christmas Eve dinner in your family? What is it? Let me know, I am curious.

I wish you and your loved ones a peaceful holiday season!

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Photos: G. Kramm

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