A perfect Father’s Day gift – Gunnar computer and sunglasses
Isaac Mizrahi black long cardigan, Talbot floral print box pleat silk skirt, suede gemstone buckle long statement belt, rose opera length pearl necklace, Hermespink enamel H-bangle, mother-of-pearl and onyx watch, Hermes collier de chien cuff (all own), long sleeve shirt c/o Lilysilk, Akoya pearl necklace c/o The Pearl Source, Ivanka Trump pink suede pumps c/o Wikibuy, and black frame computer/sunglasses c/o Gunnar

Disclosure: Ad. These Work-Play™ lens technology glasses are samples given to me on behalf of GUNNAR and Publish. They have not endorsed this post. I wrote it myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.

Summer means sunglasses

In Interior Alaska, you need sunglasses from once the Sun comes back in February to end October or so. In late and early winter, the low Sun reflects on the snow. It’s impossible to drive without sun protection. In summer, the Sun is up 24/7. Thus, sunglasses are always in my purse. Everyone in Alaska wears sunnies whenever the Sun is out.

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Working on a computer means computer eye-wear

When you work a lot on a computer, you certainly have already heard of GUNNAR Optiks®, a manufacturer well known for their computer eye-wear. Their special lenses protect and enhance the vision, by reducing eye strain and fatigue related with long hours of computer use. You may even own a pair. If you haven’t heard yet about them, you can find more information about them on their website.

#fashionover50 woman looking great in edgy oblong glasses, floral skirt, black top and pink pumps
Isaac Mizrahi cardigan, Talbot floral print silk skirt, suede gemstone buckle long statement belt, pink opera length pearl necklace, Hermes H-bangle, mother-of-pearl and onyx watch, Hermes collier de chien cuff (all own), blouse c/o Lilysilk, Akoya pearl necklace c/o The pearl Source, Ivanka Trump pumps c/o Wikibuy, and computer/sunglasses c/o Gunnar

Sun and computer eye-wear in one frame

GUNNAR Optiks® now released their uniquely versatile Work-Play™ lens technology. This dual-purpose lifestyle lens is designed for both indoor blue light protection from digital screens and outdoor protection from UV light and the Sun’s rays. You wonder why nobody had this idea earlier than now! One pair of glasses that serves the needs of any professional who drives to work by car and works at a computer screen! No longer dealing with Murphy’s law that you always find the pair you search for in your purse at last. 😉

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Gunnar computer glasses with boxes
Computer glasses c/o Gunnar. They are very stylish and come in a nice box perfect to be wrapped as a Father’s Day gift.

High tech meets great design

In collaboration with the apparel brand Publish®, the Work-Play lenses got stunningly designed frames for a modern stylish look indoors and outdoors. Yes, the Publish® who sell premium, timeless, but innovative apparel and accessories at the edge between art and fashion. This collaboration with GUNNAR Optiks fits right with what Publish is famous for, being part-time clothiers, and full-time bridge builders.

guy with Gunnar computer sunglasses working on a deck
My husband working on our deck. He is wearing an Orvis shirt, Charatt Bermudas, Orvis boat shoes (all own) and computer-sunglasses c/o Gunnar

Both brands share the same mission to combine form and function thereby improving the quality of daily life. Together, they not only deliver a new versatile type of lens packed in a great frame, but also a functional accessory that fits every professional’s lifestyle. It’s perfect for women and men. Smart and sophisticated. A perfect gift for a tech guy for Father’s Day.

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Ask yourself, wouldn’t it be cool to have glasses that actively blocking harmful blue light while powerfully enhancing vision with targeted color contrast? Thus, when I was offered a sample I immediately agreed to test and review a pair. Great design, one fits both indoor and outdoor needs. It sounded fantastic and like a great shortcut in getting ready for the day. Furthermore, they look great on men and women alike (see photos in this post). Thus, they are also a perfect fit as a Father’s Day gift, if you are still in need for one. Hint, hint 😉 !

mature guy working on a deck with protective eyewear c/o Gunnar
My husband working on our deck in an Orvis short sleeve shirt, Charatt Bermudas, Orvis boat shoes (all own) and computer sunglasses c/o Gunnar

Believe me, picking just one pair from their collection will be the hardest. They have everything you can think of from round, over aviator, brow-line, retro square, cat-eye, sport, you name it. No matter what your face shape is, you will find your perfect match to look your best. It’s fashion paradise. And they are uni-sex. Full disclosure: I picked the ones my hubby is wearing for me and the other pair for him.

Great craftsmanship and technology

When I opened the package, I was very excited about the excellent craftsmanship of the products (see close-up photos in this post). Of course, the scientist in me was most curious about the companies’ claim that in just 45 seconds, the Work-Play lens seamlessly transitions from an indoor translucent amber tint with Visible Light Transmission (VLT) of 83% and a Blue-Light Protection Factor (BPF) of 65, to an outdoor sunglasses tint with a VLT of 26% and a BPF of 85. You can find more about the tech details on GUNNAR Optiks®web site.

When my husband saw the two pairs he said “I see these are for you” and handed me the square pair, “and these with the little feet you picked for me.” 🙂 Actually, I would never had thought he would love the style he thought I picked for him.  What a pleasant surprise! All his former specs were “square.” He looks so cool with these new specs.

woman with GUNNAR computer glasses that do double-duty as sunnies
Close-up on the Gunnar glasses immediately after going outside. the glasses are still adjusting

Of course, I don’t have the technical equipment to check the values. However, I was lucky that the Sun was out last week. Thus, I was able to test the glasses. I can witness that there is a distinct difference shortly after stepping out of the office building as well as coming from outside to the inside.

In other words, the Work-Play lenses well solved my “problem” of having to search for the right pair. And, getting annoyed at Murphy’s law. 😉

Excellent price-performance-ratio

Of course, high-tech has it’s price. Thus, I was positively surprised about the price of just $100! It’s a bargain when you think about the protection and the comfort the product provides. Thumbs up! I also love that all designs of frame have the same price. If I had had to pay for them, I would do without regret. They are worth their money. When you wear your pair of these sun and computer eye-wear every day, the cost-per-wear is less than a dollar already before the end of summer. That’s much less than a latte a day!

man wearing eye-protective computer glasses, Bermudas and a shirt in front of his laptop
My husband sitting at his laptop. He is wearing an Orvis shirt, Charatt Bermudas, (all own) and computer glasses c/o Gunnar

They not only protect your sight, but also up your style. Wellness and confidence in one piece. Who doesn’t love that? Extra benefit: Since their design is timeless with a modern twist, they are easy to style. Perfect for work and play.

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Who would enjoy them

These Work-Play lenses are a Must-Have for every professional who works on a computer indoors and has to go outside to meet with clients, do field work, or has to drive with the Sun in their face when commuting to or from work by car. They will benefit from not having to pack two pair of glasses when getting ready in the morning and not having to search the bag for the pair they need when they need it. The one-fits-both indoor and outdoor concept also reduces the risk of loosing the specs because you won’t have to change. 😉

I really love these pairs

I wore my pair both at work and on the commute this week as well as when working in the yard on Sunday. My eyes were less tired in the evening. I also like that they don’t alter the colors much. Thus, I can wear them when dinning outside on the deck. They arealso perfect for reading outside. Vacation anyone? I definitively would recommend these GUNNAR and Publish eye-wear to my colleagues, friends and family.

In summary: This work-play glasses are genius

These glasses actively block harmful light outdoors while powerfully enhancing vision on computers indoors. They come in various timeless frames, so everyone can find the perfect pair that fits their personal style to improve the quality of their daily life.

Be the first among your friends and colleagues who has them. And don’t forget to get a pair for your Dad. While shopping for him get your own pair now at GUNNAR Optiks® or Publish®.

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Top of the World OOTD My Fav

Emma the blogger at Style Splash is a freelance journalist. She became a fashion blogger one year after becoming a mum. She believes that becoming a mom or reaching a milestone birthday shouldn’t create fashion boundaries…age is a state of mind, not a number. So true.

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Emma caught my eye with her mixed print wrap dress. On first sight, I was like “Wow, what a great idea to wear a wrap dress over a skirt. So edgy! Love it!” When took a second look to figure out how she did it, I realized that it’s a dress that is designed that way. Such a great find and design. Taking a mental bookmarl. LOL. Anyhow her outfit  became Top of the World OOTD My Fav. Yes, I know, I have a knack for mixing prints and pattern.

Do you like mixing prints and pattern, but don’t know how to do it? Get started with the post at the link.

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Top of the World Style Winner

Tiina L became the Top of the World Style Winner.  She is the blogger at Elegance Revisited and according to herself, a “Generation X amateur fashionista, bad tourist and a dilettante artist.” I don’t know about her behavior as a tourist, but in my opinion, she is a great fashionista and artist. She featured a classic blue and white summer separate outfit of a graphic T-shirt and a floral print inspired skirt. She added a pop of color with a fuchsia cardigan. I would so wear this look too. This outfit idea is so inspiring. Just swap the fuchsia for red and you have the perfect outfit for Independence Day!

You can find more patriotic looks at this link.

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