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Pearl studs, coat (all own) and Scal Fabia c/o Tenth Street Hats

This Tenth Street Hats Fabia review covers craftmanship, quality of the material, versality to style, outfit ideas and price-performance ratio. Read what I think about the Fabia.


  1. National Hat Day and Holidays
  2. Why I Picked the Fabia
  3. Great Craftsmanship (as Usual)
  4. Easy Fitting
  5. Who Would Love the Scala Fabia
  6. In a Nutshell


Disclosure: Ad. The Scala Fabia is a sample from Tenth Street Hats. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.

National Hat Day and Holidays

The December holidays and the start of the New Year are right around the corner, which means everyone plans their perfect outfits. When it comes to up an outerwear outfit, there is no better way than accessorizing with a hat. When you are reading the blog already for a while, you know that I am a big hat lover. Thus, when Tenth Street Hats asked me to pick one of their 325+ styles to review for the holidays and the upcoming National Hat Day (January 15), I immediately accepted.


Why I Picked the Fabia

They recently released 50 new styles of this favorite accessory to add a touch of style and flare to the new 2020 looks. I picked the Scala wool felt festival round crown Fabia in taupe. It is handmade! Note it is also available in black and navy.

My choice was based on our plans for Christmas and the outfit I had in mind. Taupe is one of my flattering colors. It is a perfect match for my heavy midi A-line winter coat. The 2 ¾” (7 cm) brim has just the right size to look sophisticated, but not block the view for people sitting behind me. The upturn brim is definitely a head-turner that ups your whole outfit to the next level. This head-topper works for both church and going out for dinner in the evening. Most importantly, its style looks modern, but timeless.


over 50 years old fashion blogger in zebra coat, glen check pleated skirt, brown sweater, silk scarf and hat.
Fabia hat styled for shopping.


stylist with taupe hat in zebra print pony hair coat, glen check skirt, sweater, scarf, gloves, bag, pantyhose and booties
Side- and front view of the head gear and styling inspiration: Max Mara zebra print coat, GNW Luxe cashmere wool sweater, Pendleton pleated glen check midi skirt, unbranded pantyhose, Antonio Melani booties, Gucci scarf, YSL bag, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves, pearl studs, and Fabia Scala wool felt hat c/o Tenth Street Hats.


Great craftsmanship (as usual)

When I opened the package, I was excited that the hat met all my expectation. It had the same excellent craftsmanship as all my hats I have from them. It has nice even stitching around the brim. The bow is stitched tight to the grosgrain band. I really like this detail. It ensures that the bow stays in place when you stuck your hats for storage. The wool felt feels nice to the touch and has a neutral scent.

I also was very pleased about the color. The taupe looks flattering on me and goes well with the colors of the coat (see photos in this post). My dressing problem/challenge, what hat to wear on Christmas Day is solved.

Price-Performance Ratio

It’s incredible that the Fabia costs only $60. The quality of the item is a great value for the price. The high quality ensures that the head piece lasts a long time. The neutral color works for fall, winter, and spring. In cold climate regions like Alaska, Canada, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, the northern New England states, just to mention a few, the Fabia even works for Easter Brunch when there is still some leftover snow on the ground or the weather is rainy. A hat-lover quickly gets the price-per-wear under one dollar. When you are a regular reader, you know that this is my criterion for giving a thumbs up.

They have a sale on National Hat Day and a coupon code for my readers right now HIGHLATITUDE2020% off meaning that you pay even less.


style book author in winter gear with stylish head topper
Striped winter coat, Timmy Woods clutch, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves, Vince Camuto tall boots, Calvin Klein sheath dress, smoky quartz necklace, pearl studs, Judith Leiber gemstone belt, and Fabia c/o Tenth Street Hats.


Easy Fitting

The Fabia is one of their one-size-fits-most. The inner drawstring sweatband
let’s you adjust the size and it is easy to use. Thus, no matter whether you go for a French twist or a low knot in the back or a low braid ponytail, just pulling the drawstring in the right direction will adjust the width. Easy accommodation of long hair and up-dos! Love that!

Who would love the Scala Fabia

This hat is a Must-have for every hat-lover, who is looking for a sophisticated timeless style that works for multiple seasons and occasions. It’s perfect for church, dinner and even for keeping your head warm when your outerwear is part of your work attire. The hat looks great business casual work outerwear as well as with festive outerwear or Sunday’s Best.

The Fabia is very versatile to style. If your budget only permits one hat, this hat keeps you posh and in style from work to church and festive occasions. I definitely can recommend this hat to my friends. You can find the Scala Fabia in their Felt Hats collection.


Style book author in long winter coat, boots, dress with gloves, wooden bag and hatStyle book author in long winter coat, boots, dress with gloves, wooden bag and hat
Vince Camuto suede boots with chain detail, zigzag coat, pearl studs, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves, Timmy Woods wood bag and Scala Fabia wool felt hat c/o Tenth Street Hats.


In a Nutshell

The Scala Fabia from Tenth Street Hats has a timeless, but modern style, high quality and an affordable price, even on a budget. It is easy to style and fit and works for multiple seasons and occasions. Browse their collections now.


Interested in reviews of other pieces from their collection? Here is a list with reviews:


Photos: G. Kramm

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  1. Amy Johnson

    It’s a lovely hat! Thanks for the review.

  2. donnadoesdresses

    Always love a beautiful hat, Nicole and your outfits are truly show-stopping!! Thank you for running your linkups, it’s lovely that people thought my look was worth checking out – very boosting!! Thank you again!!
    Donna 🧚🏻‍♀️❤️🐝

  3. aquamarinastyle

    Nicole, you look amazing in hats and all those gorgeous coats are to die for!! Beautiful styling, as always.

    xx Darlene

  4. I don’t wear hats as often as I should! I love this one on you and that taupe color will go with so many styles!

    Curly crafty mom

  5. Linda Cassidy

    what a great hat, I need to get mine back out for the season

  6. You wear hats so well! Love the hat you choose! I’m going to have to make sure I have a hat to wear on National Hat Day!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

  7. shelbeeontheedge1

    It is a really gorgeous hat, Nicole, but I am in awe of your beautiful coats!


  8. stinedurfdl

    I’m not much of a hat person myself, but I like them on other people. This hat is so pretty and it looks fabulous on you…the color is perfect. I really love both coats!