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DIY statement belt, Modalo Pippa bag, head band, black pearl necklace, T. Tahari scuba cropped jacket (all own) Moci by Purple Rain c/o Fashom and tight c/o Hipstik Legwear

When you are a skirt and dress-kind of gal like me, you probably know the problem of tights waistbands carving into your tummy. Sometimes it can turn from uncomfortable to even painful, especially, after lunch or dinner. To solve the problem I tried a pair of Hipstik Legwear that is designed to stik on your hips. Read my Hipstik legwear review to find out whether their solution may help to solve the problem.


  1. My Recent Discovery – Non-annoying Hosiery
  2. Cold Weather plus Skirts or Dresses Require Good Tights for Comfort
  3. Every Woman Deserves Great Hosiery
  4. Hipstik Legwear Review: Hosiery Made by Women for Women
  5. Every Woman Knows this Problem
  6. Body Shape Not Weight Determines Fit
  7. What I Am Excited About: Hipstik Legwear Solved the Problem for Me
  8. Price Performance Ratio of Hipstik Hosiery
  9. This Product Can Solve a Problem for Women of All Shapes and Sizes
  10. Hipstik Legwear Review in a Nutshell


Updated: 3/14/2022


Disclosure: Ad. The tights are samples from Hipstik® Legwear. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion. There are affiliate links in this post. You don’t pay more when you purchase a product through my link. These links just make it easier for you to find something, and I get a few cents when you purchase it. I so appreciate your support of High Latitude Style. Thank you!


My Recent Discovery – Non-annoying Hosiery

When you are a regular reader of High Latitude Style, you know that I am a skirt/dress kind of gal. Living in Alaska, this means that legwear is a Must-have from September to mid-May.  Thus, I have tried a lot of different brands over the last 18 years since moving up here. Today I want to share with you my recent discovery that I am really excited about: Hipstik® Legwear.

Before I forget to say this, they even have opaque nude tights stylish like nude pantyhose.


Cold Weather plus Skirts or Dresses Require Good Tights for Thermal Comfort

What I am looking for in hosiery is a narrow knit, no shine (as shine adds weight), and a low- to mid rise with a smooth – read non-baggy – and non-slip, non-sagging top. Who needs that extra bulk around her waist?

And yes, the crotch of the top should not “hang” 4 inches (10 cm) or so below my bum (as many tights do). You know for sure what I am talking about! Why is the latter so important for me? Comfort, sis! And at 40 below zero, you have to double them up for thermal comfort when wearing a skirt or dress. However, layering them doesn’t work when the leg part is too short.

Ordering a size up to have the right length would lead to the top slipping down. The pair would keep you busy all day with pulling them up. That activity probably doesn’t count as exercise. It’s uncomfortable and plain annoying (even when you wear just one pair at a time)!


midlife woman in fall work outfit with opaque legwear from Hipstik
Side view of fall look with Hipstik opaque legwear


zoom-in on legs for the Hipstik legwear review
Zoom-in on the tights


mature style blogger donning black hosiery with a black, pink, gray dress and gray jacket
Outfit details: Hipstik Legwear styled with own DIY statement belt, Modalo Pippa bag, head band, black pearl necklace, T. Tahari scuba cropped jacket, and Moci by Purple Rain floral sheath c/o Fashom



Hispstik Legwear Review: Hosiery Made by Women for Women

Hipstik® Legwear is a woman-owned and certified company who specializes in hosiery of all kind, i.e. leggings in various length, tights with and without toe/foot part as well as pantyhose. All their products are made in the USA by women.

When their outreach person asked me to review their legwear innovation, I picked two pairs of tights for review. Fall is around the corner. This means when you are a skirt/dress kind of gal and/or your business casual style work-dress code requires skirt (suits) or dresses, comfortable leg coverage is a Must-have for the cold season.


Every Woman Knows this Problem

Over the years, I cut enough pairs of tights and pantyhose myself without success. I tried all kind of adjustments just to get rid of the rolling mess and/or unflattering (control) top digging in at the waist that made me look like a bee (you get it, I know!). It was really frustrating! Therefore, looking at whether their innovation works, seemed worth a try. Every women deserves comfortable hosiery that doesn’t distract her from her daily activities and that doesn’t ruin her outfit. Don’t you think so?


Body Shape, Not Weight Determines the Fit

I’m glad I tried! The first innovation I noticed was that they came up with a size chart that avoids the compromise between fit of the leg length or fit of the top! What a brilliant solution! Why hadn’t someone the idea before? All you needed to figure this out, is women of different shape trying out what size fits which body shape! Here is what they came up with.


Hipstik size chart
This Hipstik size chart considers your height and body shape, not weight.


Don’t know you body shape? Try my free online body shape finder. Opens in a new tap.


According to their size chart, I have a size A. The opaque tights not only come in black and gray (as shown here), but also come in navy and brown. This means no matter which color season  or tonal type you are, their collection covers the basic neutrals; there is a pair for every woman’s wardrobe.


What I Am Excited About: Hipstik Legwear Solved the Problem for Me

When I opened the package I was really excited about the flat appearance of the top of the tights, and the nice lace. No bulk whatsoever! See the photo below. A silicone stick strip – like those you know from strapless bras – serves to hold the tight in place. I wore my pairs at work and on the weekend. I hadn’t to pull them up at all (except after pulling them down in the restroom to discharge what my body made out of the coffee 😉 ).


Photos illustrating the great fit og Hipstik legwear
Photos illustrating the great fit and how the silicon band holds the tight in place without any bulk added and without digging in. Love the nice lace trim at the top.


The knit is narrow enough (97 denier) to give a great opaque appearance (see photos). It is also so narrow that the tiny loops of the knit hold some air. Air is a great insulator when it is in thin pockets like the loops of the knit. Together all these features mean that the pairs will reduce body heat loss when temperatures get uncomfortable at below 40F (5oC).


style book author in dress with opaque tights putting a bag on a table
Front view of outfit inspiration with gray tights


Influencer proving that the tights don't slip by tying her fall open toe booties
Side view of the look described below


fashion blogger in camouflage shirt dress with matching tight, sandals, sweater, sunnies
Hipstik Legwear styled with own Gap camouflage shirtdress, Only Mine striped cashmere sweater, Pour La Victoire fall sandals and Winkwood wooden purple mirror pink sunglasses


Hipstik tights consist of durable microfiber featuring Spandex. They feel super soft and comfortable with every move. Plus they are easy to style (see outfit photos).


Price Performance Ratio of Hipstik Hosiery

The pairs cost $34 each, which is in the typical ballpark of pairs with similar fabric quality.  Currently, the navy, gray and brown ones are on sale for $24.99. The innovation in sizing and the non-slipping, non-bulky top part are value added. Since leg coverage is a Must in the cold season for thermal comfort when wearing dresses or skirts, the tights will get below $1 per wear fast. As you know, this is my criterion for a great price-performance ratio. Thumbs up.


There is free shipping on all US orders!


Updated information: After one year of regular use they still look like new, and haven’t broken despite I have cats, who often sit on my lap when I wear the tights.


blogger on the verge to sit down on a picnic bench in autumn
Illustration of the advantage of the innovations. I am about to sit down.


over 50 years old Alaskan sitting on a bench in Hipstik legwear
Me sitting on the bench of our picnic table with my legs crossed.


midlife blogger presenting her leg to show the benefits of spandex hosiery
See how great the pair is in place without pulling them up after sitting.


Hipstik legwear passes the sitting down and standing up test! It stays in place, and doesn’t slip! <3



This Product Can Solve a Problem for Women of All Shapes and Sizes

It was about time that hosiery is made with women’s shapes and all-day well-deserved comfort in mind! I hope you love this product idea as much as I do. It solved my problems with fit, slipping and bulk. I can really recommend Hipstik® Legwear.



Hipstik Legwear in a Nutshell

This hosiery is made with women’s shapes and everyday comfort in mind at affordable price.  Browse their collection now to stay comfortable this upcoming cold season. Every woman owes herself comfortable hosiery.

P.S. Share your excitement about the comfort of Hipstik Legwear with your friends via email and YOU will receive a $5 promo code! PLUS as an incentive, your friends will get a 10% OFF coupon code for their first purchase.


Photos of me: G. Kramm

Diagram: Courtesy of Hipstik® Legwear

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  1. Erika

    Looks like a great pair of tights!!

  2. Nancy Lowe

    You always find the most awesome new products! I cannot wait to try Hipstik in my size! I have despised having to wear tights and pantyhose as a woman (now 60 years young) because they do exactly as you said but these look like they solve all those problems. Thank you, Nicole!

  3. Chrisnylons

    Like to see you in nice tights and pantyhose

  4. Rena

    Both dresses are beautiful!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  5. donnadoesdresses

    These are totally fabby!! I can’t tell you the issues I’ve had with tights sliding down and feeling uncomfortable. I love tights because I prefer to wear skirts and dresses and I think that particularly coloured tights make an outfit that bit more fun and edgy!! Thank you for sharing, Nicole!!
    Donna 🧚🏻‍♀️❤️🙏