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Romantic Annette shoes

Well, for my European readers, is a well-known online lingerie store here in the US. Now you probably ask yourself, why would Nicole write a sponsored post for them on her style blog? In deed, they have sexy lingerie, among other things. And yes, you can buy there a dress like Julia Roberts wore as Vivian Ward in the famous 1990 movie Pretty Woman. However, as a matter of fact, the majority of their merchandise is not For Your Eyes Only – to stay with movie titles. Unfortunately, that 3 Wishes sells more than lingerie is not commonly known. Read what you miss when you only think of them as a resource for lingerie.


  1. 3 Wishes, a great source for hosiery, cute shoes, and accessories<
  2. Sexy and elegant are not mutually exclusive
  3. Where to buy fashion bloggers’ It hosiery
    • 3 Wishes is a great resource for fishnet hosiery
    • Fishnets are not only for ballroom dancers and ballerinas
  4. A great place where to buy tattoo hosiery
  5. Gloves, the First Lady trend
  6. Inexpensive costumes for Halloween
  7. What 3 Wishes Sells More than Lingerie in a Nutshell


Disclosure: Ad. This post was sponsored by 3 Wishes. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it expresses my 100% honest opinion.


3 Wishes, a great source for hosiery, cute shoes, and accessories

This means 3 Wishes has also great evening gowns, cute shoes (see featured photo), and camisoles every stylish and trendy woman is interested in. Unfortunately, many women miss out on this great resource for affordable trendy hosiery, cute shoes and accessories. Read on.

3Wishes Pretty woman costume similar to Vivian waiting on the street for customers
Costume similar to the one worn by Vivian in Pretty Woman



Sexy and elegant are not mutually exclusive

In fashion over 40, we want to look sophisticated, i.e. elegant, but still sexy. We want to flaunt what is still left and look our best. This full length ruched gown, lets you do just that. The ruched bodice hides lumps and bumps. The deep V-neck shows some skin. The high-low hem is Salsa and Argentine Tango inspired, which provides the association of hot and sexy despite the dress covers a lot of skin. It is just a teasing peek of the legs without revealing too much. <3  The ruffled skirt bottom adds movement to this otherwise fitted gown. Thus, you don’t look stiff, which often happens with fitted gowns. Just think of the gowns the Queen wears when opening Parliament.


 3 Wishes red ruched evening gown
3 Wishes full length evening gown


This stunning dress comes in yellow, red and black. When you followed my blog for a while, you know that I have a similar dress. I wear it for dance performances or Black Tie events.


Where to buy fashion bloggers’ It hosiery

When you browsed my linkup parties lately or on some other fashion and style blogs, Pinterest, and Instagram you may have seen the “fishnets” with supersize pattern called fence pantyhose. Did you ever wonder where to get them? At 3 Wishes is one answer!


3 Wishes is a great resource for fishnets

As a ballroom dancer, I wear a lot of fishnet pantyhose. They provide great contact with the dance shoes, but protect the feet from getting blisters. 3 Wishes has fishnet pantyhose in many colors. However, I only go for the nude and black ones. The black ones add some sexiness, which is great when we perform Latin Dances. I go for the nude ones for smooth dances like waltz, foxtrot and alike. The colored ones are great for Halloween for teenagers and Millennia.

Found fashion bloggers' It fence pantyhose at 3 Wishes
Fashion bloggers’ and Instagramers’ It fence pantyhose


large fishnet pattern pantyhose in black
Fishnet pantyhose for $5.95. It comes in 15 different colors.


Fishnets are not only for ballroom dancers and ballerinas

I like to wear the nude ones also in summer when I have to go somewhere where wearing pantyhose is the dress code. The meshes permit my skin to shine thru. This means my legs have nearly the same color as my arms, which looks healthy. The legs would have a different color with pantyhose, which can break the style and look. Nude fishnets are also great to hide spider venes. Additional benefit, fishnets don’t get runners. Runners are never in style and don't meet any dress code. #fishnets #3wishes Click To Tweet 😉

Do you like the back seam look? Can you believe that you can get a pair for just $8.95 plus free shipping at 3 Wishes!



A great place where to buy tattoo hosiery

Tattoo anyone? Get the illusion of a tattoo without the pain, risks, and commitment to eternity with a pantyhose for $12.95. <3

sheer back seam pantyhose
Sheer back seam pantyhose


Floral tattoo pantyhose
Floral tattoo pantyhose


At 3 Wishes, these hosiery cost much less than hosiery of similar quality in non-lingerie stores.



Gloves, the First Lady trend

Our new First Lady wore matching gloves to her outfit at the Presidential Inauguration. So chic! She initiated the new trend of wearing gloves at special events. Do you have a wedding coming up? Gloves are a great way to up your style and show that you are on trend. Whether it is a LBD with long white or black satin gloves like Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s or a fancy summer look like Liz Taylor wore with short gloves when driving a cabriolet in the 1952 movie A Place in the Sun. Recall I wore black long gloves to my neck-halter long velvet gown at the Forty Below Ball.


3 Wishes long gloves
Elegant gloves available in classic black or white as well as in trendy fuchsia, Kelly green, or Royal blue, and elegant light blue and burgundy ($13.95)


fashiontrends trendy satin wrist length gloves
Trendy satin wrist length gloves available in black, red and white ($8.95)


3 Wishes has gloves in various materials (satin, lace, satin with Rhinestones) and lengths (below the elbow, opera length, wrist length) at affordable prices for any budget. 🙂


Inexpensive costumes for Halloween

Costumes anyone? 3 Wishes has also great costumes. I know, I know Halloween is still half a year away, but I have to show you this perfect costume for Alaskan mothers. They have to accompany their little ones at below zero temperatures (less than -18oC) for trick-and-treating. This costume gets them covered and keeps them warm. It’s a great outfit idea for Halloween. 😉

furry coat Halloween costume
Furry coat for trick-n-treating in Alaska



What 3 Wishes Sells More Than Lingerie in a Nutshell

This post introduced you to the wide product palette of 3 Wishes. They offer a huge selection of costumes, makeup, wigs, shoes, false eyelashes, evening gowns, gloves, camisoles, and great hosiery at affordable prices. Check their collections out on the You will discover that they have far more than just lingerie or than what I featured here.

P.S. 3 Wishes has free shipping!


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Photos from 3 Wishes’ online store

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