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R. Riveter bag review. Read what I think about their Hopper and the company’s mission.



Disclosure: Ad. The purse is a sample of my choice from R. Riveter. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


What Made Me Want to Review the R. Riveter Hopper Bag?

The minimalist design of the Hopper caught my eyes, when I was looking for a small summer bag. The little halfmoon-shape lets this zipper pouch stand out in the crowd of small canvas summer purses. The only “embellishments” are plate, a yellow ribbon, and a fabric piece with printed numbers.

The plate immediately reminded of my husband’s dog-tag, while the yellow ribbon, and fabric piece made me curious. These pieces evoke an association with the military.


close-up of the Hopper for the R. Riveter bag review
Details of the R. Riveter Hopper bag. The shoulder strap is detachable to wear the bag as clutch.



What Is the Story behind R. Riveter Bags and Accessories?

And indeed, there is a tight connection to the armed forces. Military service member have to move every 2-3 years. Consequently, their spouses who want to stay in the work force, have to find a new job each time.

Military spouses Lisa Bradley and Cameron Cruse started Riveter built on the American ideal that the combination of opportunity, innovation, and determination will create positive impact. As demand for their hand-made bags grew, so did the team.

Today, the company provides mobile, flexible income to military spouses. The military spouses make the parts and pieces where ever their significant other is stationed. Each spouse does their part to assemble the products.

It is my understanding that the success of the company roots in the opportunity that their workers can earn an income and perform their work in a team from where ever they are. Being able to work elevates them as individuals as well as a collective, and supports our troops.


influencer in pants and tank top carrying the bag as a clutch
R. Riveter Hopper carried as a clutch for date night. Outfit details: Nordgreen watch, Nine West pumps, top and pants c/o Coolibar


Great Craftmanship, Quality, and Interior Compartments

When I unpacked the pouch, I was surprised that the fabric and zipper are of the same quality as used in the armed forces for the rucksacks, and other bags. I don’t know what I was expecting for the interior, but I was positively impressed. The pouch has a striped lining, a zipper compartment, and two pockets to hold a phone and keys or other small items. As a result, the bag keeps you well organized.

view insider the Hopper for the R. Riveter bag review
View inside to show zipper pocket and lining


All seams are accurate. The bag shows great craftsmanship that doesn’t have to hide when compared to much more expensive bags. Therefore, in my opinion, a much higher price than the $110 would be justified for the Hopper.

Note that it is also available in a bold print or color.


What Fits Inside?



Excellent Price-Performance Ratio

The bag is very versatile to style due to its minimalist design (see photos). Therefore, and because of its military-quality material, it will stand the wear and tear of time. As a result, the cost-per-wear will go below $1 over its tenure in a wardrobe. This is my criterion for a thumbs up.

I also believe that the bag might become even more special once it distresses over the years.


styling inspiration for the R. Riveter Hopper review as shoulder bag
Purse carried as shoulder bag for running errands. Outfit details: Very Fine Dancesport Shoes sandals, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Nordgreen watch, tunic dress c/o Coolibar



Another Thing to Like about R. Riveter Bags

I love that the R. Riveter bags are named after women in history who served the community and made an impact on the world. The featured bag honors Grace Hopper who developed a new computer language that later was known as COBOL.


For Whom Would the Hopper Be Perfect?

Women who want to support women will like this pouch not only because of its versatility to style, but also because the purchase empowers military spouses to have an income of their own.

The Hopper is a Must-have for women who like to pack light. When going on vacation it can serve as a cosmetics bag in your baggage. At the location, the pouch can serve as a crossbody mini-bag at day, and as a clutch at night.

Everyone who likes the R. Riveter mission and/or wants to support our troops, this pouch should be on the radar as a great, affordable gift idea.

I can recommend this pouch without reservation to my family and friend. You can order the bag online and use the code HIGHLATITUDESTYLE at checkout to save, or buy it in the R. Riveter stores of major cities.


summer outfit inspiration showing the width of the Hopper
View from the front to show the width of the Hopper



R. Riveter Bag Review in a Nutshell

The R. Riveter Hopper is a high quality, priceworthy minimalist bag. This versatile to style, practical bag is assembled in the US by military spouses. Browse their collection of bags and accessories  for your bag on a mission, and use the code HIGHLATITUDESTYLE at checkout to save.


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Other photos: N. Mölders

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  1. I love the shape of this bag! And also the whole movement and ideology behind it- such a great cause. You look beautiful styling it!

  2. Terissa

    This bag is so cute! It can go with every outfit and can be worn on any event. So stylish!

  3. It’s great to hear this from you because you know first hand about the difficulty of making income as a service member’s spouse.

  4. It is such a cute bag, Nicole. I became familiar R. Riveter bags many years ago. My sister had actually found them and ordered a bag for herself. They make all of their bags from recycled military gear so it is the exact fabric used by the military. It is such a cool concept and idea for military spouses. Beautiful review!


  5. mummabstylish

    A lovely bag Nicole and beautifully styled. Thanks for sharing with us today. x Jacqui x