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Vittari shearling coat, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves, Salvatore Ferragamo  belt, DIY scarf, burgundy gloves, Modalo Pippa Bag, GNW tights, boots, Skoop thermo-skirt  (all own) and boot toppers c/o My Top of the Boot..

Boot topper are often associated with teens and college gals. However, they can enhance your style when added strategically at any age. Read this ultimate guide on how to style boot toppers to enjoy the advantages of wearing them also as a mature woman.  Pretending to have a larger collection of footwear than you actually own, and enhancing your thermal comfort in winter is very mature. This guide covers not only how you can achieve all these goals at any age, it also provides a tutorial how to wear boot toppers with ankle boots and tall boots, the secrets to style them, and tips how to make them yourself.



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What Are Boot Toppers?

Have you ever heard about boot toppers? Full disclosure, I never saw or heard of boot toppers before moving to Alaska. Boot toppers are socks that have a faux fur top. One can adjust the length of the socks so the faux fur will top the boot. No matter, whether the height is ankle, half-calves or below the knee. Best, the trim closes the cold bridge between the shoe and the leg. Do I have to mention that the socks also prevent snow from entering when you have to step in deep fresh snow for whatever reason?


Sock with faux fur trim and shoe jewelry
Sock with faux fur trim and shoe jewelry.


Tip: You can easily make a pair yourself by sewing a faux fur with a zig-zag stitch onto the open end of a pair of knee-high socks while stretching the opening as wide as possible.


Putting on boot toppers is as easy as 1-2-3. Put on the socks, then the boots, fold the faux fur over the boot top, and go. It took me less than a minute to put them in place (see photos below), and adding on accessories. Think of it as doubling your socks in your boots.


Tip: Always buy your winter boots a size larger than your summer shoes to avoid cold feet.


fur topped socks styled with booties and tall boots
Illustration how to adjust the fur-topped knee-high socks to the height of ankle boots. Example of calf-high Hunter rainboots adorned with the trim and pom-pom shoe jewelry. Inspiration with tall dance boots and shoe jewelry


Tip: Don’t worry about the boot toppers getting dirty. They are hand-washable, but you also can DIY dry-clean at home or bring them to the dry cleaners if you like.


Boot Toppers Are A Stylish Way to Keep Your Feet Warm in Cold Weather

In cold climate regions, boot toppers are not a trend showing up once in a while. They are not considered fashion. They are an eternal, necessary part of a winter outfit suited to bear the cold for a limited amount of time. Therefore, what seems to be a trend in other parts of the world is part of the normal winter gear, and hence personal style for the woman wearing them.


mature woman showing how to wear boot toppers
Tan boot topper outfit ideas: Outfit: Outerwear: Burberry loden motorcycle coat with detachable collar, tan leather gloves and hat, YLS bag, Orvis Irish blazer, unbranded leather sheath dress, GNW brown tights, coins bracelet, layering top and Clarks booties.



How to Enlarge Your Shoe Wardrobe without Breaking the Bank

Boot toppers can help you save money when shopping. They are a must-have when you want to add more options to your winter footwear collection without actually forking over the money for a couple of new pairs of boots.

Assumed you have a pair of ankle boots, a pair of calf-length boots, high ducks, and a pair of knee-high boots. Just one pair of boot toppers will double your boot options. You seemingly have six pair of boots. If you buy two pairs of boot toppers or one pair of boot toppers plus one pair of accessories, you will have already nine different options. Therefore, investing in boot toppers will not only help not to get cabin fever, save money on boots, but also brings a fun factor to your winter wardrobe.


outfit ideas how to style boot toppers with booties
Example of lack booties styled with tan boot toppers, Sierra Studio leather skirt, and leopard print diamond jacket. Left: Sheer scarf, GNW sweater, Longchamp bag, opaque GNW tights. Right: Head band, GNW tights, Harley Davidson booties, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves, and Celine bag.



Style Reasons Why to Wear Them

Style-wise, boot toppers can give you the finishing touch for your outfit. They can lengthen the boot to end at a more flattering point. This means they can balance your outfit. Boot topper can make a casual outfit look polished or cute. They take a classic, corporate workplace outfit or business casual look from uniform-like to notable. Furthermore, they can help you to stand out of the crowd. Finally, these socks add so many additional options to your style.


How to Have Ageless Style with Boot Toppers

Nevertheless, at a certain age, women have to pay attention how to wear boot toppers when they want this extra layer of protection on their feet, and/or extend the height of their boots. The goal is a timeless look. You want to look effortlessly chic.


post logo of the ultimate guide to style boot toppers showing them with tall boots


How to Style Boot Toppers?

Outfit Inspirations for Tall Boots with Toppers

Adding the faux fur-trimmed knee-high socks to wear tall boots is a no-brainer. But they also permit to change the proportions of your galoshes. Ensure they end at the smallest point above the calf when you have wide, calves.


How to Wear Boot Toppers with Booties

Creating the illusion of one unit is key. To achieve this goal, the boots or booties and boot topper must look as if they are a unit, i.e. as if the shoes came that way. This means the colors of the boot toppers and shoes must work together and the vibe must be a natural match too. Red faux fur, for instance, would work on red boots, while a white boot topper on red boots would look like you are wearing Santa Claus’ wife’s boots.

Tip: Besides their natural match with black faux fur, black boots look great with white faux furs that have a hint of black or tan faux fur with hints of black.



fashion blogger over 50 illustrating how to style boot toppers for this ultimate guide
Left: Oliveo denim skirt, oversize silk cashmere sweater, Anne Klein polka dot scarf, Chanel belt, Longchamp pliage bag, Hunter rubber-boots and boot toppers c/o Top of the Boot.  Middle: Andrew Marcs motorcycle shearling jacket worn as outerwear. Right: Winter outfit with Paloma Picasso vintage sunglasses, Yes Saint Laurent bag, heeled ducks, head band with pom-poms, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves and boot toppers c/o Top of the Boot.



Explained Styling Booties with Faux Fur Trimmed Socks

I matched my chocolate brown booties that have a Louis XIV heel and a big suede button as embellishment, with a faux chinchilla in different hues of browns. The little plateau sole makes it believable that the top belongs to the booties. I also pulled the socks a bit higher than the booties to get the proportions right and believable.

Tip: When you wear boot toppers, you have to watch the proportions like a designer.


influencer in A-line coat and matching boot toppers
Outfit details: Oliveo leather skirt with green turtleneck cashmere sweater, bead necklace, booties, Louis Vuitton multi-color saddle bag, and boot-toppers c/o Top of the Boot. Example with contrasting fur to the color of the footwear. The slight hints of black in the white faux fur tie the top with the booties together and give the illusion that they came this way.


Tip: The secret is to always make sure the ensemble looks like one piece.


Boot Toppers Up the Style of Your Winter Outerwear

We usually take the photos for the “indoor” outfit first. When I was putting on outerwear, my photographer said “put your boot toppers on”. I was like “why are you saying this?” He said “I like them.” I was a little irritated, why would a guy like boot toppers, and asked “Why do you like them?”. He said “They look so friendly and brighten up the boots”.


Why to Swap Your Footwear at Work

At the office, it may be too warm for the extra socks and boots are heavy. Therefore, use a large work bag and put a pair of pumps in a shoe bag. Once arrived at the office, switch the footwear (see the photo of the indoor outfit below).

Benefit: Your feet won’t sweat. The hard part: Not forgetting to take the pumps back home.

At the end of winter, I often have a couple of pumps under my desk.

You can see the outfit is styled for cold wet weather with -32.8F (-36oC) when you look at the photos. Under my outwear outfit, I am wearing a stripped shirt under a cashmere sweater under my leather sheath dress. Not to mention the long sleeved underwear, a slip and two pairs of tights. The shirt and sheath are items that I wear year round.


how to style boot toppers for outside and indoor work outfit
Knee-high boots topped with boot toppers. Left: Example how to use the socks for a more flattering point on the leg. Shearling coat with hat, blue scarf, blue gloves. Middle: Vittari shearling coat, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves, Salvatore Ferragamo  belt, DIY scarf, burgundy gloves, Modalo Pippa Bag, GNW tights, Skoop thermo-skirt. Right: At the office after swapping shoes. Unbranded leather sheath dress (similar), GNW luxe cashmere sweater, GNW tights, Festina sports watch, Hermes collier de chien bangle, pendant necklace, and DKNY button-down shirt Steve Madden Mary Janes.



How to Style Boot Toppers in a Nutshell

Boot toppers are more than a statement piece. They means more variety in your boot and booties wardrobe, and you can add a stylish touch and interest to your outerwear look. Well, last, but not least, as an enhanced insulation and protection from getting snow in your booties on a day with 5 to 6 inch of fresh snow in the parking lot. They can be worn at any age when the ensemble looks like being designed this way.

Photos: G. Kramm

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  1. Moral of the story—listen to your photographer, especially when he says something nice! 😀 My wife’s short brown boots have the faux fur trim permanently attached. I hadn’t considered the idea of boot toppers!

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