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Great Northwest shirt, Lauren Ralph Lauren midi skirt, Hipstik tights, Escada booties, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Nordgreen watch, Gucci belt

Denim head-to-toe is a Do within the framework of the big monochromatic dressing trend. Read how to get the look right.



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Up-Dressing the Evergreens

When cut in their original pattern jeans, bf, jean jackets, trucker jackets, skinny jeans, and blue shirt dresses are ageless – read timeless items. To keep a double denim look modern accessorizes with trendy items.

Here are various tricks what stylists use to create effortlessly stylish looks.

  • Using the same texture of denim is best.
  • Different washes or denim colors are easiest when creating the look. Think one of the pieces just was  washed more often than the other. Denim-on-denim looks best with two different washes, but same texture.
  • Add a pop of bold color. It is best to use one of the fashion colors of the year to look modern. Note that colors similar to the year’s Pantone favorites work too. See how to fake the Pantone colors of the year with lookalikes.
  • Pair two colored denim pieces or colored denim with jean.
  • Pay attention to the horizontal lines and proportions.
  • Tricky, but chic, same wash, but distinctively different texture of the fabric. For instance, Italian weave vs. the traditional Levi’s weave. More on styling with texture in all neutrals looks.


Try a Jean Dress and Jacket

The inspirational outfit below features a light wash, tailored denim jacket and shirt jean dress look. When styling a jean dress and jacket outfit, make sure the accessories match the posh casual vibe. In this example, adding the blue stone watch, plateau wedge sandals, tiger-eye gemstone belt, and striped bag do the trick. This outfit works because the tan of the belt repeats in the top handles and trim of the bag, and the sole and leather of the sandals. The watch and bag pick up different shades of blue. The different washes of the dress and tailored jacket underline the concept.

Tip:  Go either for a wide-belted dress under tailored jacket or for a tailored dress, for instance, a sheath, under an oversized or cropped jacket to get the proportions balanced.


summer work bag
Zoom-in on watch, belt, bag


Coach bag Dr. Scholl wedges
Details of wedges and bag


midlife woman in dress and jacket casual office look
Outfit details: Blue One tailored light wash jacket, Liz Claiborne medium-wash shirt dress, Coach bag, belt with tiger-eye buckle, Tissot stone watch, beaded necklace, Hermes collier de chien bangle, and Dr. Scholl wedge sandals


The photo below features the same dress and jacket, but with different accessories. Nevertheless, it applies the concept of repetition of colors. See the tan satchel, T-strap heels, and belt.

Stylist tip: Shoes and scarves can change a look dramatically.


denim on denim dress and jacket summer outfit
Longchamp bag, tan Kieselstein Cord belt, pantyhose, and tan Anne Klein T-strap slingbacks



Jeans and Jean Jacket Outfit Ideas

Getting the proportions right is key also for this combination. Again go for slim with wide like slim fit thru the thigh with oversize and/or boxy jacket. Alternatively, try wide legs with a tailored jacket. It is important that the hem of the jacket hits at a flattering place for your body type. No matter what, the jacket should hit at least 2-4 inch lower than the waistband (see photo below).

 Tip: Never wear a cropped jean jacket with low rise jeans!


50 year old woman in denim on denim
Great Northwest jean jacket, silver belt, silk printed neckerchief, Dooney and Bourke bag, boyfriend jeans with landscape print on the cuffs c/o Soft Surroundings, wood watch c/o Jord, and Tee c/o Onno


More on what to wear with a denim jacket.


Wearing Jeans with a Blue Denim Shirt

To avoid a so-called Texas tuxedo look when wearing jeans and a jean shirt add pumps. Resist the urge to wear cowboy boots unless you head to a rodeo or Western Bar.


over 50 years old influencer in distressed bf jeans
Front view of double-denim with zebra cardigan


stylist in distressed jean, denim shirt and zebra cardigan
Loft distressed boyfriend jeans with Great Northwest denim shirt, Ralph Lauren silver pumps, GNW zebra print cardigan, DIY belt buckle, and Longchamp sunflower yellow bag


When you compare the outfit in the photo above with that below, three other important points becomes obvious. Namely that the color of the wash, degree of distress, cut and jacket affect the vibe. Despite both looks have the same shirt and pumps, the look with the distressed light wash BFs and cardigan reads relaxed posh casual. It has an urban vibe. On the contrary, the outfit with the blazer and dark straight jeans reads business casual style on Casual Friday. More on Casual Friday outfit ideas.


casual Friday outfit idea with double jean and linen blazer
Oliveo linen blazer, Oliveo jeans, Great Northwest shirt, smoky quartz belt, Ralph Lauren silver pumps, 3.1 Phillip Lim bag



Dare the Double-denim with a Skirt Shirt Combination

For this combination the same principles as for the shirt-jeans pairing apply for best styling. Of course, the choice of the cut, wash, shoes and accessories can affect the vibe dramatically. Compare, for instance, the outfit with and without blazer.


blogger in denim shirt with denim skirt in different shades of blue
Oliveo denim skirt, Great Northwest shirt, Nine West loafers, Hermes collier de chien bangle, unbranded pantyhose


stylist with denim on denim look under plaid blazer
Outfit details: Burberry double-breasted blazer with Oliveo denim skirt, Great Northwest push button shirt, American Meteorological Society silk neckerchief, unbranded pantyhose, Nine West heeled loafers, and Kate Moss for Longchamp bag



Dress with Pants Is a Do

Currently, wearing dresses over pants in a huge trend. Therefore, why not styling the look with skinnies and a denim dress?


fashion blogger in dress with jeans outfit
Liz Claiborne denim dress worn over J Brand skinnies with statement belt, DIY necklace, DIY cuff, Festina watch, Hermes collier de chien cuff, BCBG belt, Anne Klein logo open-toe pumps, and Jaeger tote


influencer in denim dress
Dress with statement belt, Burberry trench coat, Anne Klein open-toe pumps, Burberry bag, Dolce&Gabbana Madonna sunglasses, and black denim leggings c/o No Nonsense


The look above features the trend with two different colors of the fabric. You can find a guide on styling the dress over pants trend at the link.


Stylish Monday Denim Linkup

hostesses of Stylish Monday denim in their featured outfits
Hostesses of the Stylish Monday party. From upper left clockwise: Suzanne Bell from Ask Suzanne Bell, Julie Augustin from Fashion Trends and Friends, Ada Furxhi from Elegance and Mommyhood, Nina Anders from Sharing a Journey, Nancy Baten from , Amy Johnson from Amy’s Creative Pursuits, Nicole Mölders from High Latitude Style, “Shelbee” from Shelbee on the Edge, and in the middle Emma Peach from The Style Splash.


Details of featured image: Great Northwest shirt, Lauren Ralph Lauren midi skirt, Hipstik tights, Escada booties, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Nordgreen watch, Gucci belt.

Photos of me: G. Kramm

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