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July and August are the vacation months. Planning a travel wardrobe means creating a capsule wardrobe with a minimum amount of pieces allowing a maximum amount of effortlessly chic and comfortable outfits. On top of this, the clothes should protect you from Sun exposure, provide thermal comfort and keep you covered for all kind of vacy activities. In this post, I demonstrate that you can create a chic sunprotective vacation wardrobe with Coolibar with just a few pieces.

  1. Why You Should Opt for Sunprotective Clothing
  2. What Is a Chic Sunprotective Vacation Wardrobe?
  3. Planning a Chic Sunprotective Vacation Wardrobe
  4. How to Pack the Sun Safe Coolibar Wardrobe
  5. In Summary: Mixing and Matching Items Is Easy with Coolibar Sunprotective Clothing

Disclosure: Sponsored post. The samples in this post are from Coolibar. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.

Why You Should Opt for Sunprotective Clothing

No matter whether we work from home or in an office, we are not used to staying out in the Sun for long time. In addition, for most of us, our vacation destination is the beach or lake, a region with more Sun shine or at a higher altitude than at home. In these locations, the Sun exposure is increased because sunrays are reflected on the water, less particles exist in the atmosphere or the atmospheric thickness decreases with increasing elevation. Therefore, you best option to look great while keeping your risk of skin cancer low is a chic sunprotective vacation wardrobe.

stylist in sunsafe skorts, blouse, hat, comfy plateau sandals
Dinner outfit suggestion: Dr. Scholl stripe-leather-wood plateau heels, DIY necklace, Tayler’s Gold’n Stone earrings, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Ray Ban sunglasses (all own) with Coolibar sun-safe skorts and navy-and-white straw hat (this year’s collection) and abstract print blouse from last year



What Is a Chic Sunprotective Vacation Wardrobe?

A chic sunprotective vacation wardrobe requires loosely fitting clothes in sun safe fabric, bright or dark colors, skin covering cuts. Loosely apparel is best because any stretching pulls the fibers farther apart from each other thereby giving room for UV radiation to pass thru the spaces. Densely woven cloth (e.g., denim, canvas, wool, synthetic fibers) provide better protection than sheer, thin or loosely weaves. The fabrics may consist of cotton, shiny polyester, lightweight satiny silks or high-tech fabrics.

How they protect your skin differs among fabrics. The natural ligins in unbleached cotton, for instance, acts as UV absorbers. Shiny satiny fabrics reflect radiation. The dyes and chemical UV absorbers of high-tech fabrics reduce the penetration of UV rays thru the fabric. Dark or bright colors rather absorb UV rays than permit them to penetrate the fabric.


influencer in striped chic sun safe midi dress vacation look for shopping
Cute strolling along the beach mall outfit with Coolibar striped dress and blue and white hat, and own DIY belt and necklace, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Coach bag, and Dr. Scholl sandals. Take a look at this striped dress. The stripes match exactly, which is a sign of great craftsmanship. The same applies for the striped top from last years later in this post.



Tip: Hold the garment against the Sun. If you can see the sunrays, UV rays can penetrate thru and harm your skin.


When you sweat a lot or your clothes get wet (e.g. from swimming, fly fishing, shower), they become more transparent and depending on the fabric may lose some of their protective ability. Moisture wicking and fast drying fabrics or exchanging clothes after they got wet is an option to regain protection fast. However, your best bet is to look for sun safe swimwear.


coolibar swim dress styled as beach dress
This pink floral print Coolibar swim dress has side pockets with zipper on each side (see inlet). It can also be styled as a cute dress with sneakers as shown here. The small cross-shoulder bag can also be carried as a clutch.



Planning a Chic Sun Protective Vacation Wardrobe

A chic sun protective vacation wardrobe for a two-week summer vacation at the beach or lake needs sun safe outfits for drinks at the pool-bar, swimming, relaxing/playing at the beach, lunch/dinner at the hotel, resort or a restaurant, and outfits for sightseeing and shopping. If you have a hobby that you plan to pursue plan the respective outfit(s) as well.

Tip: Create a capsule vacation wardrobe.


style blogger in paisley print tunic dress
Going out for dinner vacy look: Coolibar paisley print tunic dress and striped hat, Gucci belt, DIY necklace, Nordgreen watch, Coach bag, Ray Ban sunglasses, and color changing old school sneakers c/o SUNS



Skorts Are a Vacation Travel Must-Have

These skorts are perfect for travel. The shorts permit you to pick up baggage or put it in the overhead cabinets without risk of giving an unwanted view. The photos below show the skorts styled for air travel or a bus sightseeing tour. The skorts can also be styled with the coral top seen in the feature photo.

skorts vacay outfit with details
These Coolibar have a passport card/driver’s license size secured secret pocket on the side of the biker shorts style shorts and a zipper-closure pocket on the side. Perfect to have your boarding pass handy.  Striped Coolibar top from last year’s collection. Also available in olive.



Sun-safe Vacation Outfit Ideas

influencer in sunprotective dress over pants
Coolibar trendy wide pants with high slit styled for a chilly day or evening in a dress-over-pants look. The Gucci enamel belt adds shape. Pants also available in black.


For a chilly day or evening, pants are a great option in a dress-over-pants look as shown above. These pants work also with the tops and two other dresses. They are also great with a graphic Tee at the gym (see photo below). This makes seven outfits.


fashion influencer in vacy gym look
These Coolibar pants have overlapping open leg parts. They are great for dancing as they flow nicely. These trendy open leg pants look great with a graphic Tee and Very Fine Dance Shoes strapped sandals.


You can style the skorts with the four tops into four outfits. The wrap-skirt works with the four tops and on cool days, if needed over all three dresses. This makes seven outfits potential looks with the wrap skirt. The wrap stole works with all outfits as does the hat.

Stylist tip: Use the wrap stole as a wrap skirt too.

As you see with just four tops, two skirts, a pair of pants, three dresses, a cover-up and a sun hat, you can create more than 14 sun safe vacation looks. Coolibar has the perfect collection for all of us who are concerned about sun burns, skin damage, early wrinkles and risk of skin cancer.


How to Pack the Sun Safe Coolibar Wardrobe

Traveling with a hat without hat box is safe when you fill the hat with underwear. Lay the “stuffed” hat into your baggage and wrap long pieces around it. Pack other pieces around the hat.

Tip: Rolling pants or long items allows more compact packing with less wrinkles.

In Summary: Mixing and Matching Items Is Easy with Coolibar Sunprotective Clothing

What I like about Coolibar sun protective apparel (except that they are sun safe) is that their garments are timeless, durable, comfortable, machine washable and easy to mix and match even with pieces from last summer or the summer before. The price is right for the quality, craftsmanship and durability of the pieces. Browse their collection now for your chic sun protective vacation wardrobe.



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Photos of me: G. Kramm
Other photos: N. Mölders

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