See you can have ageless style in shorts over 40
Oliveo long shorts, Shein shirt, statement belt, floral print neckerchief, Longchamp Cuire pliage, Jord wood watch (all own), bomber jacket c/o Shein, and Musse & Cloud wood sandals c/o Coolway
  1. My shorts story
  2. In my closet shorts are winter items
  3. How I wear my shorts over 50
  4. Shorts outfits ideas
  5. laskans wear shorts year round
  6. Shorts OOTD
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My shorts story

Most people associate shorts with summer, sunshine, fun, play, weekend, and vacation. Well, so did I when I was in my 10s, and 20s. These events were the only occasions I wore them back then. In my 30 and 40s, I rarely wore shorts. In Germany, I lived in a city. There you just don’t wear them when you live in the middle of down town more or less just around the corner of the symphony and theater. After coming to Alaska, I stopped considering shorts being a summer item. Sorry, but I don’t like to be lunch, afternoon snack, appetizer or dinner for the millions of mosquitoes in the Interior. You can wear them for gardening or just sitting in your yard. 😉

fashion blogger over 40 in leather shorts with shirt
Oliveo leather shorts, Shein patched button down shirt, statement belt, neckerchief, Longchamp bag (all own), bomber jacket c/o Shein, and Musse & Cloud wood sandals c/o Coolway

In my closet shorts are winter items

Ever since the short suits came up in the zero years, I think of shorts as a winter, work appropriate item. At work, I don’t have much opportunity to wear suits – scientists in physics based fields rarely dress up for conferences and if they do they wear old-fashioned suits. Therefore, I invested in a pair of dress shorts made of leather, i.e. in a signature style piece.

fashion over 50 woman in shorts and shirt

style over 50 woman in California Casual look
Outfit details: California Casual style with Oliveo leather shorts, Shein patched shirt, neckerchief, Jord bamboo wood watch, Longchamp bag (all own), bomber jacket c/o Shein, and Musse & Cloud wood sandals c/o Coolway

How I wear my shorts over 50

I wear my shorts when the tourists are in town to not look like a tourist. Now you probably have three questions: What do the tourists wear? And what about my fear of mosquitoes? Why would I have to try not to look like a tourist in my own hometown?

mature fashion woman in California Casual
Oliveo long shorts, Shein shirt, statement belt, floral print neckerchief, Longchamp Cuire pliage, Jord wood watch (all own), bomber jacket c/o Shein, and Musse & Cloud wood sandals c/o Coolway

Shorts outfits ideas

Alaskan tourists wear long pants and long sleeve shirts or jackets. No, it’s not about their fear of mosquitoes. It’s about their fear that it is cold in Alaska. It is rarely cold when there is daylight. There are barely any mosquitoes on the dinning decks on the river. There are no places for the mosquitoes to hide. Thus, they aren’t there. Thus, I can wear my “winter shorts” as shown below. The following outfit inspirations feature the Oliveo custom-made just above the knee leather shorts ….

Leather shorts with floral blazer
Notation floral blazer, structured bag, Tee, Ray Ban sunglasses (all own)
short pants with white blazer and sweater, pantyhos
Ann Taylor blazer, Oliveo shorts, Brooks Brothers sweater, H buckle belt, Ray Ban aviator sunglasses, unbranded pantyhose and Harley Davidson booties (all own)
stylist in unmatched shorts suit with olive button-down shirt
Nine West booties, semi-opaque tights, Oliveo button-down shirt, blazer, Ray Ban sunglasses (all own)
fashion over 50 mature look with shorts
Carhartt gingham shirt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Michael Kors sandals, and Ray Ban sun glasses (all own)
over 50 years old street style blogger in shorts
Pippa bag, H buckle and belt, Hermes bangle, short sleeve blazer, gray Tee, Ray Ban purple mirrored glasses
fashion blogger in California casual outfit standing at the river
Striped T-shirt, floral scarf, Ray Ban sunglasses, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, straw baseball hat, and thong sandals


… and here my golden Escade pair that I wear out dancing.

over 50 years old woman in golden leather shorts
Escada gold shorts,GNW tights, Great Northwest button-down shirt, GNW tights, Steve Madden Mary Janes (all own)


Did you know that there is a guide what to look for when shopping for leather clothes right here on the blog? Check it out, to get the best.

Alaskans wear shorts year round

In Alaska, many young European work as waiter or waitresses over the summer. Thus, they don’t know the locals. However, they quickly learn that they locals dress much lighter than the tourists. Thus, I avoid to have to answer the question “Where do you come from?” I can order without waiting for them to bring the menu. When they have just arrived they don’t know what’s on there. When they know you are local, they just write it immediately down without first checking.

street style woman with leather shorts
Irish cable knit sweater, Oliveo custom-made leather shorts, GNW tights Double H lace-up booties, and Alaska lamp trade beads and silver carving necklace (all own)

Shorts OOTD

For the OOTD, I went for a California Casual inspired look. I paired my leather shorts with a trendy button down patched shirt, a big buckle statement belt, long dangling earrings, wood plateau sandals, a big cuff and a bamboo wood watch. Since the sky looked like a mesoscale convective systems was building over the Tanana Flats, I took a jacket with me when running errands. Just in case that the cool gust fronts of the thunderstorm system would make me feel cool. I added my yellow pliage to pick up the yellow in the patches of the shirt and the printed abstract flowers of the neckerchief.

Shorts in fashion over 40 – yay or nay?

What do you think? Do you like shorts? Do you wear them? Or do you find the look nice, but think it’s for millennials, not for fashion over 40?

Ageless Style Linkup

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