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Print-on-demand sunflower print leggings c/o Redbubble with own T-shirt and Dansz ballroom dance shoes

The Redbubble keeps their designer leggings cheap by printing them when you buy them. The pieces are well made, true to size and the print looks like they were made from fabric in that print. Read my Redbubble print-on-demand leggings review to see whether they are and option for you.



Disclosure: Ad. The leggings are a sample of my choice from Redbubble. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote the post entirely on my own and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


Print-on-Demand Permits Lower Prices

Recently, many publishers use the print-on-demand concept. This concept reduces storage needs, avoids overstock of non-selling books, and overall reduces costs for them and keeps prices low for the consumer. A win-win for both. No wonder that the fashion industry has adopt this great concept recently as Made-on-Demand. More on the advantages of made-on-demand in the fashion industry.


fashion influencer wearing Redbubble sunflower print leggings
Sunflower print-on-demand leggings c/o Redbubble styled with own T-shirt and ballroom dance shoes for dance practice



Redbubble Adopts Print-on-Demand for Designer Clothes

Redbubble is one of the first companies ever to offer print-on-demand leggings. Their leggings are from stretchy, shiny lycra-clad which feels smooth and does not clinch on the skin. The shine is soft, i.e. it will not add pounds like shiny, shiny does. The leggings come in various colors, prints, and patterns from international designers. You can find everything from cat prints and cartoon characters, over floral to artsy abstract or geometric prints including ethnic inspired pattern. The variety of designs is so large that women at any age can find a print they feel comfortable with to wear not only at the gym.


over 50 years old stylist looking posh in Redbubble printed leggings with graphic Tee
Close-up on the vintage photo-style print of sunflower heads on the leggings c/o Redbubble styled with own T-shirt and Danzs ballroom dance shoes



Redbubble Print-on-Demand Leggings Are Moisture Wicked

I wore the leggings during dance practice. I really like that at the end of 1.5 hours of intensive dancing, they still felt dry and did not stick to my skin.


details of the chic in gym gear and the sunflower floral print
Zoom-in on the sunflower print of the print-on-demand leggings c/o Redbubble to show details and the multiple shades



Styling Doesn’t Stop at the Door of the Gym

When I was asked to review a Redbubble print-on-demand leggings sample, I picked this unusual sunflower pattern. I love that the design looks like an old-time sunflower photography. So sophisticated! These colors permit adding everything from white over beige, mocha, brown to black. They also look great with any bright solid color.


Redbubble Designer Print Leggings Are Pieces of Art

It would be a shame to just don these chic leggings only at the gym. Therefore, I also styled them for the weekend. In a casual work environment, this look even work as an alternative for the typical Casual Friday outfits. At work, I got a lot of compliments even from a colleague who never wears leggings.


fashion blogger wearing sunflower print leggings with a posh casual cable-knit dress
Sunflower print leggings c/o Redbubble with own chocolate color Barbour cable-knit dress, pointy-toe pumps and various strands of pearl necklaces with uppermost c/o The Pearl Source



A Posh Chic Street Style Look with the Redbubble Leggings

The last styling inspiration in this post shows the Redbubble print-on-demand leggings worn  Alaska street style. It is the same outfit as shown above, but with a thermo-skirt and shearling motorcycle jacket added, and the pumps swapped for shearling booties with socks (not visible). Here the colors of the sunflower print tie the outfit of winter white and brown shearling with the black booties, skirt and gloves together.


These Leggings Gave Me Many Styling Ideas

Next time, I will style the leggings with a trench coat and a turtleneck sweater for the weekend. These leggings definitively will see more of the World than just my closet and the gym. More on styling leggings over 50.

Redbubble’s leggings differ in price depending on the pattern and designer, but their leggings are worth every cent. When you love the comfort of leggings, but want to make a posh/chic style statement the Redbubble leggings are a way to go.


midlife style blogger in Alaska street chic with patterned leggings, thermal insulation skirt, shearling jacket and booties
Sunflower print leggings c/o Redbubble worn with own Skoop thermo skirt, Andrew Marc shearling leather jacket, gloves, and Salamander shearling booties



When You Are an Artist, You Can Partner with Redbubble

Speaking of money, here is another thing I love about Redbubble. If you create a design, you can even sell it with zero hassle on a healthy range of incredibly high quality products. You can find more information on becoming one of the Redbubble designers at the link. How cool is that?


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Photos: G. Kramm

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