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GNW cardigan, Anne Klein plaid and floral print scarf, GAP leather trench coat, Miu Miu pumps, Gucci ostrich purse, wide statement belt with gemstone buckle (all own) and skirt c/o Lilysilk

Sure, orinally belts have had the function to hold your bottoms in place or the width of your garment under control. This guide covers how to best accessorize with belts to enhance your style and balance your body shape.

In this guide
  1. Right Belting Ups Outfits of All Styles
  2. You’ll Love these Easy Stylist’s Belting Tricks
  3. Gallery of Belt Outfit Ideas
    • Belting a Sweater
    • Adding Shape to a Vest
    • Twinset
    • Evening Attire
    • Sheath Dress
    • Adding Shape to Dress
    • Various Personal Styles
  4. More Tips How to Best Accessorize with Belts

Belting Ups Outfits of All Styles

The following ideas and tips work for all kinds of personal style – Casual, Bohemian, Classic, Urban, Dramatic/Glamorous – you name it. Don’t know your personal style? Take the free online style quiz to find out.

over 50 years old style blogger Nicole in leather trench coat with belt knotted in the back

outfit and buckle details

violet crocodile imprint Miu Miu pumps

blogger Nicole of High Latitude Style in a green black purple fall outfit with wide belt
GNW cardigan worn as top, Anne Klein oblong silk scarf, GAP leather trench coat, Miu Miu pumps, Gucci bag, wide statement belt (all own) and skirt c/o Lilysilk
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When putting an outfit together carefully consider every detail: Your personal style, lifestyle, body type, and budget. These details are truly indispensable. Remember

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You’ll Love these Easy Stylist’s Belting Tricks

What to try

  1. A head-to-toe monochromatic outfit using the belt as an accent or pop of color.
  2. A skinny belt worn over a skirt for a feminine touch.
  3. A thin belt over a partly closed jacket of a twinset. It’s a classic.
  4. Belted leather pants for a cool Rock’n Roll inspired look with blazer and T-shirt on the weekend.
  5. Match it to your bag, clutch for the weekend.
  6. Add a statement to an evening gown. So unexpected.
  7. Add a chain or thin gold or silver leather belt to cocktail separates.
  8. Use this accessory to up the style of a summer maxi dress. A little white dress with tan leather looks casual posh and laid back at the same time.
  9. Wear a wide belt over a sheath dress at the office.
  10.  Use it for shape to underline the slimmest point of your body.
  11. Balance the look of loose pants with a fitted shirt using a belt.
  12. For an urban summer style try a white or olive dress with a tan thin double wrap style. When your torso is long, you can pull off a triple wrap where the leather is about an inch to 1.5 inch wide (2.5-3.8 cm).
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  13. An evergreen classic is a LBD with a white belt. Best of all, it doesn’t matter whether it is fancy or a T-shirt version or anywhere in between.
  14. When you have Bohemian Style try a metal one with a floral maxi, ethnic or embroidered dress.
  15.  Add a textured belt to a floral, abstract, leaves or paisley print maxi dress.
  16. Use a scarf as a belt.
  17. Up your sweater with a statement piece.
  18. What about adding shape to a coat or styling your outerwear?
  19. Try to accentuarte your waist when wearing a down vest?
  20. Jump the band wagon of belting a blazer
  21. Add shape to a straight knit dress. More on how to wear a knit dress in this guide.
  22. A chain belt to add glamour to a jumpsuit.
  23. Try a textured  (e.g. alligator, crocodile, snake or lizard imprinted, laser cut or macrame belt) with a floral or abstract print jumpsuit.
  24. Knot the belt of a coat in the back, when wearing the coat open (e.g. side view photo of the OOTD). Otherwise, the tails can become not only a safety issue, but also get dirty when sitting down on public transportation.
  25. Let a statement buckle be the jewelry in your look like in the OOTD in this post.
  26. Knot the belt of a trench coat. Never close the belt of a trench coat in the front. Knot it! #styleadvice Click To Tweet
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Gallery of belt outfit ideas

Belting a sweater

Adding shape to a vest


Evening attire

Sheath dress

Adding shape

Don’t know your body shape? You can determine your body type online at this link.

Various styles

More Tips How to Best Accessorize with Belts

An important point when choosing belts is to consider your body shape. As a matter of fact, not every belt is best for you. However, knowing which belt is right fails to gurantee a polished effortlessly chic look. Unfortunately, when buying clothing you can already set yourself up for making mistakes when belting.  How do you use this accessory? Just to keep your pants up? Just curious.

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