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Many craft breweries sell merchandise, including items of clothing like baseball caps and T-shirts, that feature their logos and pictures of their products.

And some craft breweries have gone further by introducing fashionable clothing ranges.

For instance, the UK-based Derby Brewing Company has partnered with the fashion brand Mr. Shaw to create a range of garments inspired by craft beer, including T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts, which goes beyond standard brewery merchandise.

If you love craft beer and also enjoy wearing stylish outfits, you not only have the option of wearing clothing that is created by breweries. You also have the option of putting together stylish craft-beer color inspired outfits.

So, here are some great ideas to help you get started.



Choose Colors That Are Associated with Breweries and Beers

Firstly, you should look at different colors that match the tones and hues associated with breweries and beers.

Shades of yellows and oranges will reflect the amber colors of craft beers themselves. And browns will mirror the colors of beer barrels, crates, and the rustic vibe of old-fashioned taprooms.

Brown hues complement yellows and oranges well, so you can try matching various items of clothing within those color ranges. For instance, a stylish pair of brown corduroy pants could go well with an amber-colored top.


collage of outfits inspired by blonde beer and taprooms
Left: Mug with blonde beer. Left middle: Amber, orange, white outfit with Overland shearling booties, Hipstik tights, Quince sweater, citrine and moonstone necklace, Tracy Reese skirt. Right middle: Yellow, amber, brown. Gnw tights, Antonio Melani booties, smoky quartz necklace, Quince sweater, unbranded leather skirt. Right: Taproom colors: Lulu Roe dress, Hipstik pantyhose, Nine West pumps, Halftee half top, Bellorita bag, Nordgreen watch, Dip down-vest, Rebecca Collins necklace.


But you should also consider other colors. Yellows and oranges do not suit every complexion. Greens, reds, and dark colors are also often prevalent in craft beer designs and in bars.


Outfits Can Be Both Fun and Stylish

If you are looking to wear an outfit inspired by craft beers because you are attending an event like a taproom opening or the launch of a new beer product, you could have more fun with your attire.

Perhaps you even work at a brewery taproom. In that case, you could consider getting all members of the team to dress up in the same fun and stylish attire.

Just make sure the clothing is still comfortable to work in. Otherwise, even when you are using the best brewery management software, such as that from, it could be challenging to remain productive and perform your tasks to the best of your abilities.

For instance, if you love stout, you could put together an outfit that highlights your passion for dark beer. You could wear an all-black outfit, such as black pants or a skirt and a black sweater, to signify the body of the stout, and wear a chunky white scarf and white hat to represent the frothy head of the beer.


collage featuring looks in black with white inspired by black beer
Left: Black beer. Middle: Coolibar shirt dress, Neo Tango in foam, Edith Leiber belt, SUNGAIT sunglasses, Nordgreen watch, shoulder bag c/o R. Riveter. Right: Valentino boots, Halftee top, dress c/o Ever Pretty, moonstone and citrine necklace.



As with any type of outfit, you can make your attire even more stylish by adding accessories like, for instance, a scarf that features a print of beer bubbles.

Again, you could have fun with your choices. You could even design your own unique accessories or your own T-shirts by using print-on-demand services. For instance, you could wear earrings from recycled beer-bottle-top or covering a hat with beer bottle tops.

Whether you go for fun and unique designs or simply choose a color scheme that matches the colors that are prevalent in beers, breweries, and taprooms, make sure your attire and accessories are coordinated well.

That means considering things like your shoes, your bag, and your jewelry alongside the rest of your outfit.

white dress and beret with green boots outfit inspired by white beer infused with woodruff
Outfit inspired by white beer with woodruff infused. LeatherCoatsEtc beret, dress c/o Femme Luxe, DIY white belt with green opal buckle, GNW green tights, green boots c/o Newbella.



Conclusions on Styling Craft-Beer Inspired Outfits

Whether you use items of clothing and accessories that you already have in your wardrobe for craft-beer color inspired outfits or you buy or design new items of attire to create a bespoke craft-beer inspired outfit, you now have a good idea of how to put together stylish outfits to showcase your love and passion for artisan beer.


Featured image: Tibor Janosi Mozes from Pixabay

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