My upbringing hold me off to jump the mules bandwagon in the 90s

The first big mules trend was in the 60s. But it was very private, and I was still a little girl. However, that trend set or coined (?) my opinion regarding mules. Mules became a big trend the second time around in my lifetime in the 90s. Mules are a big trend right now.

fashion over 40 blogger in classic American outfit
Classic American summer look of cropped I.N.C pants with Moda International knit top, pearls, Jackie O. Ray Ban sunglasses, Anne Klein nude slingbacks, and Longchamp sunflower yellow Pilage bag (all own)

When I see them they always make me smile. When I moved from West to East Germany in 1994 mules were hot too. Everyone in Leipzig, well actually not everyone, every fashionista except me was sporting them. One day my girlfriend  asked in her pure Saxionian dialect why I would not yet have a pair of mules. “Cultural reasons” I replied. She looked puzzled at me and said “What?”

fashion blogger in classic American Jackie Kennedy like summer outfit
American classic outfit with Anne Klein sling back pumps, INC capri pants, Moda International top, three strand pearl necklace, RAY Ban Jackie O. sunglasses, and Moda International cardigan (all own)

I explained to her as politely as I could that in West Germany, it was considered unprofessional to wear mules to work. There mules were considered to be sexy house shoes not to be worn outside. She laughed out loudly and said that in East Germany, it was totally ok to wear them at work. We then discussed how being separated for 40 years caused such a different culture and/or opinion about a type of shoes – not to mention other clothing items, habits and preferences.

Nicole of High Latitude Style in vacation style
Chica floral print summer dress, Hermes collier de chien belt, statement necklace, metal bag, collier de chien bracelt, Ray Ban sunglasses, straw hat, and Juicy Couture patent leather mules (all own)

Well after being exposed to lots of cultural diversity over the last 20 years, I have seen more and more examples of how fashion overcomes borders, and how culture has affected what kind of and how fashion is worn. But I still have to smile about my silly reason not to wear mules back then. I still wear my mules mostly inside the house except when I go for dance practice, dancing or eating out on a deck on the weekend (see outfit above). Then they are advantageous as I can slip faster in my dance shoes and get out on the dance floor. On the deck, they help to avoid that my legs swell while sitting for a long time.  And a weekend is sort of private, isn’t it?

midlife woman in posh work outfit with dressy capris
Layered posh work outfit for AC offices with Moda International cardigan, Moda International knit sweater, I.N.C. cropped pants, Anne Klein slingback pumps, Longchamp pliage de cuire bag, pearl necklace, and Jackie O. Ray Ban sunglasses (all own)

Do you have a trend and/or item you are reluctant to wear? What is it? Let me know by email.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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