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Already fairy tales tell gals that shoes are everything – just think of Cinderella. This post provides tips how to find and buy statement heels on a budget.

  1. When you are in love with statement shoes
  2. Buy the highest quality statement shoes you can afford
  3. Buy statement shoes off season
  4. Tan plateau sandal meets bootie
  5. Duck boots with heels
  6. Neon pumps draw attention to your ankles and feet

When you are in love with statement shoes

As you already have noticed I am crazy for shoes. When I see a pair I like and do not have a similar pair and can afford it, I hardly can resist to buy it. 🙁 And I can easily find 101 reasons why to wear heels. How did my being crazy for statement shoes start out? It started when I was a teenager. My mom gave my sister and me 20DM (about $40-50 in market value back then) at the end of summer to buy shoes for the upcoming fall/winter season. For that money you could not buy high quality leather shoes and that was what I wanted.

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work outfit with statement shoes

over 50 years old woman in denim dress with cool looking heels

blogger in chambray dress, crazy sandals, and mirrored sunglasses
Liz Claiborne chambray dress, Michael Kors sandals, LV bag, Tissot stone watch, Hermes collier de chien bangle, and Kieselstein Cord belt (all own)


Go for the highest quality you can afford

At the end of summer, there was always the end of summer sale. Thus, I always was on search for the highest quality leather shoes on sale that would fit my budget limit (20 DM). Typically at the end of summer these shoes were shoes in crazy colors, or details that made a statement. Thus, my shoes always made a big entrance.

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Buy Statement Shoes Off Season

Of course in the end of summer sale, I only would get summer shoes, I wore them as long into fall as possible and then switched to my last seasons fall/winter shoes when it became too cold for wearing sandals. Of course, this footwear was bought in the end of winter sale in late March when I was supposed to buy spring/summer shoes.

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Plan shoe additions to your wardrobe ahead of the season

Somehow I kept this behavior. In summer, I identify which shoes are needed for winter and start searching to fill the “void” in my shoe wardrobe with a pricey, high end item that is on sale because it is in its off-season. I scored my Dior over-the-knee boots and these Harley Davidson booties that way. This past winter, I identified that neon pumps are a must-have and scored a great pair (see photos later in this post).

What I learned

What is the difference between then and today? Well, today I actively search for those crazy shoes, while in the past I just accepted that they were as crazy as a glass shoe. Why did I want the high quality? I had to walk 20 minutes from the bus stop to school each morning and back from school to the bus stop each afternoon. Low quality shoes just made that for half of the season, and any repairs where to be paid out of my allowance. This rule was installed by my mom to ensure we would polish our shoes at least once a week.

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Tan plateau sandal meets bootie

I found the Michael Kors sandals, which are featured in the first photos of this post, on eBay – off season. I paired them with my chambray dress, LV studded bag – a gift from my husband – a Kieselstein Cord belt, and added mirrored Ray Ban glasses that I bought on eBay.

Duck boots with heels

When I arrived in Alaska and saw duck boots for the first time, I thought duck boots are the most ugliest footwear on the planet. I could not even imagine to wear them. Well, I changed my mind. At that time, first, I had not seen bunny boots yet, and second, Hilfiger had not yet had the idea to make them with heels.  When I saw heeled duck boots on the Hilfiger runway, I had to have duck boots with heels. What a big difference such a small change like adding a heel makes! Thus,

Never say never.

Here I am wearing my heeled ducks with floral tweed skirt, a denim jacket, navy blue cashmere sweater (turned backwards), tights and a long pendant statement necklace that originally was an earring. As an outer layer I wore a belted shearling coat and big mixed material hat. The blue gloves pick up the blue shades in the skirt’s floral pattern and the blue of the boots, while the bag picks up the brown shades of the outfit.


stylist in heeled ducks as statement
Levis denim jacket, Ann Taylor tweed skirt, GNW Luxe sweater, GNW tight, LV bucket bag, and heeled ducks (all own) (all own)


outerwear look with heeled ducks as statement footwear
Brown shearling coat, tiger eye gemstone embellished statement belt, GNW tight, heeled ducks, LV bucket bag, thrifted hat and leather gloves (all own)


Don’t let the right shoes to make your outfit be a random thing. Wear the right shoes in every situation by looking up which pair to wear with what, when and where in How to Dress for Success in Midlife. Buy the book now.

Neon pumps draw attention to your ankles and feet

I found these neon yellow pumps on eBay. Neon-anything is always risky over 40. Thus, when you want to wear neon in midlife you have to keep the statement color the statement in an otherwise classic outfit. Thus, styling them with a classic tweed blazer, scarf and skirt is a safe option.


midlife woman with crazy neon yellow footwear


stylist in posh work outfit with crazy shoes in neon yellow
Outfit details: GNW polka dot cardigan worn as top, Oliveo full leather skirt, statement necklace, Anne Klein scarf, Paloma Picasso sunglasses, Christian Louboutin neon pumps, Ann Taylor tweed jacket and lavender Coach bag (all own)


Are you crazy for statement shoes? How do you budget for your shoes? When do you buy statement shoes? Let me know, I am curious.

Photos: G. Kramm

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