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Vienna Scala fedora c/o Tenth Street styled with own James & Graham white leather jacket, Oscar de la Rente floral with plaid print scarf, Loft sweater, Oliveo boot cut pants, Nicole sandals, Celine tote and gemstone purple statement belt

Hats were a big trend at fashion week. Because fedoras are a Must-Have for fall/winter, this post is a Tenth Street Scala Vienna wool felt fedora review with styling ideas.

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  2. What I Picked
  3. Perfect to Look Classy, But Up-To-Date
  4. Price-Performance Ratio
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  6. Tenth Street Scala Vienna Wool Felt Fedora Review In Summary
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Disclosure: The Vienna Scala wool felt fedora is a sample of my choice from Tenth Street. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


Hat love is true love, hat love is for ever

Hats of all kinds were all over the runways at fashion week. Menswear style pin-striped suit and fedora, caftans and fedoras, …. It seems to be the It piece of  the coming fall/winter season.


Stylist tip: A fedora is a fall Must-have.


Ever since I was a little kid, I have loved any type of headgear. I couldn’t imagine my closet without them. My wedding dress actually was a red skirt suit with a wide brim black hat. My first hat was a red fedora with a green silk cord with two tassels around the crown called “Tirolerhut”. In the knot of the cord was a white feather. Of course, it was a Sunday’s Best sort of accessory. Hats are an ageless style trend.

My mom used to pair it always with my red skirt suit when we would go somewhere special. I remember wearing that outfit when we visited the zoo in Duisburg. Pretty dressed up for a toddler. When we visited my grandparents, she paired the head topper with my favorite lederhosen.



What I Picked

When I browsed Tenth Street Hat’s online store, this burgundy Vienna Scala fedora caught my eyes because it looked so familiar. Almost like the grown-up version of my beloved “Tirolerhut”. Like old friends who hadn’t seen each other for decades, but nevertheless recognized each other immediately. I thought that’s exactly what I was looking for all these years.


burgundy jeans jacket plus yellow pliage as styling idea for the Scala Vienna wool felt fedora review
Burgundy fedora c/o Tenth Street with own T-shirt, Aerostrophale color jeans, Kieselstein Cord belt and three horse heads buckle, Nine West loafers, sunflower yellow Longchamp cuir pilage, Hermes enamel bangles, vintage bangles and brooches, and zipper jacket c/o Whistle River


When I opened the package, I was really excited about the nice felt, the whimsical silver colored thin chain around the  crown and the deep burgundy color. I said to my husband “Finally, I  have the fedora I always wanted!”


over 50 years old style blogger in monochromatic fall outfit with matching Tenthstreet hat
Same outfit details as above, but side view of the Tenth Street Scala Vienna Wool Felt Fedora for review



Perfect to Look Classy, But Up-To-Date

I am so happy with my choice. A perfect accessory for fall! It’s the kind of goes-with-anything genuine wool felt fedora. Perfect to up the style of a pair of jeans, button-down, and blazer outfit. No matter where today takes you, you will look trendy, but classy.


zoom on the Scala Vienna wool felt fedora for review
Zoom-in on the fedora c/o Tenth Street to show details of the silver color chain, brim and black bow


It has a grosgrain band and metal overlay. The size is one fits all. No hassle with figuring out the size, it is designed to fit most thanks to its inner drawstring sweatband. You can choose between blue, burgundy and  back. The brim is 3 ½” (8.89 cm), i.e. it’s on the wide side. And so me.


mature woman in fashion week inspired monochromatic look with fedora
Outfit details as above, but other side view of fashion week inspired look with fedora c/o Tenth Street.



Price-Performance Ratio

While we are speaking of investment, the Scala wool felt hat is very affordable at $60. Even when you only buy it as a trendy wardrobe addition for this fall/winter season, because you are not a “hat-person”, you will easily get the cost-per-wear below a dollar. Especially, because this head topper is so easy to style.


Tenth Street Scala Vienna Wool Felt Fedora Review styling idea with leather jacket, jeans and head topper
Vienna Scala head topper c/o Tenth Street, James & Graham motorcycle leather jacket, Oscar de la Renta oblong scarf, Loft V-neck sweater, Oliveo bootcut jeans, Nicole suede fall sandals, Celine tote, and statement belt



A Great Accessory Not Only for Fashionistas

Of course, it’s an easy decision for every hard-die fashionista. However, any modern, stylish woman will benefit from making this investment when she lives in a region where winter comes with below freezing temperatures. Did you know that your body loses a lot of body heat just via your head? Thus, you need a head protection when your winters are cold. So why not facing winter in style with this great Scala genuine wool felt fedora from Tenth Street?


blogger in fashion week inspired fall style with biker jacket, scarf, hat, jeans and sandals
Outfit details as above, but side view



Scala Vienna Wool Felt Fedora Review In Summary

The Scala Vienna wool felt fedora is a must-have wardrobe update that can last beyond the coming season. It’s a timeless investment at the price of a bargain. Browse the collection now.


Stylist tip: When in doubt, wear a hat.


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