11 reasons Why You Should Avoid a Look at Size Tags
Dyed Notations blazer, Miu Miu croc imprint pumps, gemstone buckle, croc imprint wide belt (all own), tear-drop 3/4 sleeve layering shirt c/o Covered Perfectly, and slim stretch crop pants c/o White House | Black Market
    1. A size tag is no reason to be unhappy about
    2. How to buy clothes that fit
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A Size Tag Is No Reason to Be Unhappy About

When my Mom went shopping with us girls in the 70s, she always was complaining that the “cute, nice pieces” didn’t come in her size. There weren’t much plus size clothes in the town we lived to begin with. Here in Fairbanks, the opposite is true. You can call yourself lucky when you find a size 4. Most the time they start with size 6. And, do I have to say that they most likely only have one piece in that size, but much more in 8 to 18? I have been sent to the youth department several times when asking for a size 2 or 4.

Body discrimination exists on both ends of the size chart, but that’s not the reason why you shouldn’t pay attention to the size tag. As you go thru menopause your body is constantly changing. This changes are not necessarily visible on the scale. You may still have the same weight, but the weight “shifted” around.


street style blogger Nicole looking stylish in a fake pants suit
Miu Miu pumps, statement belt (all own), dyed Notations blazer, black Tee c/o Covered Perfectly, and ankle length trousers c/o White House | Black Market


Often the boobs become smaller and the butt or belly become bigger than in earlier years. Many women face that their waist seems to vanish. It makes no sense to get upset about changes in size. It’s natural that our bodies change during menopause. This means the size that always used to work with brand XYZ may no longer be the right one. We may gain a size here and loose a size there.


How to buy clothes that fit

For the above reasons, it’s important to realize the following:

  1. Size doesn’t matter, fit does.
  2. Size tags are meant as a broad orientation not an absolute.

    Nicole of High Latitude Style turning fashion into style with trendy trousers, T-shirt, heels and jacket
    Front view of Notations summer abstract floral print jacket dyed burgundy, Miu Miu heels, gemstone buckle belt (all own), tear-drop T-shirt c/o Covered Perfectly, and mid-rise crop trousers c/o White House | Black Market
  3. Sizing has changed over time, i.e. a size 12 in the 60s had different measures than a size 12 today. Thus, especially when buying in a vintage, consignment or thrift-store browse/order by measures.
  4. When buying used clothes the previous owner may have had the piece tailored for fit.
  5. Sizing varies by country. A Canada/US size 10, is an International M, a UK 12, an European 38, an Italian 44, Australian 14, Japanese 13, and Chinese XXL.

    #fashionover50 Blogger Nicole in black key-whole top, cropped pants, abstract floral print blazer with purple pumps and belt
    Dyed Notations blazer, Miu Miu pumps, purple gemstone embellishment statement belt (all own), tear-drop top c/o Covered Perfectly, and stretch cropped pants c/o White House | Black Market
  6. Best fit requires shopping by measures, not size, especially when you shop online.
  7. Size is just a number.
  8. Tags are for SEO only.
  9. Your size doesn’t define you. Your clothes do.

    style blogger in a posh casual burgundy, black, and purple fall work outfit
    Side view of purple-burgundy-black fall work outfit with dyed Notations blazer, Miu Miu pumps, statement belt (all own), tear-drop top c/o Covered Perfectly, and stretch cropped pants c/o White House | Black Market
  10. The size tag is inside. Nobody can read it.
  11. What’s wrong about size anyhow?
street style blogger over 50 in a fake pants suit and high heels
Back view of fake suit styled with Notations jacket, Miu Miu croc imprint high heels (all own) and slim trousers c/o White House | Black Market


Don’t let the size tag bother you. The only important thing when it comes to dressing is that you look your best in your clothes.  Remember that!


Tip: My favorite online store to buy by my measurements is eShakti. You can even customize their clothes! See my post on how eShakti empowers you to design your clothes.


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