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Mixed pattern in black and white trend with GNW zebra cardigan as top and hounds tooth blazer as coverup, Newsport News leather pants, Paloma Picasso belt, 3.1 Philip Lim tote, vintage brooch, and Ivanka Trump cap toe nude pumps with orange and pink pops of color for a suprisingly chic posh office look (all own)

Read how to create a zebra with houndstooth outfit.

  1. Houndstooth Is not a Trend, but a Classic
  2. Why I Love the Black and White Trend
  3. Black and White Are Easy for Pattern and Print Mixing
  4. Zebra Is a Fool Proof Trend
  5. Add Interest to Your Zebra with Houndstooth Outfit with a Pop of Color


Houndstooth Is not a Trend, but a Classic

It’s never to early to plan your wardrobe for the next season. One of this upcoming fall/winter season’s big trends is houndstooth. Actually, I think it is not a trend, it is a classic. I would go even further to state it is an eternal world classic.

Black and white is a classic. #agelessstyle Click To Tweet

Why would I say that? Look at fashion history. Remember the aristocrats painted in black velvet gowns with white lace collars in your art history class? Skip forward to the end of the 19th century. The black suits and coats with cylinder of the business owner who had strike rich? Then in the Twenties and Thirties of the 20th century, the black tuxedos of the High Society? Marlene Dietrich wearing her white button down shirt with a tuxedo? Recall Julia Roberts wearing a classic black turtleneck sweater with a houndstooth blazer in the 90s?


Why I Love the Black and White Trend

When I was a teenager, I had to use public transportation to get to my school in the next town. There was no high school in that German village of 2000 inhabitants I grew up in. In the west end of that city, a woman in her 30s boarded the bus every morning. All clothing she would wear was either black or white. She was the master in creating interesting de-saturated or ageless monochromatic looks that were very elegant, sophisticated and put together. Every morning I was looking forward to see what she would wear. She was my “Real World” fashion icon. Today I wonder whether she was the ancient form of a fashion blogger. LOL 🙂

fashion influencer in zebra with houndstooth outfit
Vittori hounds-tooth blazer with GNW zebra print cardigan, and white Newport News leather pants black and white office look with pops of orange and pink styled for Casual Friday and accessorized with a brooch and Paloma Picasso orange belt. Bag: 3.1 Philip Lim, pumps: Ivanka Trump



Black and White Are Easy for Pattern and Print Mixing

Here is my take on the black and white trend or better, ethernal classic. I mixed a houndstooth wool blazer with a zebra print cotton cardigan that I wore as top. I added my white leather pants as they keep me warmer than the white jeans because they have a lining and keep the wind out. Moreover, they are more appropriate on a rainy day. I can just wipe off the splash water from the back of the legs when coming to work, while with a pair of white jeans I would have spots all day. I call such splash spots on white denim the Dalmatian look. 🙂

Don't wear white jeans, or pants on a rainy day unless you want to look like a Dalmatian. #agelessstyle Click To Tweet Splash spots at the back of your pants or tights are never in style. #dress4sucess Click To Tweet



Zebra Is a Fool Proof Trend

A zebra print is a great choice for all women who are trying the animal print trends for the first time. Since zebra is black and white trend, it is easy to style in a classic way. Recall that black and white are an eternal classic. Since zebras are vegan, they don’t have the sultry/dangerous association of a carnivore. In other words, it’s even easy to style office appropriate. Another advantage of a zebra print is more unexpected and unique. Thus, it is very unlikely that you and your colleague will wear the same print at the office on the same day. 😉

Stylist tip: Try styling zebra print with tartan.


fashion blogger in layered black, green, tan, white office outfit
Layering of the V-neck T-shirt c/o Covered Perfectly under own long Isaac Mizahri cardigan styled with Esprit silk neckerchief, Kieselstein Cord belt, Gucci Dionyseus buckle, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Banana Republic hounds tooth straight skirt (all own) and Lizzy James leather bracelet


Zebra is a classic, work appropriate take on the animal print trend for ageless style. #CoveredPerfectly Click To Tweet

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Add Interest to Your Zebra with Houndstooth Outfit with a Pop of Color

When black or white are not neutrals of your color palette add a scarf close to your face. Doing so will elevate your style factor and make you look great in the “wrong colors.”

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stylist in black and white outfit with hounds thooth and zebra pattern
GNW zebra print cardigan worn as top with white Newports News leather pants, Jake’s houndstooth blazer, Ivanka Trump pumps, Moschino belt, and 3.1 Philip Lim tote (all own)


Both colors are neutrals belonging to my palette. Nevertheless, I added a pop of color, just because I like a pop of color. I wore my nude pink-orange cap toe pumps and added an orange belt and a pink bag.

When accessorizing repeat colors in the outfit 2 to 3 times to tie the look together. #agelessstyle Click To Tweet

Photos: G. Kramm

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