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Oliveo custom-made maxi leather skirt, Shein top, Coach bag, Studio sandals, Winkwood sunglasses, and scarf (all own)

Leather attire is always in style. In this posts, I share some tips about buying leather clothes.

  1. Leather Clothes Are Investments in Your Wardrobe and Style
  2. Know What Type of Leather You Want
  3. What to Consider When Buying Leather Clothing
  4. Further Reading on How to Style Leather Clothes


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Leather Clothes Are Investments in Your Wardrobe and Style

When you follow this blog already for a while, you already know I love to wear leather. Leather is part of my signature style. Leather clothes are to me sort of what the security blanket is to Linus.

As a kid I had a pair of Lederhosen. I loved them because I could do what I wanted in them and wouldn’t get into trouble. Sliding down a dirt hill, no problem! Playing with my granny’s briquettes and build a little hut out of them. No problem as long as I would put them back into place along the wall in the cellar. My Dad would just brush the dirt out. I wasn’t allowed to do that in my skirts or dresses, but in my Lederhose. Thus, with respect to leather my style evolved just to more grown up pieces. 😉

toddler in lederhosen
Me as a toddler in my first Lederhosen that started my love for leather clothing



Know What Type of Leather You Want

There are various hides from which leather clothes are made like calf, lamb, deer, cow, buffalo, caribou, reindeer, elk, moose, even pig,  just to mention a few. They are also various ways how the leather is tanned. When the smooth side of the hide is made hairless and turned to be on the outside (right side) of the clothes, the leather is often called nappa leather. Nappa can be made from all kinds of skins. Sellers distinct between natural, slightly pigmented, pigmented and sanded nappa leather. Nappa leather can have either the natural grain or a corrected grain.


mature woman in long leather skirt
Oliveo long cherry red leather skirt (similar here), Shein abstract floral print top, Coach fabric bag, Studio gladiator sandals, thrifted silk scarf, and Winkwood mirrored sunglasses (all own)


Nappa leathers are very soft. Italian nappa leather usually has great quality. Deer leather is often a comparatively thick hide and can be sort of ‘stiff’. However, for coats a bit of stiffness may not be a bad thing.

Nubuck leather is top-grain cattle leather. It was sanded or buffed on the grain side to obtain a velvet-like surface. Nubuck leather is very resistant to wear and tear and perfect for jackets and coats.

midlife woman in maxi leather skirt
Oliveo maxi leather skirt, Shein short sleeve top, Coach fabric tote, Studio fall sandals, braided scarf, and Winkwood wooden sunglasses (all own)


In contrast to nubuck leather, suede leather was sanded on the flesh side, i.e. the inside of the hide, to obtain a velvety surface. Like nappa, suede is just a finish, and not a variety of leather. Sometimes suede stems from the inner splits of a hide. Most common are cow and pig suede. Suede skirts, shirts, and jackets are very popular as they look more elegant with their velvet-like finish. They are also easier to get away with at the office than nappa leather.


What to Consider When Buying Leather Clothing

However, before you invest in a suede piece think twice. When you are often around small kids, suede is never a good idea. While it is fine to brush the dirt off a kid’s suede Lederhose, you can’t get away with it when wearing a suede piece as an adult. It is hard to find an expert cleaner and the suede surface sucks up all kind of dust and dirt. Many leather cleaners don’t even clean suede leather as it may change its color during the cleaning process. Furthermore, there are not many possibilities how to remove stains safely from beloved leather clothing.


When you buy nappa leather watch out for areas that seem to have a lot of wrinkles. This leather is lower quality than leather with no signs of wrinkles. the former is taken from the sections where the legs are attached to the body. You want to get leather that is showing hardly any or no wrinkles.


It is worth to invest in good leather clothes as they last for years. Some styles look even better with time (e.g. bomber leather jackets, black trench coats). Tan deer leather may change its color with time, which looks beautiful. Pleather clothes or covered jeans look cheap even on a teenager. Especially when the coverage breaks with time. It looks plain trashy on everyone.


details of boots
Back view of otk boots in suede and patent leather


fashion blogger in leather sheath winter work outfit
Fornt view nappa sheath

Nicole of High Latitude Style nappa jumper with sweater, suede OTK boots and blazer


Deer leather items last for a lifetime. They may become a bit stiff over time. This means that with a lot of patience you can make the pants nearly stand all by themselves like Bavarian Lederhosen or thick motorcycle pants. Those kind of pants must have a stiff, tough hide because these pants serve for protection. Hides for non-protective clothes are thinner and hence show nice movement. Thin leather should also feel soft, more like skin. Go for soft thin leather for skirts and dresses, medium thin leather for pencil skirts, jackets and pants, thick for coats or protective gear.

All leather pieces except Bavarian Lederhosen should have a lining. Yes, even skinny leather pants cut in a jeans cut should have a lining. Otherwise the pants’ legs “dye” your legs. You would have a hard time removing the dye off your skin. Bluish legs from black leather pants without lining are never in style. 😉

Speaking of lining, I recommend to carefully wash the lining at the crotch by pulling it a bit out of the leather. Here carefully means making sure that you doen’t accidently wetten the leather during the washing and drying process.


When Not to Invest in Leather Clothes

Don’t buy leather when you don’t love the scent of leather. While the scent gets less with time, it will be around like a decent perfume whenever you wear it.

Not sure whether to go for real or faux leather? Read what you should know about faux leather.



Further Reading on How to Style Leather Clothing

More on how you can look posh in leather over 40. Leather clothing is very versatile. When you are daring you may even wear leather-on-leather like a power suit.

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