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Cooper ruby herringbone zip-front jacket c/o Whistle River styled with own Talbot silk floral print skirt, Michael Kors plateau sandals, graphic Tee, and Gucci top handle bag

This review of a Whistle River zipper jacket addresses quality of the herring bone fabric, versality to style, and the price-performance ratio. Read to find out whether this garment is right for you.

  1. Looking for the Perfect Summer-to-fall Transition Casual Jacket?
  2. Great Combination of Deep Colors
  3. Versatile and Easy to Style
  4. Price-Performance Ratio
  5. Who Would Love the Zip-front Jacket
  6. Review of a Whistle River Zipper Jacket in a Nutshell


Disclosure: The jacket is a sample of my choice from Whistle River. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion. This post has affiliate links.


Looking for the Perfect Summer-to-fall Transition Casual Jacket?

A piece that was missing in my wardrobe for a long time … probably five years … was a posh casual transitional jacket. In Alaska, the transition season is short, very short, probably less than a month. Leaves start falling in mid-August and flurries start to fly in mid September. Thus, a transitional piece must have ageless style, read a classic fabric and cut. Like every woman, I wanted it to work with summer and fall clothes. In addition,  it should also be suitable for layering in deep winter so I get some more wear out of it. I mean, Alaskan closets are not larger than yours. Ok, ok, granted, American closets are way larger than those in Europe. 😉

When I saw this Cooper ruby herringbone zip-front jacket at Whistle River, I knew I found the perfect transitional piece I was looking for so long! A classic herringbone weave in an unusual color – ruby, and a nice twist on the boxy Janker-style with a zipper. Who loves to sew on loose buttons? Who likes to button when it is chilly and the fingers are cold? 😉

babybommer in summer-to-autumn transitional work outfit with casual zipper jacket and skirt
Front view of summer-to-autumn transition work outfit with light zipper jacket c/o Whistle River, Talbot skirt, Michael Kors patent leather orange sandals, Paloma Picasso belt, Keep Calm T-shirt, and Gucci top handle purse. The interior has a contrasting color like the traditional pea-coats or duffel coats.

Great Combination of Deep Colors

When I opened the package I was very happy with the colors of the herringbone pattern. A nice mix of bold ruby, shades of red, neutral earth tones, and some green (see zoom-in later in this post), but still leading to a red impression from far. The multiple-colors permit wearing the piece with dark summer clothes, denim, and fall pieces alike. All edges are finished with a soft coordinating moleskin trim, which is a very classic style element adopted from the Alpine traditional Janker.


back view of woman in summer to fall transition outfit with skirt and cooper ruby boxy hip length coat
Back view of summer to fall transition outfit with cooper ruby herringbone hip length coat c/o Whistle River, own Talbot full skirt, Michael Kors sandals, and Gucci bag. The sleeves can be rolled up to show off the contrasting herring pattern of the interior

Versatile and Easy to Style

I am super excited that I finally landed and found a perfect transitional jacket that serves my needs perfectly. Classic with a twist, stylish and lightweight construction, versatile to combine because of the multi-colors of the herringbone. The Mandarin collar is a great solution to stay out of the always changing collar shape trends.

Stylist tip: Herring bone is an eternal classic.

midlife woman looking casual posj in a Whistle River zipper-jacket, jeans, sweater, scarf and heels
Zipped copper ruby zipper-jacket c/o Whistle River, own floral scarf, baroque pearl necklace, London Jean jeans, L.K. Bennett heels, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, and sunflower yellow Longchamp leather pliage


For this post I styled one outfit with a summer skirt that picks up the colors of the short coat in its print (first photos in this post), and a typical early fall outfit with jeans (photo above). The length of the light weight, unlined outerwear also permits belting (not shown). When you know me already for a while you know I love to belt my clothes.

A belt can give instant shape on a straight-up-and-down body. #highlatitudestyle #dress4yourshape Click To Tweet


zoom on details of the outfit with mix of herringbone pattern and floral print
Zoom-in on the sleeve to show details of the trim, herringbone pattern and zipper

Price-performance ratio

This Whistle River Ladies ruby zip-front jacket costs $59.99. Its fabric is 44% acrylic, 35% polyester, and 21% rayon. It looks high quality. When you dry-clean it, you can easily get more than 60 wears out of this evergreen unlined summer-to-fall transitional item. A cost-per-wear of a dollar or less is my criterion for a great deal. In other words, thumbs up here as well.


fashion blogger in fall outfit with classic herring bone pattern
Side view of Ladies’ herringbone frock c/o Whistle River to show the length. Own Kieselstein Cord belt, scarf, London Jean pants, L.K. Bennett heels, and Moda International cashmere sweat

Who Would Love the Zip-front Jacket

This product is perfect for women looking for slow fashion that looks up-to-date for several seasons. It’s perfect for women with classic, casual and urban style as well. It’s a great investment for every fashionista who is on a budget and wants something more fancy than a denim overcoat for the transition season. When you are over 40, you will love that cut was designed with the body of women in midlife in mind.

It is also a great piece when you look for a jacket for summer-to-fall transition outfits.

older woman zipping a Whistle River coat worn with BF jeans, scarf, pumps and slouchy bag
Short coat c/o Whistle River, own silk scarf, London Jean BF jeans, L.K. Bennett plateau pumps, and Longchamp bag

I have no reservations to recommend this great transitional ruby Copper zip-front jacket to my friends. You can find it at Whistle River.

senior lady in jeans, pumps, zipped jacket with yellow bag #WhistleRiver
Zipped Ladies’ ruby zip-front short coat c/o Whistle River styled with own floral print silk scarf, London Jean boyfriends, L.K. Bennett open-toe pumps, and sunflower yellow Longchamp cuire pliage


Review of a Whistle River Zipper Jacket in a Nutshell

This Whistle River unlined short coat has a classic cut, stylish herringbone pattern in bold red and neutral colors, a zip-front, Mandarin collar, durable high quality fabric and an affordable price even when on a budget. It is perfect as outerwear in fall, and easy to style with dark pieces from summer, and winter clothes. Browse their collection now.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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