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Beret (gift from a friend from elementary school), black pearl nacklace (gift from my husband), cashmere sweater c/o Italic

The latest trend in gifting may seem like a surprise. People want to give priceworthy gifts to their loved ones. This post provides inspirations where to shop for affordable high quality gifts.

  1. Italic Launched a Free Marketplace
  2. Watches Are More than a Default
  3. Check Etsy for Artisan-made Jewelry and Scarves
  4. Great Affordable High Quality Gift Ideas
  5. Gifting Affordable High Quality Gifts in a Nutshell


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Italic Launched a Free Marketplace

Earlier this month, I posted about the great news that Italic launched a free marketplace. This means for you that you won’t have to buy a membership anymore when buying from them. Italic sells merchandise produced by the same manufacturers as high-end brands for up to 80% less. Italic only offers apparel for women, men and kids, but also accessories, everything leather totes, beautiful bags, backpacks, baggage, shoes, home decor, bedding, bath lines, cookware, office chairs, perfume and more.

I highly recommend their cashmere sweaters (see outfit photos). Hint: Cashmere sweaters or cardigans are always a great and welcome gift for all the fashionistas in your family. Read my post for an explanation of Italic’s retailing concept and an example calculation made by me to check that their saving claim of up to 80% is true. And it is!

Browse their collections now for affordable high quality gifts.

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black leather skirt with red cropped sweater leopard print pumps and beret
Outfit details: Beret (gift from a friend), necklace (gift from my husband), Sienna Studio leather pencil skirt, Hipstik pantyhose, Hermes collier de chien bangle, watch c/o Nordgreen, cropped cashmere sweater c/o Italic


Watches Are More than a Default

… they are a timeless accessory when having a minimalist design. A minimalist style watch works with all personal styles. This means you can’t go wrong stylewise. Moreover, minimalist design means that not more resources are used than absolutely needed. This also means lower production costs as compared to (over-)embellished pieces. Nordgreen minimalist designer watches are high quality at affordable prices.

citrus cashmere sweater purple skirt and shoes, pantyhose outfit
J. Crew pencil skirt, Hipstik pantyhose, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves, Coach bag, cashmere sweater c/o Italic. Insert: Zoom-in on the wrist band of the sleeves, and the minimalist designer watch c/o Nordgreen

Another way to save production costs is using recycled material. Each wooden watch is unique because no piece of lumber is the same. Jord uses fallen trees, and old wood funiture for the wooden part of their time pieces. The outdoor fans and environmentalist on you gift list may love that fact also from a sustainability point of view.


Check Etsy for Artisan-made Jewelry and Scarves

An often overlooked place for affordable jewelry and scarves are the many Etsy stores. Of course, such gifts are more tricky as you need to know well the taste, lifestyle, and personal style of the person to whom you will give the piece.

style blogger in red cape
LeatherCoatEtc gloves, Armani Exchange cape, Longchamp satchel, Aldo leopard print pumps, Hipstik pantyhose, beret (gift from a friend), and sweater c/o Italic


Gifting Affordable High Quality Gifts in a Nutshell

While gifting inexpensive evergreen gifts is as popular today than 100 years ago, affordable high quality gifts are a new trend this holiday season. In hard financial times, people look beyond the price tag. They look for reatilers that cut the middlemen out. More people look for retailers whose merchandise is produced by the same manufacturers as those from high-end brands, but at up to 80% less than these brands.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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