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When thinking about photo books, the first thing that comes to mind is stuffy, cumbersome photo albums packed with dusty photos. But photo books are much more than this – and, you can use them for much more than just collecting photos from birthdays, holidays, engagements, or weddings!

Modern photo books can be used to preserve precious memories of your favorite vacations or experiences. And, they are a great option to collect snaps of your best outfits!

Although using a photo book in this certainly unorthodox way, it guarantees you more than a smile when looking back at your old outfits!

Let’s get started on how to create a photo book of your outfits.



Use Your Instagram Feed for Inspiration

The first step to putting together a photo album with your favorite outfits is to choose the styles to photograph. If you are short on inspiration, start by looking at your Instagram feed!

Drawing inspiration from users and fashion influencers is the best way to start finding what works for you. You can also use Instagram to research new and upcoming trends, clothing fits, color combinations, and new styles.

Alternatively, if you are looking to put together a photo album of the outfits worn during a vacation abroad, Instagram shots can give you an idea of the most impressive locations in the area for an impromptu photoshoot!


Work With a Specialized Photographer

If you are looking to create a more professional fashion photo book, you should consider working with a specialized photographer. An expert fashion photographer will be able to help you choose the best outfits out of your wardrobe options, select your best angles, and pick the best backgrounds.

After all, you avoid rushed or clichéd images: Find someone who knows how to maximize the use of light and color for artistic flair. If you are struggling to choose a photographer, look at their portfolio. Make sure that their style aligns with your vision.


Choose a Dedicated Service To Print Your Photo Book

Nothing can make your memories come alive like customizable photo books! But when it comes down to printing your photos on high-quality paper, choosing the right printing service can truly make a difference!

If you are unsure how to get started, do a thorough research. Compare prices between different vendors, based on the quality of their materials and turnaround times offered. Also consider the feedback from customers who have used these services before. Pay close attention to how they rated customer support in particular.


Choose a Theme or Palette for Your Photo Album

Although your photo book should be a collection of some of your best outfits, you should not miss out on the opportunity to create a unified look for your album. This means selecting colors and patterns that will work together to create an aesthetically pleasing result.

For instance, you could choose a playful color scheme with bright blues, yellows, and oranges. Alternatively, go for something classic with black and white photos featuring subtle pops of color or neutral tones. More on color combinations.

Great ways to create a theme or palette for your photo album include finding the best color for your tones, checking Pinterest boards, or consulting top-rated magazines.


Leave Space for Notes and Thoughts

When creating your outfit photobook, leave some room for notes and/or thoughts. You can use this space to jot down how you were feeling at the time, where the photo was taken, or what inspired you to put together the look.

Additionally, having a quote or two in between photos gives them extra dimension. It also acts as great talking points when flipping thru the book with friends!


Add Some Blank Pages for Future Outfits

Although your photo book should be a collection of your past favorite outfits, don’t miss out on the opportunity to leave a few blank pages at the end to add other snaps or new outfit ideas!

This simple strategy can help you create a photo book of your outfits in an uninterrupted timeline of your personal fashion history!


Photo credit: Image by lookstudio on Freepik

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