If money were no issue for you, which of the below vacations would your take?

If money were no issue, your “goto” bag would

You prefer to be around

You prefer to shop at

You prefer your hair to be

Your “goto” jeans is

Your “goto” top is

As your hair gets gray, you

Detect Your Personal Primary Style
Your primary style type is alluring

influencer in alluring style dresses

You know you have the perfect body and your are proud of it. You feel comfortable showing your assests. Your style icons are women like Victoria Beckham or Meghan Fox. Body concious knit dresses are along your line. You like everything sleek, low cut tops, above the knee hems (mini skirts), skinnies, tight/fitted pants. animal prints, open cut shirts and dresses. You enjoy attention. There are various variations of this style type. More on alluring Eclectic Style as well as Street Chic Style.
Your primary style type is casual
You love jeans, chinos, athleisure, lumberjackets, T-shirts, sneakers, plaid shirts, fleece jackets. A baseball hat or beannie are your thing for head wear. You prefer a backpack instead of a purse. Read how to wear denim like a pro.
Your primary style type is classic.
Check this guide on American Classic Style for a start on how to create the look.
Your primary style type is dramatic.
You love to make an entrance where ever you go. You create drama with the most flamboyant colors (of the season). The latest trend with respect to non-classic cuts it a Must-have. You make yourself a piece of art. You like to experiment with your clothing. Arsty is a sub-category of the style. Your style icons are women like Joan Collins, Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Sharon Osbourne.
Your primary style type is innovative.
You edit your wardrobe. It's like a collection of individual pieces. You treat your clothing and jewelry like a curator. You wear them in a creative way that is so you. You like to shop in thrift and carity stores. Flea markets are another source. You are a slow fashion personality. You don't care about trend and wear what you want. Ecclectic Style and British Casual belong to the innovative category.
Your primary style type is romantic.
Learn more about Romantic Style, its key pieces and how to pull the look off over 40.

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