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People taking lunch on a deck at the river in Interior Alaska on Father's Day

When you are looking for a hat as a Father’s Day gift or are in the market for a leather cap, read this Tenth Street Hat leather ivy review.

For many finding a gift for Father’s Day is a stress factor. Don’t search any longer when he loves hats.
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  4. Price-performance Ratio
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  6. Tenth Street Hat Leather Ivy Review

Disclosure: Ad. The Stetson Weston ivy leather cap is a sample from Tenth Street. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.

Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s a common preception that “men are hard to shop for.” Can you recall when you heard this sentence for the first time in your life? Probably when you asked your Mom what to give your Dad for Father’s Day, his birthday or Christmas or whatever other holiday. May be you overheard it when your mom was asking your granny what to buy as a gift for Dad, i.e. your grandpa.

Since Father’s Day is just around the corner, I was very delighted when Tenth Street Hats asked me to review one of their hats. A hat is something cool and practical every men needs and makes a great gift. Their collection of men’s hats leaves no wishes open. There are Panama, straw, felt, raffia, leather and wool hats hats. You can find also the perfect designer piece with respect to his interest like baseball, (Kentucky) derby, fishing, boating, beach, or outdoor concerts. Other occasion hats are for church, Easter or weddings. Thus, when you know that there is a wedding coming up in the family or want to break the news that his grandkid gets married. 😉 It’s your chance! Styles available range from fedoras, newboy’s hats, bowlers, pork pie, over safari to top hat. You want American made? Not a problem at all.

My Pick: The Weston Designed by Stetson

My husband loves leather and flat caps. He knows his style! Thus, I picked a Stelson leather men’s ivy Weston cap. When the package arrived and he had tried it on, he couldn’t wait to wear it on town. It didn’t matter that it rained. The cap can be worn for driving too. My hubby also likes to wear it as sun protection as you can see in the photos that I took when we went out for a luncheon on the deck at the river. He loves this ivy cap. Like ivy the cap looks after itself. It seems to be pretty resistant to wind gusts or gravity force. It stayed on no matter whether wind came up or he bend over. I ready love the distressed finish of the cap.


midlife men wearing a leather ivy cap and leather vest with plaid shirt and sunglasses
My hubby, Gerhard Kramm, wearing the Stetson Weston c/o The Tenth Street Hats with own Orvis shirt, Camel leather vest and Winkwood wooden mirrored sunglasses


mature man in the reviewed leather ivy cap and vest over button-down shirt

details of the Weston from Tenth Street  hat for the Leather Ivy Review
Zoom-in on the Weston leather flat hat to show the great craftsmanship

Fit Isn’t a Question

Some hats are one size fits most. Others have sizes and you can find the correct one by measuring the head. There are easy to use instructions. The Weston comes in chocolate and brown and in two sizes S/M and L/XL. I know his hat size and ordered the L/XL. It was a perfect fit. But I didn’t worry much about the fit as the item comes with a sizing tape. If needed, you can simply add a piece of the tape to make it fit. The Weston has an elastic front sweatband. Thus, changes in size due to haircuts or not, shouldn’t be an issue either.

man sitting at a table on a deck in Alaska in June

man in casual summer look with ivy head gear at an eating place close to Fairbanks
Stetson Weston c/o The Tenth Street Hats with own Orvis shirt, Orvis chinos, Van suede shoes, Camel leather vest and Winkwood wooden mirrored sunglasses

Price-performance Ratio

The Weston costs $77. This means it’s in the typical range of what most people spend on Father’s Day gifts. Its leather is very soft and the craftsmanship is excellent (handmade). Thus, your Dad will wear it for years to come (if he doesn’t lose it). The cap is a very affordable investment piece without the price tag of an investment. Pssst, if I had seen the item in the wild, I would have thought it had cost more than that,

Who Would Love this Stetson Weston

Of course, every guy who loves leather and falt, ballon, ivy, newsboy, drivers, or chauffeur’s caps or hats without full-on brims. If your Dad wears one (or more) in this style made from linen or wool, one in leather can be a great addition to his collection. I definitively would recommend this Stetson Weston leather cap from Tenth Street Hats to my best girl friends as a gift for their dad or guys.

locals and tourists at Pike's Landing on Father's Day

Summary of Tenth Street Hat Leather Ivy Review

A hat makes a great gift for Father’s Day as it is a wardrobe item everyone needs at least for sun protection. The handmade Weston cap designed by Stetson shows excellent craftmanship and is made from high quality leather with a slightly distressed finish. It is an affordable investment without the price tag of a designer statement item.

Browse their collection now to shop for your Father’s Day gift to suprise your Dad.


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