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Whether you want to start over because of a major life change or simply because you have reached that age where you feel you need to reclaim your life, there are many different ways in which you can move forward gracefully.

When changing lanes at fifty, you will probably want both excitement and peace in your new chapter. So, here are some helpful ideas to assist you in your new journey.



Engage in New Activities

It will be much easier to change gear in your fifties if you actively engage in new activities. Not only can you learn new things. By getting involved with new activities, you can also meet new people. The latter can be more challenging the older one gets, but new activities are a great way to mingle with others as well as have fun trying out different things.

Opportunities for new activities are endless. You could learn how to make pottery, learn a new language, play a sport you have not tried before, go on hiking trips, or even take flying lessons to get a pilot’s license.

The key is to identify things that you are interested in. Then, simply take the plunge.



Traveling is well-known for broadening one’s horizons. Indeed, if you are looking for a completely new start, there is perhaps no better option than going away to a distant place.

Whether you backpack around Asia for six months, soak in off the tourist path hot springs in Alaska or lie on a Caribbean beach for two weeks, you can instantly feel as though you are starting over and you can gain peace.

If you do not have enough savings to travel, you could contemplate selling items you own. Getting rid of stuff can also help you to start afresh. Alternatively, you could take out a loan. Take a look at this helpful site to learn more about how to get a loan.


Find Peace

If your life has been non-stop busy so far, you may well want to find peace in your later years. Attending meditation or yoga classes can help you to achieve that. You can also practice such things at home in your own time. You might also like to regularly practice mindfulness.

But you can also find peace through simple daily activities like walking in nature or reading novels.

Finding peace when you decide to change lanes at fifty could also involve moving location. For instance, if you currently live in the heart of a city, you might want to consider moving to a rural area.

Look at the things that would bring you peace and then take appropriate action to put those things in your life.


Move and Declutter

If you want to make a brand-new start, moving is possibly the best answer. Even if you do not decide to move somewhere quieter, moving to a new home in a familiar area or an unknown area can help you start over and move forward.

Moving is also a great opportunity to declutter your home. Even if you do not decide to move home, decluttering is an excellent activity to engage in to help you turn the page and reclaim your life.

Look at all the things in your home with a fresh pair of eyes. Go through everything and ask yourself whether you really need the items. Then separate items into things to sell, things to give away, and things to throw away. The easiest point to start decluttering is most likely overhauling your closet.

Having less clutter in your life will enable you to let go of attachments, feel fresh, and start over.

So, what are you waiting for?


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  1. Gail Is This Mutton

    Great post. I’ve put a lot of these steps into action, having given up work recently. It’s so good to reclaim ourselves and focus on rewarding and enjoyable activities. Thanks for linking!