How to dress appropriately for a beach wedding over 40

fashionver40 casual work outfit
Jacket Society motorcycle jacket with Moda International leather pants, Salvadore Ferragamo pumps, Jaeger tote, statement belt (all own), and layering top c/o Adea

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Being invited to a beach wedding dress wise is the most desirable (even if you live far from a beach) as you can wear the purchases again and again on your next vacation and on weekends.

Take these five points in mind when shopping for your outfit.

  1. When creating your beach-wedding outfit, resist to go for anything flower-power. The hippy look had its time, and it was great back then, but it well passed its prime. Today, this look just looks Old Lady and ridiculous on any woman over 40. We don’t want to relive our youth again! We love who we are now! Thus, go for a modern just-right-now look.
  2. Go for a maxi or high-low hem dress that still allows you to wear a bra and shapewear. Even when you never wear that dress again with a bra and shapewear, at the wedding you should. Tons of photos will be taken and you want your girls sit in the right place.
  3. When choosing your dress, be aware that there is always some wind at the beach. A wide skirt might look like you set the sails. Not to mention that it is hard to walk under such conditions.
  4. Pick accessories that match the vibe of the dress.  Make sure to have one trend item. More is over-kill and to be avoided as it would be the source for laughter for years to come at family reunions. A straw clutch is a nice option for dresses with a floral or ethnic print. A small cross-body bag looks great on a striped dress.
  5. Beach weddings require a pair of comfy thongs, flat mules or strappy sandals with either embellishment, semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, or a metallic tone. Since they can be incorporated in your weekend and vacation wardrobe, you can invest some money. They are not the sky-high heels of a formal wedding that you will never wear again! Make sure you wear the thongs, mules or sandals prior to the wedding a couple of times. Open blisters on a salty beach hurt!

Here are some suggestions for outfits and my picks of dresses for a beach wedding.

fashionover40 outfit for a beach wedding High-low hem floral print dress with collier de chien belt, statement necklace, metal bag, mules, Ray Ban sunglasses and straw hat (all own)fashionover50 beach wedding outfit Layered maxi dress with floral print scarf, golden thong sandals and DIY necklace

beach wedding dress suggestion for women over 40 eShakti maxi dress for beach wedding. Pair it with a coral or white beads necklace with a big pendant, a straw clutch and metallic flat sandals

beach wedding outfit that provides arm coverage This eShakti shirt dress covers the arms when you need coverage there. It can be shortened to a work dress later. Black-and-white never goes out of style and a shirt dress is a classic. Swap the fabric belt with a fancy gold one for the weddingmature beach wedding dress Royal blue beach dress. This dress looks very elegant, but requires a convertible bra. Add gold colored jewelry, clutch and gladiator sandals for a perfect beach wedding look

fashionover40 woman in an beach wedding outfit High-low hem floral print dress with beading and sequins and build-in slip to avoid see-thru. Pair is with metallic leopard print flat sandals and a lavender leather or fabric clutch for a beach wedding


Spring is still in stealth mode here in Alaska. However, the heavy coats can make their way to the dry cleaner. I am wearing leather pants with a layering top and a motorcycle jacket. A perfect outfit for casual Friday.

What are you wearing lately on days where spring seems to be failing to be spring? Link up your OOTD tomorrow on Top of the World Style.

motorcycle jacket
Zoom-in on the Jacket Society motorcycle jacket (own) and layering top c/o Adea
SalvadoreFerragamo pumps
Zoom-in on Salvadore Ferragamo pumps (own)

Are you invited to a beach wedding or wedding in general? What will you wear?

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