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Aviator jacket styled with vest, hat, gloves, tights, boots and knit dress for temperatures below the freezing point.

This review post features what to wear with a hooded leather jacket and my thoughts about this trendy, stylish Angel Jackets statement piece. The review covers craftmanship, quality of the material, price-performance ratio, as well as hoodie leather jacket outfit ideas. Read on to learn more about this garment.



Disclosure: Ad. The hooded leather jacket is a sample of my choice from Angel Jackets. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


Why I Chose to Review Angel Jackets’ Women’s Hooded Leather Jacket

This hooded leather jacket is exactly my style and I love the design. Therefore, I was curious to try this trend to answer the questions

Can you wear a hooded leather jacket over 50? If so, how to style a hoodie jacket for fall and/or winter?


what to wear with a hooded leather jacket weekend outfit with camo pants pink sweater
Weekend casual outfit inspiration with camo pants, pink sweater, booties, necklace. From left to right: Front views with hoodie down and up, back view with hoodie up. A perfect illusion of a layered look.



What Is a Hooded Leather Jacket?

This hooded leather jacket is a 2-in-1 piece. A zipper permits attaching and detaching the fabric hood. Consequently, you can style the piece for various occasions and all seasons depending on the weather.

You can zip the front of the detachable hoodie piece (see video). Doing so gives immediately the illusion of a layered look. This feature is of special interest for all fashionistas living in climates with dry, warm or mild winters (e.g., low-lands California, the Southwest and Southeast, countries around the Mediterranean Sea). Because the hood fabric is not the lining of the jacket, you get the layered look without feeling uncomfortably warm, and without bulk. The material of the lining is polyester.



With and without hoodie (see featured photo) this leather jacket works great to protect you from windy weather at temperatures above 40F (5oC) when worn over a sweater with beanie and gloves. When the temps drop, add a vest.

It is also a perfect cover-up in regions with cold summers like Interior Alaska.


Can You Style this Hooded Leather Jacket for Temperatures below the Freezing Point?

In climate regions with cold winters (e.g., Washington, Spain) and in fall in the Pacific Northwest, West Europe, style it with a sweater over a shirt with a pair of wool pants. Accessorize with a hat and gloves.

Can you wear a hooded jacket with a skirt or dress? Sure, you can! See the hooded leather outfit ideas below.


hooded leather jacket outfit ideas with a plaid skirt sweater boots and hat
Outfit inspiration of the hoodie leather jacket with a plaid skirt, tall boots, sweater, tights and beret with (from left to right) both zippers closed, open outer zipper and closed hoodie zipper, and both zipper open.


How to Wear a Hooded Leather Jacket over 50

The classic cut results in ageless style. This means you can achieve a sophisticated casual look at any age with this garment.


side back and details views of the hooded leather jacket for review
The garment has sleeves with thumbholes which keep the hands warm, while still allowing to text. The front has two large chest flap button pockets and two side pockets with zipper. The hood lays flat on the back. The cut nips in at the waist. The vertical seams have a slimming effect.



Where to Wear a Hooded Leather Jacket

The Angel Jackets hooded leather jacket is very versatile to style. Therefore, you can wear it in all casual settings; even at the office when your HR-approved business casual style dress-code permits wearing leather and your office has a casual Friday culture.

When you style your hooded leather jacket as a statement piece with an all black outfit, you will make an entrance at vernissages and First Friday events.

On windy game days, it’s a great cover-up. Wear it with a plaid shirt or graphic Tee and jeans to an outdoor concert or on the weekend. What about the Farmer’s Market in fall?


Why to Wear a Hoodie Leather Jacket?

  1. Leather is windproof. Therefore, the hide is great for fall in regions with frequently windy weather like the Pacific Northwest, the shores of the Great Lakes and other coastal regions.
  2. It’s one of the best trends because leather is timeless and durable. This means the piece is meant to last. A leather jacket slows down fashion.
  3. The hood can partly cover your face which a hat can’t. This means the hood keeps you warm longer.
  4. Efficient use of resources: Production of leather clothing from hides reduces waste in the food production.
  5. Leather is biodegradable.


What Are My Likes/Dislikes?


  • The timeless design and related versality to style the garment.
  • I love the 2-in-1 design because it slows fashion down.
  • The fit is true to the size chart.
  • The craftmanship is excellent.
  • The leather is great quality with the nice natural scent.
  • Moreover, Angel Jackets offers this Tralee Black Bomber Women’s Leather Jacket With Hood also in brown. This means there is a version for the warm color palette too.
  • Price-performance-ratio: The price of $189 is very affordable. Due to the durability of leather the item will be part of my wardrobe for several years. Consequently, the cost-per-wear will become less than $1 over the piece’s tenure in my closet. This is a great deal!
  • I can wear it year round: From spring to fall as cover-up, in winter instead of a blazer on Fridays and the weekend.
  • Angel Jackets offers fast and free shipping to the US, Canada, UK and Australia on all orders, and has a 30-days-easy-return policy.



sleeve and collar details for review
Zoom-in on the details of the sleeves and collar. The frock has also an inside leather pocket for a cell phone (not shown). Well, the garment has also another fan besides me.



Angel Jackets Review and What to Wear with a Hooded Leather Jacket in a Nutshell

Angel Jackets offers a high quality, excellently crafted hooded leather jacket in a trendy, but timeless design at an affordable price. The garment is worth its money, true to size, very versatile to style; it fits perfectly, and works for more than one season in most climate regions. Browse their women’s hooded leather Jackets now.


Photos of me: G. Kramm
Other photos and video: N. Mölders

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