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Max Mara jean coat with fur lining, GNW Luxe wool cashmere sweater, Sienna Studio snake print leather pants, Puma sneakers, rutil quartz necklace, DIY snail brooch, 3.1 Philipe Lim tote (all own) and my husband's Winkwood mirrored sunglasses

A throwback on party dress codes of the last century and today. Read what babyboomers in Germany wore to parties in the last century, and what Alaskans and Americans have been wearing since 2001 including why the various types of parties ended.

  1. Kid’s Birthday Play Dresses
  2. Teenager Gatherings Asked for the Clique’s Uniform
  3. College Get-togethers Were without College Tees
  4. Work, Civil Wedding Receptions and Kids’ Celebrations
  5. Dinner Parties with Friends and Colleagues
  6. Family Reunions
  7. Fashion Linkups Have No Party Dress Codes
  8. Top of the World Style Linkup Celebration No. 196


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Kid’s Birthday Play Dresses

When I was a kid, I had to wear my Sunday’s Best when a friend from elementary school celebrated her birthday. Typically, there was hot chocolate, tea, and coffee and several cakes. My favorite was “Kalte Hundeschnauze” (cold dog’s snout). This cake was made from cacao powder mixed with coconut fat and raw egg between layers of butter cookies. I wonder whether it’s still a favorite among kids or whether it is meanwhile of the table due to all the food scandals.

After eating the cake, there typically were some competitive games either on a board at the table or in the living room. Traveling to Jerusalem or silent mail were big favorites. Around dinner time, we were sent home. Yes, we went home all by ourselves!

After 4th grade, no such parties occurred anymore. Kids went off to different kinds of schools in different cities. Moreover, it was cool not to celebrate a birthday. Of course, this changed when turning 14. At that age, you were allowed to smoke. And at age 16, when you were allowed to drink in public, i.e. not only at home.


#styleover40 over 50 years old blogger in winter to all neutrals outfit with pop of fuchsia
Max Mara coat, Sienna Studio snake print leather pants, statement necklace, DIY snail pearl brooch, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves, fuchsia 3.1 Philipe Lim tote, my husband’s Winkwood mirrored sunnies and blouse c/o Lillysilk



Teenager Gatherings Asked for the Clique’s Uniform

I went to school in a town 10 miles from my parents’ house. Since the school was in a different administrative district, bus connections were bad. The latest bus arrived at 7:24pm. Consequently, I needed to ask for a ride. It wouldn’t have been a problem to get a ride form someone’s parents – even though it mean a detour for them. However, my parents insisted on a 9:30pm curfew. Kiss it off! Thus, I didn’t even bother to go. Well, another reason not to attend was that I didn’t have the right clothes. When you are a regular reader you know that I wasn’t allowed to wear jeans in public!


mature woman in light blue denim with taupe, silver and fuchsia accents
Max Mara light wash denim trench, Sienna Studio trousers, silver Puma sneakers, 3.1 Phillipe Lim bag (all own) and my hubby’s Winkwood wooden sunglasses


At those parties, the It pair of jeans – at that time Mustang – and a T-shirt plus a parka and sneaker were a Must-have. My siblings and I were not allowed to wear sneakers outside the gym or anywhere else, but the sports ground. T-shirts were called “American underwear” because of the historic origin of the T-shirt. Well, and a parka is a soldiers outerwear, i.e. military style.

In plain English, not something a girl can wear.

Typically, these parties were beer, soda, and apple snaps with potato chips, pretzels and pickeled cucumbers and a lot of smoke. Like for the kids birthday parties, teenager parties didn’t take place anymore after high school graduation. The boys went into the military, the girls went off to college. One lost contact, as it wasn’t hip at all to spend weekend at the parents’ house.


#springstyle Alaskan fashion blogger in spring outfit at the Top of the World Style linkup party
Max Mara winter coat, Sienna Studio dress pants, Puma shoes, statement necklace, pearl brooch, 3.1 Philipe Lim purse, my husband’s Winkwood glasses and silk T-shirt c/o Lillysilk



College Get-togethers Were without College Tees

When I was in college, college wear and preppy Ivy League Style like we know it today wasn’t a thing yet. Everyone who wasn’t a professional son or daughter (aka the offspring of rich or at least wealthy parents), brought themselves thru college on student loans. Thus, we wore what hasn’t fallen apart (yet) since we got it in high school. Parties were potlucks and bring your own drinks. The number of smokers had went down because one package a day would cost about 12% of the student loan in a month.

Later in graduate school, we bought a caspulse wardrobe. It was the late 1980s when I studied meteorology. I wore Banker Style. Any festivities like a graduation, birthday, fare-well or the end of the semester were some rolls with raw pork or beef and a bottle of beer. Upon graduation, we got jobs all over the world. The party-scene died. Well, probably you can’t eat raw pork or beef anymore today either.


Work, Civil Wedding Receptions, and Kids’ Celebrations

In our thirties, parties were related to the kids – if you had kids – or to the career. At that time, we lived in East-Germany. Career events were celebrated with Rotkäppchen – a sparkling wine made in the former GDR – with salads and rolls with cheese, ham, roast beef, fake salom (think raw cod marinated in salt dyed red-orange) or cooked eggs.

Sure, there also was the one or other civil wedding to dress for. In Germany, there wasn’t a thing like a baby shower.


Dinner Parties with Friends and Colleagues

When we were in our forties, we already lived in Fairbanks. Dinner parties were hip among our friends and colleagues. When you are interested in what to wear to look your best at a dinner party with friends here is a post for your convenience. Typically, one of us would cook a pot roast, soup, salad, dessert and serve wine and appetizers. The host and hostess spent the entire Saturday morning cleaning the house, then the afternoon shopping groceries and cooking. After the party, the hosting couple spent half the night to clean their house again. The funny part was that the hosts always started to talk about their septic systems.

After a couple of years, the drag of the work let to the reaction, it’s more relaxing just to go out with each other. End of the dinner party, viva the brunch. Interested in what to wear for a brunch in the States?


hostess Nicole of the Top of the World Style Linkup party on High Latitude Style which has no party dress codes
Max Mara jean coat with fur lining, Sienna Studio snake print leather pants, Puma sneakers, rutile quartz necklace, DIY snail brooch, 3.1 Philippe Lim tote (all own), my husband’s Winkwood mirrored sunglasses and silk shirt c/o Lillysilk



Family Reunions

While our families never visited, our friends and colleagues also had family reunions. While these kind of venues have no party dress codes, there is a critical thing about dressing for a family reunion. You have to ensure not to become the clown of the reunion in 20 years from now because of what you wear today. Well, in Alaska, another critical thing is your well. When 45 people or so take a shower, your well will run dry, and the lack of water kills the Christmas spirit.


Fashion Linkups Have No Party Dress Codes

What to wear to fashion linkup parties? That’s easy, your outfit of the day. And how to linkup to a blog party is easy with the tutorial at the link.

When I started blogging in 2013, linkies are a great place to meet and greet other bloggers, make connections and network. I started to co-host parties, and then became a hostess myself. Some hosts even charged their co-hosts back then! I never charged my co-hosts.

I have enjoyed hosting linkies, pinning a photo from each guest’s blog to the Top of the World Style Linkup Pinterest board and having co-hosts. Currently, I am creating a Top of the World Style Hall of Fame featuring the awardees of the parties. I still love to linkup my posts at other blogs.

However, lately, it seems that all virtual linkup-parties have less and less attendees. I think I noticed the phenomenon first time, when the new format came up. Full disclosure, when I saw the new format for the first time, I made a 180 degree turn and didn’t link up. I also observed that readers who regularly linked their Instagram posts not only here, but also at other bloggers’ venues stayed away from these social events. It’s sad., so sad.

I have spoken with many bloggers. Obviously, no one likes the new format. I  found out that the reason for the change was software that could linkup posts without even visiting the blog of the host.

What do you think will be the fate of the linkies? What do you think of the changes in party dress codes?

Now let’s see what you are wearing.



Top of the World Style Linkup Celebration No. 196

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Welcome to the 196th Top of the World Style linkup party.

Top of the World Style Winner Tatiana Moskatova of My Fab Forties in a winter to spring transition look with wide pants
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Top of the World OOTD Readers’ Fav Nancy Baten wearing trendy fishnets
Nancy Baten of Nancy’s Fashion Style became the Top of the World OOTD Readers’ Fav. Photo from her post



Top of the World OOTD My Fav Jennifer Pickering at Effortlessly Sophisticated in a summer dress with solid color leggings
Jennifer Pickering at Effortlessly Sophisticated became Top of the World OOTD My Fav. Photo from her post



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  1. blogthirtyminusone

    I’m somewhat new to link ups but after visiting a few decided to host one because it seemed like a great way to connect with other bloggers. While I’m still getting the word out about mine, I love visiting ones I’ve been linking up to for the last few months and even discovering new ones. 🙂 I hope they don’t go away….


  2. I hope linkys stick around! Visiting you from Shelbee’s.

  3. Tatjanas boots look fabulous. And I just love your denim coat. As well as Nancys pose. She does it so well.
    Hm what the deal with link-ups is? I suppose it is the new format just like you said. But the good news is that bloggers who like keeping in touch and connect and plan stuff together will do so no matter what, right?

    xxxx Sabina

  4. chezrama

    I Love that linkup made me connect with other bloggers. But I have noticed a decline since they changed their formula even I stopped linking up to some parties.

  5. I haven’t noticed a decline in people linking up but I’ve noticed a decline in bloggers hosting link ups, which I think is a real bummer. I love link ups because I can see what all my blogging buds are wearing !

  6. Nicole,

    i still enjoy going to parties but I have stopped hosting on Tuesday and Wednesday because of the poor engagement. I am wondering if the new Inlinkz is going to ruin the party because it’s on another page?
    Most bloggers like seeing everyone on the post and not elsewhere.

    Thank you for hosting my friend!

  7. Du siehst klasse aus liebe Nicole.

    Ich habe mich von Inlinkz wegen der DSGVO in der EU verabschiedet. Inlinkz musste natürlich handeln und das Tool auf die gesetzlichen Vorschriften anpassen. Das neue Format kenne ich nicht. Daher kann ich dazu nichts sagen. Aber insgesamt lassen die Parties nach.

    Früher fand ich es alles viel entspannter.

    Die jungen Blogger nutzen es gar nicht. Ist wohl nicht mehr zeitgemäß.

    Liebe Grüße Sabine

  8. Yeah, this whole new InLinkz software has really been a bummer. I have seen a drop off, but I also used to have Jill as a Co-Host, so I think when we did the link party together it helped.


  9. I’m still participating in as many link-ups as I can, but I’m wondering if people are blogging less in favor of Instagramming more. I do both—I view Instagram as a way of driving people to my site, but it could go away or change drastically at any moment. My site is the only thing I 100% have control of, and it’s the thing that brings me the most joy. Let’s keep blogging alive!
    Cheryl Shops

  10. This Main Line Life

    I used to love to throw dinner parties too, but it kind of fell by the wayside after having kids. That’s one that I’m really sorry to see go. Going out to dinner is fun too, but I really loved having dinner parties.
    x, Julie

  11. I am honored to be featured in your post, Nicole! Thank you so much! I love your coat very much, it looks so stylish!


  12. I tried the new inlinkz format on my Sunday Linkup party and people hated it so I reverted back to the old format. Personally I love the look of the new but if it discourgaes people than what is the point right? Like you I have found participation to be dropping off and I am not sure what to do to spark the interest again. For me I will keep going because I do enjoy seeing everyone’s daily looks

  13. I too loved Linkups, and used to particpate in 10 a day. Since 2018, more and more bloggers stopped hosting link ups and now I do 4 or 5 a day. Some weeks I don’t do any at all. When Inlinkz changed the format, I too stepped away from some of the parties I had religiously visited and as a host, have had a month’s worth of trouble with Inlinkz as they changed over their website and are closing out the old format which they said they weren’t going to do. They have been good about helping and respond quickly, but it leads me to wonder how much longer Link-up parties are going to be a thing. Like you, I think it’s sad. If nothing else, it was a way for us to network and see each other’s work. I will be keeping mine going through 2019, but may retire the party next year.

  14. shelbeeontheedge1

    Nicole, this was a super fun post to read…about all the parties from your youth! I think this new link up format is atrocious as well, but I am starting to get the hang of it. I am noticing some still using the old format which I cannot even access when I go to the inlinkz page. I don’t know how they are doing it! And I am also still being charge the $2.99 for the old one and the $7.99 for the new one. Since I can’t even access or log in to the old one, I can’t cancel the monthly payment. So confusing! That being said, I have not noticed much of a decrease in attendees on my link parties. They are holding strong with between 80-150 posts linked to each party. I still enjoy and appreciate link up parties so I hope they don’t die out completely!


  15. Lazy Daisy Jones

    Hello I enjoy an occasional link up, but I do agree with what you said.
    wishes Ashley xx