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Like so often when it comes to looking your best, everything nails down to getting the proportion right. This post points out the most common mistakes you should be aware off. After reading this post you can navigate the “mine field of belting” to avoid making them.

  1. Belts Can Be a Great Accessory
  2. What Mistakes to Avoid When Accessorizing with Belts
  3. How to Determine your Belt Size?
  4. Take Home Message to Avoid these Mistakes When Belting
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Updated: 3/2021

Belts Can Be a Great Accessory

Of course belts have a function: To hold your pants/skirt up. However, they can also up your style when used wisely. This, among other things, means that you must be absolutely sure which belt is the best for you. Not every belt will do your look a favor.

large gemstones belt on white ribbed knitdress
Star denim jacket, vintage collar, Hipstik pantyhose, Fendi booties, LeatherCoatsEtc beret, Hermes collier de chien bangle, YSL bag and Fendi boots.


Not to mention that you need to know how to best accessorize with belts. These aspects require that you know your body type. If not, you have to identify your body shape. It’s absolutely necessary to wear the belt in the right width and at the right place for best style or maybe not wear belts at all! On the other side, belts can also ruin a good outfit and make the look a plain failure. In other words,

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over 50 years old fashion blogger in casual weekend look with belt
Example of how to wear a belt to balance proportions. Eddie Bauer Fair Isle sweater, statement belt, Eddie Bauer tweed skirt, GNW tight, Vince Camuto (all own) and pearl leather necklace c/o Wendy Mignot

What Mistakes to Avoid When Accessorizing with Belts

  1. Wearing a belt on your hips when you are pear-shaped. It draws attention to where you don’t want it.
  2. Wearing a wide belt when you have a short torso.
  3. Jacket’s hem, vest or sweater ends above the belt. It looks like the piece is too short or has shrunk in the laundry. Both is never ever in style.
  4. Wearing a thin belt when you have a long torso. It looks lost and draws attention to your having a long torso meaning also having short legs.
  5. The color clashes with the colors of the outfit.
close-up on embelishment of Paloma Picasso xo belt
Example how to accessorize to draw attention to the hips and tie the colors of the outfit together. Paloma Picasso xo belt (own)
  1. The color matches the color of the top while it should  match the color of the pants for best balance.
  2. The color matches bottom while it should  match the color of the top for best body balance.
  3. The vibe of the outfit and accessory fail to go together. Think for instance a studded punk-inspired piece on a chiffon feminine romantic summer dress.
  4. Too tight closure! It creates the look of honey bee body. And like trying too hard.
  5. Adding a statement style piece when already wearing a statement necklace, statement earrings, or statement glasses. Overbling unless your personal style is Glam or Drama.
  6. Adding a long pendant necklace. It could be caught by the buckle when you sit down leading to a potential disaster/injury when you stand up. Not to mention that it looks stupid.
  7. Another common mistake is to not paying attention to the loop size of your skirt, pants or dress.
  8. Not checking the length of the dress hem when belting a dress for shape. The hem may hit at a non-flattering point of your leg or make the dress shorter than you want.
  9. Belting a trench coat. It has to be knotted! More on the best trench coats.
 statement buckle
Example how to wear a statement belt right with respect to the hem length of the top and jacket (all own)
    1. Not checking your derriere. They may emphasize/draw attention to your but in an unwanted way. cartoon showing fashion faux pas emphasizing a big bum
    2. Not paying attention to the belt shape. Check that there are not “awkward pockets” when belting your pants. Some pants and skirts cannot be worn with a straight cut, but ask for a curved one.
    3. Wearing this accessory on a skirt or pants without loops without making sure that it stays in the place you intend to wear it.
    4. Too small a distance between the hem of the top and the belt.
    5. Wearing a belt that has the same waist size than the jeans. A belt has to be two inch (5 cm) longer than the waist band for the most flattering look.
details of silver links belt
How to get it right: The straight sweater would hide the waist. Tucking the sweater in would hide the nice knit pattern. The silver links belt serves to define the waist without hiding the pattern. The space between the belt and hem of the sweater is just right (all items are my own)


How to Determine your Belt Size?

The right belt size depends on where you want to wear your belt. A best guess is your jeans waist size plus 2 inches (5 cm) for pants. For a belt to be worn on the slimmest part of your torso it is best to take the measurement of the part and add 2 inches. You want that in case of a three holes belt, you can use the middle hole.

Currently, long belts are It. Go for one with the end hitting just above where your legs start when closed (see featured photo. When you want to knot your belt above a blazer, wear the blazer when buying the belt. You want the end to show about 5 cm outside the knot.

Take Home Message to Avoid these Mistakes When Belting

Never underestimate the power of accessories when worn right. They are also a great way how to get more outfits from the pieces you already own. Avoid the above listed mistakes when belting to look your best.

Read this guide on how to best accessorize with belts to get the most bang out of your belt collection.

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