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Steve Madden ankle strap patent leather pumps, GNW tights, Burberry plaid blazer, Gucci belt, LV bucket bag, G-III skirt, statement necklace, Oliveo button down shirt and Landsend sweater (all own)

After reading this post, you can come up with multiple outfit ideas for styling a plaid blazer with pieces from your wardrobe.

  1. A Well-cut Plaid or Tartan Blazer is Perfect for a Work Outfit
  2. Styling a Plaid Blazer Work Appropriate
  3. How to Pull the Outerwear Outfit Together
  4. Styling a Plaid Blazer with a Knit Dress


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A Well-cut Plaid or Tartan Blazer is Perfect for a Work Outfit

Tartan is a classic pattern. Many fashion lovers associate plaid with the signature pattern of Burberry. A blazer in plaid can be a timeless workhorse of a business casual work wardrobe. It’s a perfect pairing with jeans on Casual Friday.

I saw a similar tartan blazer on TV – I think it was one part of the Castle series. I fell in love how great a Burberry blazer looked. Prior to this show, I always associated circus and clowns with tartan jackets. Obviously, tartan works well for a work blazer when it is well cut, fitted, and has non-crayon colors. Ok, ok, the tartan of the clown is his work uniform too, but on purpose ugly and funny. 😉


Styling a Burberry Plaid Blazer Work Appropriate

A great advantage of a plaid blazer is that there are several colors that create the pattern. In the exemplary look above, the jacket’s colors served to pick the other pieces. See there are some stripes in red and burgundy in the tartan pattern of the blazer used for this post. Thus, adding a burgundy cashmere sweater, red suede skirt, and red tights plus burgundy patent leather ankle strap pumps makes a great Business Casual Style work outfit. The Gucci belt picks up the dark brown stripes in the blazer. The linen blouse matches the olive stripes of the blazer.

over 50 years old influencer styling a plaid blazer in a business casual work outfit
Outfit details: Steve Madden ankle strap pumps, GNW tight, LV bucket bag, G-III suede skirt, Oliveo shirt, Landsend sweater, statement necklace, Gucci belt, and Burberry plaid blazer (all own)


The outfit inspiration below demonstrates that reusing the concept of “using the colors in the fabric” will not lead to something like a cookie cutter style or being in a style rut.


mature woman styling a plaid blazer for going out in a resaurtant on a cold day

fashion book author over 50 in sheath with sweater

blogger in Easter going out for lunch outfit
Outfit details: Burberry blazer worn over Elli Tahari leather sheath, LV silk scarf, GNW tights, GNW Luxe cashmere wool sweater, Antonio Maneli booties, YSL bag, and LeatherCoatsEtc pea coat and gloves (all own)


You can find more on on how to look sophisticated in plaid clothing of all kinds in the guide at the link.

How to Pull the Outerwear Outfit Together

The outer outfit drops the patent leather pumps as they are unsuitable for snowy parking lots. Thus, they are carried to the office in the bucket bag. Instead, I wear brown booties for the commute. I like their interesting Louis XVI style heels.

In Winter Switch Your Footwear at the Office for Best Style.

fashion over 40 woman in styled outerwear
Clark booties, GNW tight, Burberry motorcycle coat, LV bucket bag, floral oblong scarf, red gloves (similar gloves here) and headband (all own)


To keep my ears warm I added the headband. It picks up the light brown of the bag’s LV monograms. Red gloves and the scarf’s red base color match with the tights. The scarf also picks up the olive of the motorcycle coat and the browns of the headband. The colors are not exactly the same, but close enough, but far enough away from each other to make it work.


Styling a Plaid Blazer with a Knit Dress

The plaid blazer outfit idea below applies the same basic concept as an example for further inspiration.

fashion influencer over 50 in knit dress
Barbour cable-knit dress with GNW tights, Antonio Maneli booties, accessorized with necklace and Hermes and other bangles


fashion over 40 work outfit
Barbour cable-knit dress with Burberry plaid blazer, Gucci belt, GNW tights, and Antonio Maneli booties


stylish arm candies
Zoom-in on arm candies. Left most three Hermes enamel bangles, right family heirloom


fashionover50 Alaska spring look
Barbour cable-knit dress with Burberry plaid blazer, Gucci belt, GNW tights, Chanel bag, boxy leather coat, and Antonio Maneli booties



How do you style your plaid blazer? What are your styling challenges? Let me know about them so I can help you and address them in a post. Just drop me an email and nobody but us knows that you asked, but everybody wows you for your great style. 😉


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