I am very happy to introduce you to Lorna Mai who is a professional color expert, and was an over 40 fashion blogger from the UK. She was the writer of The Colour Queen and is the author of today’s guest post in my Ageless Style Series. She shares how to wear analogous colors to look slimmer, younger and more vibrant. I asked her to write in this post about looking ageless wearing analogous colors.

  1. How to wear analogous colors
  2. How You Can Wear Analogous Colors Together
  3. Who can wear analogous colors?
  4. Host’s comments

How to wear analogous colours

By Lorna Mai

You may be wondering what analogous colours are and how they relate to fashion. Analogous colours are those colours which are adjacent to each other on the colour wheel. Sometimes designers when designing their collections, whether it’s in clothing or home interiors, will use the colour wheel to aid them when combining colours together. Whenever you watch a catwalk or see outfits designed by the best designers, careful thought is put into their colour combinations. Take some time to familiarise yourselves with the interactive colour wheel linked above and see if it will inspire you to create new colour combinations. Below is a diagram of the analogous colour scheme in outfits.

explanation of analogous colors
Schematic view to explain what analogous color are

How to wear analogous colours together

  • Analogous colours are usually a set of 2 or 3 adjacent colours on the colour wheel.
  • There is a dominant colour, a supporting colour and possibly an accent.
  • The dominant can be either a primary or a secondary colour.
  • They blend well because they’re so similar to each other but often lack contrast.

Who can wear analogous colours?

In essence anyone can. However if you were to ask who looks amazing in an analogous colour scheme, I would have to say those who have a low contrast level in their natural colourings. In other words, if there isn’t much contrast between your hair, skin colour and eye colour (usually Summer and Autumn skin tones) then analogous colours look great on you as you appear more blended in your appearance. I have very dark hair and pale skin, so strictly speaking I look better in colours that are more in contrast with each other.

For me, when I put together an outfit with analogous colours, I only loosely stick to the colour wheel by wearing colours that are near enough adjacent to each other plus I stick to just a couple of sequential colours as I feel this is more realistic for me.

Example 1 of outfit in yellow and green Example of outfit in analogous colors by Lorna Mai

Example 2 of outfit in analogous colors orange and yellow Example outfit with dress and color in analogous colors by Lorna Mai

Example 4 of outfit in analogous peach and yellow Example outfit with skirt and top in analogous colors by Lorna Mai

Example 5 outfit in turquoise, blue, violet Example of outfit with analogous colors by Lorna Mai

Example of outfit in analogous colors turquoise, blue, violet Example outfit in analogous colors by Lorna Mai

Example of analogous colors for blue skirt and green top Example of analogous colors for skirt and top by Lorna Mai

Are you inspired to learn more about wearing colours? Are you interested in regular top tips on wearing colours and styles (especially if you’re over 40.) Or do you have any questions on wearing colours together?

Have you heard of an analogous colour scheme? Do you ever look at the colours in the colour wheel for colour inspiration?


Host’s comments

Lorna Mai explained one of the difficult to pull off, but incredibly stylish color combination. You can find an example of me in an  easy look of analogous colors at the link.

When you are new to using the color wheel as part of your dressing styling strategy, you might start with what works with a neutral of your best colors. You also can find guides how to style fashion colors on High Latitude Style as well, for instance, how to wear pink over 40.

When you want to practice or improve your color combination abilities effectively, my Fashion Coloring Pages e-book is a great resource. Not only can you print each outfit page and color it in different combinations as often as you want, but you also can find a lot of tips on great color combinations and how to find inspirations for new (to you) pairings.


Fashion Coloring Pages e-book by Nicole Mölders of High Latitude Style


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