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The holiday season approaches faster than you think. Even when you can’t visit your loved one, you can sent them a great gift, you can feel good about directly sent to their door. Which fashionista wouldn’t love a unique, high quality, vegan designer bag for Christmas? This post introduces JORD’s newest addition to their collection of accessories from sustainable resources and I am thrilled. Read what I think about their vegan designer bag.

  1. Ethical Handbag Collection
  2. Material Facts
  3. Why I Love these Vegan Designer Bags
  4. Fun Facts
  5. Jord: A Perfect Source for Gifts from Sustainable Resources


Disclosure: Ad. The purse is a sample of my choice from JORD. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion. This post contains affiliate links.


Ethical Handbag Collection

You’ve probably heard of JORD – my husband has two and I have three (!) of their super popular wood watches (that we LOVE! And have worn forever), but they are actually known for having a whole variety of unique accessories that feature natural materials. Their newest is a collection of luxury vegan handbags! They come in lots of colors and styles – backpack, clutch, crossbody, …, you name it. The cool thing is that the purses are made of JORD’s own type of vegan leather, which is created from cork! No worry, the material is nothing like a wine cork : ) . On the contrary, it feels super soft and is so durable!


close-up of cork vegan purse with detachable golden chain
Zoom-in on the cork to illustrate the unique and interesting looking vegan leather. The golden chain is detachable. Thus, you get two-in-one sort of. This small crossbody wallet with removable chain is the HAIFA. Other styles include top handles and even backpacks.


Material Facts

Using sustainable natural materials requires lots of innovations. Experimenting with exotic woods, marbles, etc., JORD developed special methods to fortify soft woods with resin to make them usable in their designs. This method – called Resin-Infusion Stabilization Technology (RIST) – is a unique fusion of Portuguese cork and woven fabric. It permits producing JORD’s SuberhideTM, which is their own brand of vegan leather. And it looks like cork! A real head turner! Since it is from natural resources, every piece looks so unique as the wearer.


over 50 years old fashion blogger in winter peacoat, skirt, tights, boots with designer vegan handbag
Designer cork vegan bag


front view of flap closure
Zoom-in on Jord shoulder bag


jacket and skirt outfit with side view of shoulder keister
Bag view to illustrate the lengths of the chain



Why I Love these Vegan Designer Bags

I love these bags for a variety of reasons:

  1. I feel good about this purchase. These bags are from a sustainable resource, which is good for the environment. They are made from the bark of the cork oak tree. The removal of the bark to create the material for these bags actually doesn’t kill the trees. This means the trees keep on removing CO2 from the atmosphere and produce the oxygen we need to breeze.
  2. Given the pandemic, I’d really like to do my best to support small businesses. Although we may not realize it, JORD is actually a really small online business! It was established in 2013 by 4 partners in St Louis.
  3. Because they are made from natural material, each bag is unique.
  4. Worldwide shipping is free and fast: They ship directly to me or anyone on my gift list so I can stay safe, healthy and lazy ; ) with respect to my Christmas shopping.
  5. JORD is known for quality craftsmanship and creativity in their designs: That’s exactly what I want in a gift, something of quality that is unique and thoughtful! Gifting high quality is a big trend and makes sense from a sustainability point of view.
  6. These designer beauties are very affordable, even on a budget.
  7. These handbags come with a generous 5 year warranty (!) so you know anyone on your list will enjoy it for years to come! This means they easily get below one dollar per wear – my criterion for an excellent deal.
  8. All their bags can serve multiple purposes. The purse featured in this post can do double duty as clutch and (crossbody) shoulder bag (see photos above). The backpack I have from them serves me well as a work tote, running errands and even for schlepping my dance shoes, water and dance clothes to the studio. See the post at the link for my review of their backpack.
  9. All their bags have well thought out compartments that keep you organized. See for instance the interior of my new one in the photos below. Many pockets for credit cards, card-passport, driver’s license, office door keycard, rewards-, metro- and health insurance cards. You name it! Then a secured zipper-closure pocket. Enough space for lipstick, reading glasses, perfume and keys. In the back, a secret pocket for your air ticket, phone or what ever you need fast. Do you need more for going out, getting a coffee or browsing a mall?
  10. Last but not least, these items are super stylish. Outerwear is an outfit too!


look inside to show card pockets
Zoom-in on the inside to show the card pockets


view inside to show the secure zipper closure
View inside to show the nice interior vegan leather lining with elegant suede-like character and the secure zipper pocket. The chain is easy to attach/detach via carabiner hooks.


Fun Facts

Did you know that JORD was recognized by Forbes in 2019 for the Best Wood Apple Band! #Jord #sustainablefashion Click To Tweet Did you know that Jord is a Norwegian word meaning Of the Earth? #Jord #funfacts Click To Tweet


secret compartment in the back for fast access
Back view of vegan designer bag


look inside the outside compartment
What at first sight looks like a seam (upper photo) is actually an outside compartment for fast access to small items like a cell phone, air or metro ticket, etc..



A Perfect Source for Gifts from Sustainable Resources

JORD offers unique gifts such as hats, a variety of Apple watch bands, wood and natural
material watches, sunglasses, gift sets, and more! Browse their collections of sustainable bags now to give your loved ones the best gifts ever.

Santa, I just saw this great vegan leather bag I want for Christmas. #wishlist #Jord Click To Tweet

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Photos of me: G. Kramm

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  1. That’s a very stylish bag! Portuguese cork looks and feels very similar to leather – I saw lots of bags and jewellery made of cork in Madeira. It’s much better for the environment than real leather…and for the animals too of course!

    Emma xxx