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When only socks come to your mind when thinking of the classic argyle pattern, you are missing out on two great menswear style classic pieces. The argyle sweater and cardigan. See how to wear the pattern beyond socks and how I came up with the check and argyle pattern mix pairing.

  1. A Modern Way to Wear Argyle
  2. Belting a Blazer Is a Do
  3. Argyle Is an Often Overlooked Menswear Classic

A Modern Way to Wear Argyle

Some outfit just create themselves by accident. I bought this cashmere argyle sweater on sale last spring, and the Burberry jacket this fall. It never occurred to me wearing them together until I wanted to hang the jacket back into my closet. When reaching for the hanger my eyes fell onto the laundry basket. The top sweater was this argyle sweater and it occurred to me for the first time that it had the same colors as the jacket. I immediately took a mental note, and the next time the weather was suitable for layering a cashmere sweater underneath a wool blazer, I pulled this outfit idea. I added my denim skirt and blue tights.

Belting a Blazer Is a Do

To emphasize my waist I tied my blue Kieselstein Cord belt around my waist over the blazer. At the office, I wore these ankle strap patent leather pumps that match the burgundy in the sweater and blazer. On my way to the office, I, of course, slipped into boots. As you see in the photo above, it was a snowy day. More on how to best accessorize with belts.

over 50 years old woman in Classic work look
Burberry blazer, Oliveo denim skirt, GNW blue tights, Stevens burgundy ankle strap patent leather pumps, and Kieselstein Cord belt and belt buckle (all own)


Argyle Is an Often Overlooked Menswear Classic

The pattern is a classic for socks and men’s sweaters. It’s a great ageless Must-have of menswear style piece that works well for both work and play in a casual environment.

Photos: G. Kramm

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