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Silk Hawaiian print button-down shirt with denim skirt, Paloma Picasso belt, Esprit shoulder bag, Michael Kors plateau sandals (own)


I wear my cargo skirt again. This time I combined it with a silk Hawaiian button down shirt. As the shirt has some orange I added my orange belt and orange plateau sandals to complete the look. This outfit works well on a Friday in a casual work environment when temperatures are above 80F (26.7C).

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Front view of above street style look to show off the D&GM sunglasses (own)

Summer weather vs. climate of Fairbanks, AK in 2013

This summer (defined in a climatological sense as June, July, August) was pretty dry so far. We had only 1.44 inch (36.6 mm) of rain at Fairbanks International Airport since June 1. This value is 2.25 inch (57.2 mm) below the 30 year average rain accumulated until August 6. So far we had the 4th driest summer since onset of recording in 1904. Mid July to mid August is usually the wettest time of the year. So far there were only 1.36 inch (34.5 mm) of rain. Such low rainfall during this episode occurred ten times in the last century, while it happened already three times in the new one.

Fairbanks temperature climatology and this summer

In addition, the summer was pretty warm so far. According to the National Weather Service, on August 7, the maximum temperature measured at the airport was 85F (29.4oC). This reading broke the old record for August 7 which was 83F (28.3oC) in 1968. It was also the 14th day in this summer with temperatures above 85F (26.7oC). On average, such high temperatures only occur three times in a Fairbanks summer. August 7 was also the 35th day in this summer with temperatures higher than 80F (26.7oC). On average, there are 11 days with temperature higher than 80F (26.7oC) in Fairbanks summer. Thus, it is no surprise that in the 100 years since onset of recording, there was no summer with over 30 days with temperatures above 80F (26.7oC).

When your closet is full of winter clothing …

Given that the wardrobes of typical Fairbanksans are focused on protection against the cold, this summer was quite challenging wardrobe wise so far.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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