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Gift bag in which the Snowberry new radiance serum came

This post is a Snowberry Radiance Face Serum review. Full disclosure: I am not a dermatologist and I never used an anti-aging skincare serum before. Thus, I can’t compare this new serum’s performance to the performance of another product. Therefore, I compared its performance to the case without the use of the serum, i.e. with my usual routine. I describe my test and experience in detail below.


    1. Snowberry’s New Radiance Face Serum Has Two Major Ingredients
    2. How to Fight Wrinkles and Fine Lines?
    3. Why Is Snowberry’s Serum Improved Anti-Aging Skincare?
    4. How to Use the Product?
    5. My Test for the Snowberry Radiance Face Serum Review
    6. Pricing Snowberry Radiance Face Serum with CuPEP
    7. Updated Information Added after Posting


Disclosure: Ad. The new radiance face serum is a sample from Snowberry Skincare. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


Snowberry’s new radiance face serum has two major ingredients

Snowberry’s new radiance face serum results from a five years research in a PhD program at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. The serum’s key ingrediency is a blend of copper peptides and sodium hyaluronate. It contains no animal products except cultured pearls and honey.

Snowberry Radiance Face Serum in nice gift box with gift bag
Snowberry new radiance face serum in its box with gift bag and information make a perfect gift for all kind of occasions


How to Fight Wrinkles and Fine Lines?

As we know, replenishing peptides decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Peptides  consist of two or more amino acids linked in a chain. They occur naturally in healthy skin. There, peptides help to build collagen and elastin, which among other things keep the skin hydrated and smooth. Unfortunately, the production of copper peptides goes down with age. As a result, wrinkles and fine lines form.


Why Is Snowberry’s Serum Improved Anti-Aging Skincare?

According to Snowberry, the results of a gold standard clinical trail showed that the copper peptide formula decreased wrinkle volume by slightly more than 25% and outperformed the leading American and German products. They explain their success by a new groundbreaking technology. It namely ensures penetration of the copper peptides thru the skin’s surface to deliver them to the dermal cells instead of just staying on the skin’s surface.

The role of the sodium hyaluronate is to plump up the skin. Obviously, this hyaluronic acid can take up more than 1000 times its own weight in water. Thus, it combats dehydration. It functions like a sponge sort of.

The honey and copper peptides also protect inflammation of the skin. The serum also fights free radicals, glycation, proteinases, and discoloration, which besides inflammation and dehydration are causes for dull, non-radiant skin.


How to Use the Product

The instructions recommend to apply the serum thinly over the face and neck in the morning and evening. The user is supposed to wait about five minutes before applying a moisturizer or other skincare products and/or makeup. This time is needed for the peptides to activate.


My Test for the Snowberry Radiance Face Serum Review

I tested Snowberry’s new radiance face serum for a week using it twice daily. The serum is colorless like water, but with a consistence of a light gel. It is easy to spread like a gel and provides a light, pleasant cooling effect. It did not tingle. The serum dries very fast. Thus, the recommended five minutes wait is not related to drying of the serum.

It required some logistic planning to bridge the time needed for the serum to activate. In the morning, I bridged the time by putting the outfit of the day together. In the evening, I used the time to get into my PJs. Thus, the wait was no burden. It just meant to do things in a different order, i.e. there is no need to worry about the five minutes wait.


anti-aging skincare product used for Snowberry Radiance Face Serum review
Snowberry 1 fl. oz. bump bottle


In the morning and evening, I went with my usual skincare routine after the five minutes wait. On the warmer days of the week (temperatures above 0F, -18oC), I didn’t notice a difference with respect to how my skin felt without the serum. However, when temperatures dropped below -20F (-28.9oC), I felt a notable difference between with and without. My skin did not feel so dry in the evening with the serum than it usually does under those conditions without the serum. I really like this outcome!

Of course, I am not a dermatologist and I can’t examine the degree to which the serum reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Also consider that the time for testing was rather short – a week. Consequently, it would be unfair to expect magic differences and/or even to expect that the serum has achieved its full potential already.


Pricing of Snowberry Radiance Face Serum with CuPEP

Snowberry’s new radiance face serum comes in an airless pump bottle (see photo above). They offer two sizes, 1 fl. oz. and 3.4 fl. oz that retail for $36 and $84, respectively.

All orders over USD$150 are eligible for free shipping by USPS Priority Mail. Below this threshold, shipping with USPS Priority Mail to the contiguous USA and Canada costs $7, and $15 to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. This shipping policy is pretty much standard.

I searched other anti-aging skincare serums for pricing. The search revealed that Snowberry’s product is on the lower side of what the average price for this kind of products is. It costs on average about 10% less than the others that I found. Thus, Snowberry’s new radiance face serum is a great deal. You can buy it online at the Snowberry Skincare website. They also have many other skincare products. Check out their page for the full line.


Updated Information Added after Posting

The filling lasted three month with daily use. I also noted a relieve of my dry facial skin.

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