I love this superb leather suit look

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Leather power suit

When watching fashion weeks for this fall/winter season I really got excited about the power suits having a comeback. Not because I am a fan of suits. On the contrary, I am more a great fan of unmatched suit outfits. This style looks just so much better on us women in midlife. My excitement was about the fact that leather suits are part of the trend. As you know, I love leather clothes since my childhood.

A leather suit is pure luxury

Unlike other trends, it’s hard to find a leather skirt or pants suit for a bargain. These suits are luxury items of high quality and hence have their price. However, unlike many other trends the pieces can worn separate once the trend is over. Thus, when you are willing to fork over the money or get one you love on sale after Christmas, by all means go for it. You can wear the pieces as separates once the leather suit trend is over. Just make sure you stay on the high quality, classic (with a twist) side with your purchase. This means you need to know what to look for when shopping for high quality leather clothes.

mature lady in leather on leather trend
Side view of Cole Brook & Co blazer, Sienna Studio pencil skirt, GNW cardigan, coin necklace, silk neckerchief, pantyhose, Adidas sneakers (all own), fringe purse c/o Uno Alla Volta, and wood watch c/o Jord

How to get the leather suit trend for less

In today’s post of my Leather Clothing Series, I want to illustrate how to style a trendy leather suit from clothes that you already own. I wore my straight leather pencil skirt with a tailored leather blazer. To turn the power look down and not overdo it, I added sneakers. Pumps and a structure work bag would turn the outfit or the side of bossy, iron-heart and ice-cold man-eater look.  😉

Leather pieces to combine as a leather suit

Like so often in style, it’s about trying what combination looks the rightest wrong to identify the most stylish look. This leather blazer would also look great with straight leather pants in black or leather trousers in a light color like medium gray or gold brown. The skirt would also work with a suede or nappa motorcycle jacket, a leather peplum jacket in black or a bright color. Fit-and-flare leather skirts look great with a cropped leather jacket of same color for a posh look. Going for a complimentary color or pastel would play up the girly side of the fit-and-flare skirt. It would take the power out of the power suit look. But that’s a statement too. You can find further inspirations in my post on 5 tips to look great in leather-on-leather.

midlife style blogger looking chic in leather skirt and blazer
Studio Sienna leather skirt, GNW top, coin necklace, neckerchief, Adidas sneakers, Cole Brook & Co leather blazer (all own), sports watch c/o Jord, and clutch c/o Uno Alla Volta

What to wear with your “fake” leather suit

For the styling of your unmatched leather suit proceed like you would do with an unmatched suit of similar style. Just make sure that your leather suit doesn’t go into the territory of Rocker Chick unless that’s the style you want. However, if you go for that look, resist the urge to wear the look at work.

older woman in posh leather skirt suit
Side view of Cole Brook & Co blazer, Sienna Studio pencil skirt, GNW top, coin necklace, neckerchief, Adidas sneakers (all own), fringe suede clutch c/o Uno Alla Volta, and wooden watch c/o Jord

When not to adopt this superb leather suit trend

Be aware that this leather suit trend is a risky trend dress-code wise. Don’t wear this trend to work when you are in the corporate field! Yes, not even when a leather skirt or tailored leather blazer are allowed on Casual Friday. You don’t want to scare the heck out of your supervisor, right? The leather suit trend works well at work when you are in the creative field or in a work environment where HR only cares about that you wear something at all that doesn’t fall into the category of underwear only. A leather suit of course is not how to  dress for success in a job interview, not even for a job interview in the creative field.

Do you wear leather? Do you like to wear leather on leather in an outfit? Have you tried the leather suit trend or do you plan on trying it out? Just curious.

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