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Snake print is having a moment. In this post, you will find various styling tips and ideas what to wear with a snake print skirt.

  1. Snake Print Is Having a moment
    • Snake prints are affordable luxury
  2. What to Wear with a Snake Print Skirt?
    • Try a black or white button-down shirt
    • Try a top in a color of the print
    • Add the good old blue denim
    • Try other neutrals than black and white
    • Add a bold color when you dare
    • Style a Snake Print Skirt with Stripes
  3. 224th Top of the World Style Linkup party

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Snakeprint Is Having a Moment

Snakes are assocciated with being exotic. At least for all those of us, who live in the sub-Arctic or Arctic. In mid latitudes, they are a rare occurrence. Yes, we learned in school to beware of rattlesnakes and crossed vipers. However, none of us had ever seen one. The only snakes in the “wild” that I saw when living in Germany had two legs except for one blindworm. When I lived in up-state New York, all snakes I had seen were road-kill.

Full disclosure: The first time I saw a live rattlesnake in nature was in the Everglades, Florida. The park ranger said “It’s a rattlesnake.” Not knowing that vocabulary at that time, I stepped towards the animal. I took a photo bending over the rolled up beast! When I came back to Germany after the vacation, a colleague at the office said “Wow that’s a cool photo. One can’t see the glass.”  I was like “What glass? I took the photo in the wild.” He said “Du hast Glück gehabt, dass du noch lebst. Das ist eine Klapperschlange.”

In plain English: You are lucky you are alive. It’s a rattlesnake.


post banner showing a snake print skirt


Snake Prints Are Affordable Luxury

Fashion-wise snake skin is associated with luxury and is expensive. On the contrary, the print costs as much as any other multi-color print. So what’s it about how to create great snake print outfits?

What’s so special about snakeprint is that snakes come in all kind of colors and many pattern. Thus, you have more choice without the risk to go over board. Unless you pick your snake piece in neon colors or a design that looks more like fish scales than snake, you have not to worry about the color like you have to get leopard print right.

Best of all, snake print pops up every couple of years. Consequently, you won’t have to bargain and can splurge on this trend when you find a classic cut piece in high quality.



fashion blogger over 50 in a burgundy, gray, brown and winter white office look with twinkle lights in the background
Back view of skirt with cardigan look


Details of the outfit's acessories and embelishment
Zoom-in on skirt, boots, and brooch


Nicole waiting at a lunch place in a snake print skirt, two cardigan and tall boots with holiday decoration in the back
Vince Camuto tall boots, GNW flannel tight, J. Crew straight below the knee skirt, GNW burgundi cardigan worn as top, Moda International silk cashmere cardigan (dyed), DIY brooch worn instead of a belt, Cartier just un clou bangle and pearls barrette


Style blogger Nicole entering a lunch place in winter outerwear over snake print skirt
Cole Han tailored shearling coat, Vince Camuto suede boots with chain details, GNW flannel tight, J. Crew snake print skirt, Philipe Lim 3.1 bag, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves and beret


What to Wear with a Snake Print Skirt?

Try a Black or White Button-down Shirt

A black or white crisp button-down shirt, top of sweater is a no-brainer. It’s an eternal classic combination that is also office appropriate. Avoid any top with ruffles. The beast has a certain edge that doesn’t work with ruffles. If you have to go with a lace shirt, go for black, not white. It’s all about keeping the edge.

fashion blogger over 50 looking posh in trendy snake print pencil skirt and white top

style blogger in all neutral color work outfit with animal print skirt

woman in fall outfit with trendy skirt, leather jacket, pumps, satchel

nicole in white top, slit snakeskin pencil skirt, pumps
Outfit details: Altuzarra snakeskin pencil skirt, leather jacket, pumps, Kate Moss for Longchamp satchel, statement smoky quartz pendant necklace, Hipstik pantyhose (all own) and top c/o Collibar

Try a top in a color of the print

Go beyond black and white classic for a change. Try a top in a color of the print. It’s not mandatory to have exact the same shade. Close in color is good enough.  It hasn’t to be a shirt or blouse. You may try a plain cashmere sweater or even a twinset.


over 50 years old blogger in snake print knee length skirt, color matching top, blazer, shoes and bag

Nicole in staright burgundy gray skirt with gray shoes and burgundy top and jacket

blogger in street style ootd with skirt, top, blazer, heels, bag in all neutral colors

older woman in leather jacket with trendy skirt in burgundy, gray and brown
Outfit details: J.Crew snake print below the knee skirt, Loft silk v-neck top, Covington ankle strap pumps, Modalu Pippa bag, pantyhose, smoky quartz necklace and earrings (all own) and leather blazer c/o Jacket Makers

Add the good old blue denim

It’s hard to find something that doesn’t work with denim for the weekend or even Casual Friday!


blogger in posh casual trendy outfit with denim and animal print
J. Crew burgundy snake print straight skirt, Ray Ban sunglasses, Levis medium wash jacket, Judith Leiber chain belt, Festina watch, pantyhose, Covington pumps, Hermes collier de chien bangle (all own)

Try other neutrals than black and white

Depending on the colors you may want to try other neutrals. Best are those that repeat a color of the pattern. In the example below the gray tights and sweater and burgundy cardigan are all neutrals that occur on the skirt as well. Of course, a real twinset instead of this faux twinset works too.


over 50 years old influencer in Casual Friday winter look with panther buckle belt
Burgundy-gray-snake print casual work look: J.Crew straight knee length skirt, Hanes tights, Vince Camuto tall boots with double chain decoration, GNW jacket, GNW Luxe sweater, Hermes collier de chien bangle and Panther buckle belt (all own)

Add a bold color when you dare

Unlike leopard in its natural colors, snake print may already be the color statement all by itself. However, when your print is in all neutrals, you can add a bold fashion color.

style blogger in business casual office looks with skirt, sweater, tights and boots
Anne Klein red turtleneck sweater, GNW opaque tights, Söfft booties, Hermes collier de chien leather bracelet, Hermes collier de chien bangle, smoky quart flower buckle with wide leather belt, Altuzarra snake design skirt (all own) and pearl studs c/o Wendy Mignot


Style a Snake Print Skirt with Stripes

Mixing patterns is still a Do and so super stylish. The easiest is to go with horizontal stripes in colors of the skirt. However, you can also add a floral top when the flowers have a distinct different size than the pattern of your skirt. Read this combination is extremely risky, but breath-taking when you get it right. Resist the urge to add a top in the print unless you want to disguise as the beast for a Halloween party.

Don’t let the right outfit be a lucky incident. Wear the right look in every situation by looking up what to wear when in How to Dress for Success in MidlifeBuy my book now.

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Top of the World OOTD Readers' Fav Jennifer Pickering in white mini skirt and blue-white gingham shirt
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