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Over the years it seems that the act of giving a loved one an item of jewelry as a gift on the holidays has become a tired trope. That is a big shame because it depicts spouses of both genders as being thoughtless and uncaring. Comic strips, movies and TV shows often rely on the bumbling man grabbing any old bracelet for his wife or girlfriend or show the woman as snatching up any old watch for her partner. In reality, it is important to pay attention to the likes and dislikes of a partner in order to make a thoughtful purchase. People who perk up their eyes and ears when their significant other comments about liking the look or style of a particular piece will be able to buy something that is loved and treasured.

  1. Think about whether it is practical for the loved one’s lifestyle
  2. Personalized is always special
  3. Jewelry is everlasting
  4. Think about what makes a Heirloom

Think about whether it is practical for the loved one’s lifestyle

Wearing jewelry is not just for the opera or special occasions like Christening or weddings. Both men and women can benefit from the polished feeling that wearing an accessory or two provides to an everyday outfit. While many offices and small businesses are turning towards more casual attire, many workplaces still embrace traditional corporate style. In such work environment, it can feel very out of place to not wear something that looks polished and professional.


woman with beautiful pearl choker and matching classic earrings


For someone who doesn’t like to wear rings or necklaces every day, watches for men and women are a classy, sensible choice. There are many types of watches that can express the personal style of the wearer and their lifestyle and personal values, from durable waterproof diver watches to elegant gold timepieces. Especially, in corporate places, but also when you work for a contractor, a watch conveys the message that deadlines are important to you.


classic large dial golden watch and diamond band with practical jeans and plaid shirt


Necklaces are unobtrusive and can be tucked into a shirt for safety when the loved one should have the desire to ride a motorcycle or hold their new grandchild. Necklaces can be very unique, from bold statement pieces, look-at-me gemstone pendants to delicate whimsical chains with a tiny charm.

Rings are also a great option. Plain bands are available for those who fear the ring may become snagged when working. There are also elaborated pieces with large clusters of gemstones and settings that look like works of art.


Personalized is always special

Engraving is a great way to personalize jewelry. Nearly everything can be inscribed, either directly at the jeweler’s store, or at a specialty shop. Placing names and dates on or inside of rings, on necklaces and bracelets are very popular. When the piece is large enough, they can even feature a message.

engraved wedding bands on a cherry blossomed twig

There are also sets of rings, bracelets and necklaces sold with an engraved message that can only be read when putting both pieces together. How romantic and very special is such a gift when shared with a loved one! If the idea of a set is intriguing, but you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, then custom orders are available from some places.


Jewelry Is Everlasting

One of the nicest things about buying jewelry for a loved one is knowing that it will last for an eternity. It will last and not become obsolete. Trends in jewelry will change over time, as the history of jewelry has shown. However, a carefully chosen, classic piece will never be out of style. As long as it is taken care of properly, it should stay as lovely as on the day it was gifted.


Think about What Makes a Heirloom

Many people love owning a treasured possession that was handed down from a parent, godparent, grandparent or even grand grandparent. Typically, jewelry gains value with each passing year. However, something that has the potential to be passed down becomes more precious over time, no matter what that the price tag read. People value special pieces they inherited from someone they love. Thus, it’s just natural that they love receiving special gifts that their heirs will cherish when the time comes. Who doesn’t want to be remembered?


estate type of family heirloom jewelry as a gift


Before running to the store to get a last-minute gift and taking the jewelry store as a default, wait a minute to really think about what would make the gift truly special. Think about what kind of pieces the significant other already owns. Is there something they are missing anything? Perhaps they collect a type of jewelry, but they don’t have the newest release or one or two pieces are missing to complete the collection. Maybe they own many bracelets, but almost no necklaces. If you identify a missing item, think about the reason. Maybe they don’t care for necklaces as much, but really love to have the choice from a variety of bracelets when getting ready in the morning. In a nutshell, it’s not that difficult to figure out how to pick a spectacular gift. All it takes is just some planning and thoughts.


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