In the Southwest, denim and leather are a classic pairing. However, you can also wear denim with leather without looking like you are from that region or on your way to a Western Bar. Read how.

  1. Denim Plus Leather Give an Edge to Your Look
  2. Leather Skirt with Denim Jacket Outfit Inspiration
  3. Jeans with Leather Jacket à la Emmanuelle Alt
  4. A Leather Jacket plus Jeans Combination Is Great for Fall
  5. Try a Faux Suede Blazer with Boyfriends Jeans


Denim Plus Leather Give an Edge to Your Look

Many women prefer neutrals in fashion. Often neutrals are worn just combined with other neutrals to create a professional outfits. Occasionally, a bright pop of color is added on the weekend or in business casual dressing. This color spot can be a pretty print or pattern. Pattern are sparsely used in professional outfits, and, of course, are also neutrals, may be with some red or soft pink.

Leather Skirt with Denim Jacket Outfit Inspiration

In the outfit photo below, the denim jacket gives the classic pencil skirt-shirt-pumps outfit a twist towards casual. The fact that the pencil skirt is leather adds a slight edge in the US. In Europe, a straight leather skirt is considered business casual style. You can wear it even in a conservative work environment except for corporate style.

Together the denim jacket and leather skirt keep the neutral colored outfit from being  boring and stiff.

This outfit works well in a casual or creative work environment in the US. See the post at the link for an ultimate guide how to look great in denim over 40.


style blogger in black leather pencil skirt, oversize denim jacket and white blue striped button-down shirt

stylist in all neutral look with skirt, blazer, shirt
Outfit details of Casual Friday look: Oliveo leather skirt, Great Northwest oversize denim jacket, unbranded pumps, Ray Ban mirrored sunglasses, Hermes collier de chien bangle, unbranded bag, vintage gold bangle (gift from my late mom) and Jones New York striped button-down shirt (all own)


Jeans with Leather Jacket à la Emmanuelle Alt

The look below features a Euro Chic Style classic. This T-shirt, leather jacket, scarf with jeans recipe may seem familiar. It’s one of the typical outfits of Paris Vogue Editor-in-Chief Emmanuelle Alt. Read more on how to style an utility jacket in this guide.


midlife blogger in top chic casual Friday work outfit

posh chic work outfit for women in midlife

favorite casual work outfit
Outfit details: Great Northwest suede utility jacket with Ann Taylor sweater, Oliveo bootcut jeans, statement belt, Hermes collier de chien cuff, Nine West camouflage booties (all own)


You can find a comprehensive guide on how to look posh in leather at any age.

A Leather Jacket plus Jeans Combination Is Great for Fall

These summer sandals have a high coverage on the front of the foot. Thus, on a dry fall day, they can do duty as “open-toe fall booties”. They match well the color of the baseball jacket that is perfect as cover-up when being outside. Indoors, the color of the belt picks up the color of the sandals which perfectly integrates them into the fall outfit.

When mixing cold and warm season items for fall, throw a fall color in. #styleover40 Click To Tweet
mature woman wearing summer items with fall wardrobe items


midlife woman integrating summer basics into her fall outfit

mature woman wearing summer pieces in fall
Outfit details: London Jean boyfriend jeans with Brooks Brothers sweater, tiger eye buckle statement belt, vintage pearls, Prada satchel bag, Brooks Brothers cable knit short sleeve cashmere sweater, Tissot watch, Hermes collier de chien bangle, enamel bangle, Michael Kors summer sandals and Michael Kors baseball leather jacket (all own)


Despite the sweater has short sleeves and is a summer item, its dark navy blue and cable knit pattern in combination with the tan color make it a great addition to any fall outfit.

Navy, brown, and black items from summer work for fall too when styled with cold season pieces. #HighLatitudeStyle #leatherlady Click To Tweet

Try a Faux Suede Blazer with Boyfriends Jeans

The next look is perfect for Casual Friday. The featured look is a variation of the winter business casual styling of sweater, blazer and jeans. Read how to up your style with scarves.

stylist in jeans, faux suede blazer, striped top, scarf

midlife style blogger in jeans, blazer, sweater, scarf and heeled ducks

Heeled ducks

buckle details
Outfit details: Faux suede blazer with striped sweater, Hermes collier de chien bangle, smoky quartz statement buckle, belt, hand painted silk scarf, London boyfriend jeans, and heeled duck booties (all own)


Is there a Casual Friday culture at your work place? Do you just exchange one item to casual or do you go casual full on? Let me know, I am curious.

You can find other inspirations on how to wear a

Photos: G. Kramm

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