Mom & daughter bloggers agree on the stunning secrets of attractive style

There are these sayings

“like mother, like daughter”


“she is a chip from the old block.”

I always wondered about these sayings. The first one leaves open whether the similarity is due to genes or education or both. The second one suggests that genes are the cause.

Let’s some mom-daughter experts weight in

There are many mother-daughter fashion blogs and in some families both the mother and daughter run a fashion blog. These women are all very stylish and inspirational, but their outfits show personal style, i.e. the daughter is not a copy cat of the mother or vice versa. While the sense for style may be genetic, the differences may be education in its broadest sense (culture, friends, traditions, etc.).

#midlifestyle woman in wrap dress with hat
Diane von Fürstenberg silk wrap dress, smoky quartz statement necklace, hat, Ray Ban sunglasses, Jaeger tote (all own), Musse & Cloud wood plateau sandals c/o coolway, and wooden watch c/o Jord

I asked the mothers to answer just the following question

What is your most important advice to look to their best fashion and style wise for women over 40?

and the daughters to answer this question

Which of the current trends would be awesome for women over 40 to try?

I was quite astonished about the answers. Read yourself.

#over50style woman in summer outfit
Back view of DvF wrap dress with hat, Jaeger tote (all own), Musse & Cloud wood sandals c/o coolway, and wooden watch c/o Jord

Mothers’ answers on fashion over 40

Nancy, the 60’s model at Jodie’s Touch of Style:

If I were to give advice to women over 40, I would share several things that my step-daughter has taught me. First, don’t be too matchy-matchy!! Put different colors together, not just a white shirt! She has also taught me to look for items with interest in them, so as not to be so plain. I also have learned to pay attention to my shoes. They can be a standout-item! I could probably go on and on but those are my top three ideas!

Charlotte, the 70’s model at Jodie’s Touch of Style:

Having worked professionally in alterations – I would have to say fit is the most important advice for looking fashionable. It’s amazing how a person thinks an item “fits okay” until it’s been altered to “fit perfectly”. Of course the bright colors are also very nice to balance out our white hair.

Abby at Abby and Elle:

I think women over forty could try most of the current fashion trends if they feel comfortable with them. I might question the cold shoulder trend for that age group. That would depend on how comfortable they feel with baring their shoulders. The one I would not recommend (to anyone) is the swimsuit top; wearing your one piece like a shirt.

All the other trends this season should be pretty easy to pull off no matter what your age. Like a pop of yellow, sometimes it seems older women are better at accessorizing than the younger generation. So pulling off this trend should be easy. You can get a two for one with a skinny scarf that is yellow.

Plaids and stripes don’t have an age limit either. Right now comfort is in, which should bring a sigh of relief to women over forty. You can don a striped dress with tennis shoes and be trendy this season. Or you can take the same dress, assuming the color coordinates, and pair it with chunky brown sandals.

Victoria, A Mother, a Daughter and Life:

I am an over 60 woman and I know I look at fashion a lot different now than I did 20 years ago. My advice is step out of your comfort zone. I think sometimes we find a “formula” that works and instead of trying new things we stay with the tried and true. There is nothing wrong with tried and true but you have to add to it to look fresh and vibrant. My body and shape have changed over the years but my mind still feels like I am 30. lol

mature woman mixing polka dots and leopard in one outfit
Jones New York polka dot shirt knotted in the front to make the outfit work appropriate over DvF wrap dress (all own), Musse & Cloud wood sandals c/o coolway and wooden watch c/o Jord

Daughters’ answers on fashion over 40

Jodie, the 50’s model at Jodie’s Touch of Style:

Right now it seems like shoulders are having their day in the spotlight, so I’m campaigning for older women to wear the open shoulder shirts! I bought one for both mom & Nancy (as we’ll be doing a series on them soon) since I loved mine so much! I think they cover all the bits that need to be covered, yet still are fashionable and sexy!!

Elle at Abby and Elle:

I always recommend sticking to the classics because you can’t go wrong, no matter your age. But if you want to make a statement, flirt with accessories: funky jewelry, trendy shoes, flashy scarves or belts with bling. Of course, the advice here is moderation. I would pick one or two accessories and go wild.

I consistently get compliments from friends and strangers on my style, and I think it’s because I give thought to every item I’m wearing, from my shoes to my earrings. I love the idea of feeling “put together,” especially because, at my age, I’m being pulled in many different directions at the same time and, thus, often feel emotionally disheveled. I feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that at least I’m telegraphing the appearance of having it all together!

The other piece of advice I have is to be good to yourself. I always told my girls as they were growing up that their body was a temple and to treat it so. Drink lots of water; eat your dark, leafy greens; wear sunscreen; love deeply; meditate every morning; forgive; and belly laugh every chance you get. Whether you’re twenty or ninety, you’ll be absolutely beautiful.

Katie, A Mother, a Daughter, and Life:

Two current trends that would be awesome for women over 40 to try are the “cold shoulder” and block heel shoes! The cold shoulder trend is a great way to stay somewhat cooler in these hot summer temperatures. With so many new trends being too revealing for any age, but especially “seasoned” women, the cold shoulder makes it easy to stay up with the latest styles but still have that sophistication that exudes from us wiser women.

The block heel shoes are a great style for all ages! Not to mention they are more sturdy for us older women who aren’t as light on our feet as we once were, lol! Plus, with the styles and heel height being so varied, it gives us many choices to find the perfect fit for our own lifestyles.

#midlifestyle woman wearing a dress as skirt
Back view of work outfit with Jones New York shirt, DvF wrap dress (all own) and wooden watch c/o Jord

What do you think is the biggest difference in dressing fashion-forward and stylish in your twenties and over 40? Are there differences at all? Do you think your daughter/mother needs a makeover? I am curious, send me an email.

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