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Signature pieces are those you buy repeatedly

Do you also have these pieces that you buy again and again? I do not mean buying staples in multiples like a T-shirt or sweater in all colors you like. No, I am talking about things that finely became a signature of your style.

stylist in chic weekend style with utility jacket
Back view of weekend look with Orvis camouflage floral print utility jacket, London Jean BF, Hermes collier de chien cuff, and Ralph Lauren pumps (all own)

An utility jacket is one of my signature pieces

In my case, for instance, an utility jacket is definitively on this list of signature pieces. It all started out when I was a graduate student. It was a black utility jacket slightly tailored in linen with four pockets on the front and a belt. I later replaced it with one made of denim. After this one got too washed out, it was replaced by one in olive suede. However, it turned out that the suede one was not very suitable for summer. Thus, I added another one, also in a different shade of olive in colored denim fabric. You can find tips how to style and utility jacket in the post at the link.

signature style Accessoires for women over 40
Zoom-in on print of Orvis utility jacket, London Jean boyfriend, Keep Calm T-shirt, statement belt with pearls (all own) and wooden watch c/o Jord


That said, my olive fabric utility jacket now started to show some wear and I found this camouflage with floral print utility jacket. I love that it has this drawstring, which permits me to “adjust” the waist.

signature wood watch
Zoom-in on sports wooden watch c/o Jord with Swarovski crystals

Know Your Signature Pieces

For signature style identify your list of signature pieces. This means think about which non-basic pieces you have bought again and again over the years. Other items on my “has-to-be-in-my-closet list”, for instance, are a denim jacket, trench coat, pencil leather skirt, leather coat, blazer, motorcycle jacket, leather pants, white button-down shirt, white boyfriend jeans, ankle booties, a plaid and a tweed skirt, as well as a bomber jacket. The trench coat, and bomber are pieces adopted from ageless military style. You can find tips on how to look your best in plaid and how to look modern in tweed over 40 in the posts at the links.


style blogger in a Casual Friday outfit with utility jacket
Orvis camouflage floral print utility jacket, London Jean BF white denim jeans, Ralph Lauren pumps, Keep Calm T-shirt, Esprit shoulder bag, statement belt with pearls (all own) and wooden watch c/o Jord


What clothing items do you buy again and again? What are your signature style pieces?Let me know, I am curious.

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